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I like the love potion thing with Plance but I like it better if Lance is the only one who is affected by this potion and he starts to flirt with Pidge and Pidge is total a mess because she kind of likes it but also feels sad because she knows it's not the "real" Lance. But at the end it wasn't a love potion but an elixir that increases the intesity of the feelings and can't create feelings that aren't there.

That plot twist though.

I love it.

I need it

I always really liked the base game winged liner, but felt like it needed a bit more ‘oomph’. So here it is, pumped up and recolored in a few of @wildlyminiaturesandwich‘s beautiful sandwich colors, which you can check out right here.

I included Intese Abyss (shown above), Hypnotic Gypsy, Midnight Intrigue, Somber Chasm, Rusted Temptress, & Perfectly Royal.

Download here! (SFS)

Tutto passa.
Ma non certe emozioni.
Non certi sogni. Non certe intese.
Tornano. Bussano. Insistono.
Resistono. A tutto.
Anche alla ragione.
—  Labellezzadellepiccolecose - (via labellezzadellepiccolecose.)
Tutto passa.
Ma non certe emozioni.
Non certi bisogni. Non certe intese.
Tornano. Bussano. Insistono.
Resistono. A tutto.
Anche alla ragione.
—  Angelo De Pascalis

query: why do people italicise or capitalize words for emphasis? thats like the most boring possible way to add intesity to a word or phrase

superior emphasis: drawing a sword. if somebody draws a sword you know theyre saying something important

example sentence: on your way home from work, would you mind stopping by the store? we need bread, eggs, and milk. *draws sword* and dont forget the butter this time

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Ok I was just thinking abt, how does Elaine react to Jace? Does she know who he is pre-romantic relationship? Is he "the one with the tattoos"? Has Simon already come out to her when he brings Jace up? Does she insist on having a family meal when he formally meets them as Simon's boyfriend? I'm just word vomiting on you and smiling like a fool on the bus but gah I needed to get it out to someone ik who'll appreciate it


  • like, she definitely begins to notice that simon is into guys when he’s in high school and they go to temple one day and simon flushes when dear old harriet’s son compliments simon
  • so she’s like hmmm and she keeps an eye on him and she almost forgets about it because he’s so in love with clary, and she’s a little torn because clary’s a lovely girl but she doesn’t want her son to get hurt and clary, she knows, has a habit of unwittingly pulling everything around her into her orbit
  • and then, you know, strange things start happening to her son and she spends a long period of time thinking, hysterically, that he’s dead, or off getting addicted to drugs, or just - so many awful things, and she wonders often if it’s her fault, if her picking up that bottle when ethan died set off a chain of karma so bad it’s destroyed her children - but no, she has to remember that rebecca and simon are their own people and that they’re family, no matter what, and oh god she hopes simon is okay she hopes her baby is safe - 
  • simon starts reappearing, slowly but surely. he looks intensely uncomfortable, and every time he comes over for dinner he has a friend with him, that band manager raphael, or his ex-girlfriend maia, or that lovely girl isabelle, or clary, or a friendly boy named bat that appreciates her tamales more than simon seems to at this point - simon’s not eating again, which is worrying, but he looks healthy, if a little pale, and he still hugs her and holds her tight and say i love you, mom, so she perseveres in pretending nothing’s wrong until he wants to tell her - 
  • and she begins to piece it together after a while, because she hears that jocelyn is dead and she sees tattoos flicker across clary’s body sometimes, and the scars that peek out across maia’s neck are far from natural. and there’s a faint echo of a memory in the back of her head of simon with sharp, sharp fangs. she understands something’s happening, remembers ethan once tell her that he’d known someone, long ago, who under the full moon - but it doesn’t matter now. she begins to understand that she’s better off not knowing, so she turns her head when simon slips a flask of a thick red substance out from under his coat, and starts to harp on the benefits of animal blood and blood banks when simon’s around. 
  • in the middle of all this, she peers out the window by the front door one night to see her son arguing with…thin air?
  • she watches for a few more seconds, bemused, until the air shimmers and seemingly out of nowhere a handsome young man with blonde hair and a ridiculous amount of tattoos decorating his arms flickers into existence, looking extremely put out, but still acquiescing when simon grabs his wrist and makes his way to the front door. 
  • she opens it, and simon determinedly introduces her to jace, who shakes her hand and very politely calls her ms. lewis. he hovers a little behind simon, who rolls his eyes and pushes him into a chair, and elaine hides her smile behind a stack of plates as simon hisses “act natural, herondale” and jace whispers back, furiously, “easy for you to say, lewis”
  • she isn’t completely sure of their dynamic, but it’s clear that the two of them are intesely familiar with one another, moving easily in each other’s space. simon serves jace almost unthinkingly, and jace absently takes simon’s garlic bread and starts eating it. rebecca, bless her soul, wiggles her eyebrows at elaine - are the two of them, maybe, you know? - and elaine pointedly looks at rebecca’s plate - mind your own business, dear - and rebecca grins, turning back to her own dinner. 
  • during dessert, elaine absently asks “and what do your parents do, jace?”and jace replies that he’s isabelle’s sister. “you two look very different,” elaine says, “you must take after the other parent.” 
  • jace stiffens unexpectedly, and elaine opens her mouth to immediately backtrack, because she can recognize that discomfort anywhere, but she’s momentarily shocked into silence when she sees simon’s arm move slightly under the table, his biceps briefly flexing. 
  • elaine was young and in love once too, and she remembers a dinner conversation like this a long time ago, with ethan’s parents sitting across from her and asking her and what happened to your little brother, dear? and the immediate choking sensation she’d felt as visions of smashed windshields and her brother’s limp body flooded her mind. in the midst of all that, as she’d sat, frozen and petrified, ethan’s hand had found her thigh under the table and squeezed lightly, comfortingly. nothing big, no declaration, no sudden hero; just a little reminder, i’m here and you’re not alone, you are hurting and i know you are not alone. she remembers what it had looked like out of the corner of her eye, what it looks like now as simon angles his body towards jace and gazes at him with a warmth and support that’s so very ethan that elaine finds herself momentarily blinