inthe back

Early mornings when you feel everything with too much clarity - 
Like waves, your emotions washing over you
pushing you out, pulling you back in
the fluctuating distance between you and your skin

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Hey admins I really like your page&tnx for your commitment,hope you'll be active for a long time as we all enjoy reading these awesome fanfics~~ My first req is can u recommend me some new&good heart aching fanfics with happy endings?/second is some new smut, bdsm or hardcore or group with bottom kyungsoo/and last can u perhaps find me this kaisoo fanfic the name is king precious slave i can't find it bc asianfc deleted it so i was wondering if they posted it anywhere else?

He dear; 

Lot of request u’ve got there but we got u 

Heart Aching fics with happy ending 

New ones (it seems that the age of angst has finished. Just kidding there’s a fest but with no happy ending)

Old But Gold Ones 

more angsty fic with happy ending here 

New smut, bdsm, hardcore sax fics with bottomsoo

As for your last reuest, sorry but couldn’t find it too

We hope you’ll enjoy your reading 

-Admin N

Quite a few of Earth’s poisonous animals are brightly colored, so as to ward off predators.

Terezi licks brightly colored things to investigate them.


  • Me in class: *trying to focus on what the teacher is saying*
  • Me in class: just SHUT UP.
  • Teacher: what
  • Me in class: what

…Come to think of Louise’s plot in “The Laser-Inth” too though, and her plots in episodes this season overall…

…God, she’s totally gonna end up being like her dad in the future, right? Finding herself attached to seemingly lost causes that she finds cool… Getting into a fury when she feels she’s been wronged or someone she cares about has been wronged… Being all about family… Putting Tina’s priorities over her own, in “The Laser-Inth”, like she did back in “Mazel Tina”… And, in “Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting” and this season in “A Few Gurt Men”, actually letting someone she doesn’t particularly like (to say the least) have the benefit of the doubt and eventually get justice for it, while she knows full well they most probably wouldn’t do the same for her. (Which is exactly what Bob did for Jimmy Pesto in “Bye Bye Boo Boo”, among many others as well.)

Seriously… Look at S1 Louise and look at what she’s become. The bunny kid has grown SO MUCH over the course of the seasons.

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Can I get a scenario with McCree seeing hi S/O after Winston called them together again? Thank you! Keep up the good work<3

  • When Overwatch first got disbanded, you both mutually agreed to go your own ways
  • McCree wanted to rediscover himself and he wanted to do so alone
  • You had a life before Overwatch that you wanted to get back to and try again
  • That being said, y’all never stopped missing each other
  • So, when Winston got in touch with you, you both asked the same question
  • “Did you get a hold of Jesse McCree?”
  • “Is (Y/N) gonna be present?”
  • Unfortunately, you guys don’t meet for a while still
  • Overwatch is still being set up again, so duties must be done
  • As senior Overwatch members, you both had your own regimes of newcomers to train, as well as help restore Overwatch to what it once was
  • Every once a while, a glimpse of the other person was present, but you never officially reconnected until you were put on a mission together
  • Everything slid right back into place like a puzzle
  • McCree led professionally beside you the entire time
  • You fought loyally at his side during battles and always has his back
  • After the mission came to an end, you both sneaked out the night before heading home to meet each other in their room
  • You ended up bumping into each other in the hallway
  • It was like the fuse of bomb had finally dwindled down and now it was time for the bomb to go off
  • You both stumbled into the nearest room (one of you had kicked the door in) and to the bed
  • Half of the night consisted of making up for lost time in the hottest, wildest, most passionate way ever
  • The other half consisted of sleepily talking about the adventures you’d both had after Overwatch disbanded, and how you’d been called back in
  • The next morning, you were both tired but very happy
  • And absolutely ready to go home and continue life as it once was
Wedding Day

Ivar x reader

That morning was torturing. You hadn’t stopped thinking about what you had done last night and you were starting to freak out about the wedding. You had spent so long with Ivar planning everything, and nothing would make you happier then to be called Mrs Raggerson finally. It had been the only thing that you wanted when you and Ivar had started dating, for you to be his wife, for him to have lawful possession over you. You weren’t sure why, but it turned you on a lot. Maybe it was because he was the only one you wanted to have possession over you, or that you knew he could actually take care of you and treat you better than anyone else.

The walk to the forest was probably the worst feeling in the world, and as you stared at the lace that enveloped your dress, you realised you made a BIG mistake last night. You started having a little panic attack inthe back of the car, trying not to cry and ruin your make-up, even though you knew the only person you wanted to impress wasn’t going to be there. You started doubting yourself: Why do I always take everything too far? Why did I use Sigurd in my fucking evil ploy? The last thing you wanted was for Sigurd and Ivar to have a fight over you and a stupid idea that you had.

Arriving at ceremony was painful and nightmarish. You felt like you were going to be physically sick as you saw the other boys waiting for you. Some of them looked worried, whilst Sigurd had a stupid smirk on his face, obviously thinking about last night. Weirdly, Ubbe was nowhere to be seen, but then he was Ivar best man, so he was probably with him.

“Hvitserk, what’s wrong? Why do you look so worried?” Tears threatened to spill from your eyes as your best friend.

“It’s nothing.Ivar just….” The tone of his voice was terrifying and the mention of his name made your stomach flip with nerves as well as worry.

“What?! Hvitserk, whats wrong? What’s going on?” A tear streamed done your face, which was met by Bjorn’ finger.

“Please don’t cry. It’s nothing important, it’s just that –” Bjorn was interrupted by a crackling from a walkie talkie, which was attached to his pocket.

“All systems go…Operation Happy Days is go go go.” You could tell it was Ubbe who shouted

When you awoke from your thoughts, you were already half way down the aisle,. You stared around the forest before you met a smiling figure standing almost in front of you. All of your worries melted away as you met Ivar’s eyes. He looked so…so…perfect, like he was almost made just for you and you couldn’t believe what was going on. The vicious butterflies engulfed your stomach as Niall entwined your fingers, kissing every knuckle on your hands before allowing the to start the ceremony.

The walk to the reception was extremely awkward. The only way you thought you could stop it was to apologise.

“Ivar?” You weren’t sure why, but it came out in a questioning tone, as if you almost couldn’t believe you were there, or that you were about to remind him of last night.

“Yes, Mrs Rasseron” You giggled as he kissed your cheek, before enveloping your hand in his.

“I’m…I’m..I’m really, really, really, super sorry about last night. I was a stupid slut who was just craving attention.” The last sentence came out in a incoherent blur to you, but Ivar seemed to hear everything loud and clear as he started to get closer to you

“You are not a slut. You are a princess, trapped in her own little castle of self hatred. What you did may have hurt me, but I love you too much to hate you for it. Plus, it kind of turned me on.” You couldn’t help the shocked expression on your face as he just smirked and bit his lip, waiting for a reply.

“Really?! You enjoyed what happened last night. I thought I’d made a really big mistake and that you weren’t going to turn up to today and that–” You were cut off as Ivar kissed you passionately.

“Don’t get me wrong, the whole pleasuring my brother was a little too far for me. I was so close to killing Sigurd for letting you do that to him, but the lesbian action was…well…hot. I don’t think I’ve been more turned on in my life knowing that my little princess has some dirty little secrets…” You couldn’t help but moan as he kissed your neck, pulling you closer to him…..

To be continued again…


i’m well aware

of the skeletons in

the back of your closet.

but you shouldn’t be one

i don’t want you

in the back of my closet

i just want you

sitting next to me

laughing in a reverie

wearing jeans, a pretty blue

i don’t want you

in the back of my closet

i just want you

smiling back

living like you’re brand new

living away from the beaten track

i don’t want you

in the back of my closet

i’m well aware

everyday’s a fight,

but that doesn’t mean

you should give up the war.



May 28th, 2014 was the day that this blog was created. It’s officially been a year! I can’t believe it. You all are the absolute best! Thanks for accompanying me on this journey so far. I’m grateful for the past year and all of the years to come!

To celebrate, I decided to do a relatively small follow forever. I know that I always feel honored whenever I’m in someone’s follow forever, so I decided to honor some of you! Here are some of the blogs that I’ve noticed particularly and been drawn to in the last year.

#-c | -intheround, 82958, adoringjackson, alcapxne, annie-is-not-okay-ok, aproudmoonwalker, baderahaven, badlydangerous, badstreetwalker, behindthe-mask, beyondtheplanetsandthestars, blood58, bluemoonwalker, captaineosgirl, captaineostyle, cherrycherryshamone, cutemjj

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x-z | xmichaeljacksonx, you-arethere, you-rockmyworld, you-will-always-bein-my-heart, youarenotalone-and-staystrong

Honorable Mentions:

admiringmichael - Hi, haha! Well, you’re always in my newsfeed, which I really appreciate. I can see that you take a strong liking in my blog. I love your blog as well! It’s always so neat and crisp and just looks so good! Never stop doing what you do. <3

bad-era-obsession - Oh, how do I even start? Lillian, your blog is just…ugh. It’s so amazing. I have to check your blog at least once a day or else I’ll get anxiety. You’re basically my largest tumblr inspiration. Plus, you’re an absolutely amazing artist and you’re hilarious! Your tags are very relatable, may I say. I just wanted to thank you for being you and having an amazing blog for me to look forward to every day. I’ll love you and your blog endlessly! <3

heretochangetheworld - Laura, I know we haven’t been able to talk much lately, but I just wanted to let you know how kind you are. You’re just such a sweet and genuine person. Your nice actions on tumblr always make me smile. Never ever stop being the kind and sweet person that you are. <3

iconicmichael - Steph…oh gosh, how to start? Your blog was the first one I fell in love with. I admired you so much that it was almost ridiculous! I remember being scared to ask you for a gifset of “You Rock My World”, and when I finally did it, you made it and did an amazing job. Plus, you were extremely kind to me. Now we’ve gotten closer and I’m so happy that we have. I love you lots! <3

lolassh - I know you in real life and you suck. Just kidding I LOVE YOU ASHLEY! Thanks for being an amazing friend. <3

loveless-ocean - Goodness, Char, I could write an entire book right now. Your support and love for me has been endless and I’m so grateful for that. After four years of knowing you, I’m absolutely sure that you’d do anything for me. You’re the one that picked me back up when I was ready to give up. Thank you for everything, you know how much I love and appreciate you, so I’ll try to keep this brief, haha. <3

mademoisellexdaymoonxstarnight - Nancy, you’re such a kind person. I look forward to talking to you each day. You always hear me out when I’m going through a difficult time and I’m glad that I can return the favor for you. Thank you for always being there when I need you and for being an extremely amazing friend! <3

michaeljacksonfamily - This will be pretty brief, but I just wanted to let you know how amazing your blog is to me. Your pictures are so amazing and I love looking through all of them. Whenever I see them I’m just so amazed. Keep up the hard work, you’re doing amazing! <3

michaeljacksonsdick - Paige…where do I start? We started talking not too long ago, but you’re already one of my closet tumblr friends. You’re soooooo funny, I can barely stand it! From your tags to your posts, you’re just hilarious. I love your blog to death and I’m glad that we started talking. I hope we get to talk more and know each other even better.  I love you lots! <3

michaelslaysall - Tanieya, you’re also hilarious! You always crack me up. Your blog is flawless, too. You were one of the first people I ever talked to on tumblr, and I’m glad that I did. You’re such a kind person and you’re easy to get along with! Thanks for helping to make this first year on tumblr so amazing. I love you! <3

mjkingofmyheartshamone - I really enjoy talking to you! You’re so very kind and always listen to what I have to say. Continue to be the extremely sweet person that you are, no matter what. Remember, if you ever need me, I’m right here. I love you. <3

mjslays - Girl, you are another one of the kindest blogs I’ve encountered on here! Whenever I post things - whether it’s Michael related or personal - you’re always the first to leave a reply and like it. That never goes unnoticed. Plus, your blog is absolutely amazing and stunning. Keep up your hard work, it’s paying off! I love and appreciate you endlessly. <3

moonwalkeruntilmydeath - Jane, you were one of my first real tumblr friends. You reached out to me and talked to me all the time. Although we haven’t had the opportunity to talk much lately, I’ll always be grateful for the talks we’ve had in the past. You’re extremely kind and sweet and just an all-around great person. Always continue to be the amazing person that you are. I love you! <3

smoothbutnotacriminal - Oh, Nat, my dear Nat…where to even begin? I honestly don’t even know what to say. I’m soooo blessed to have you as a close friend in my life. You’ve always been there for me when I needed you and you’ve always been one of my number one supporters. I’m more than happy to return the favor of helping you. I can’t express all of my feelings through words, and if I tried, it’d probably be the longest book in history. You’re just such an amazing and kind person, plus your blog is the best. I love you endlessly, thanks for being such an amazing friend! <3

Wow, that was long, haha! Anyways, just thank you everyone for everything you’ve done for me and my blog in the past year, whether it’s been a single like or a follow. You all mean the world to me and you’ve helped to brighten my days extremely. Thanks for making this first year so great and memorable!

With much love,






Remember how (in the dark days) Louis and Eleanor had like this HORRIBLE STREAK of awkward hand holding? And we all concluded (well at least I concluded idk about y'all) that they both had the stereotypical feminine position. Where their hand is in the back. And for the most part it’s the female that takes that position because they’re smaller (for the most part) than their male counterparts. And it ended up being awkward because Eleanor’s hand was over his and it looked like she was pulling him around. And whenever Louis’ hand was over hers it looked awkward and unnatural??????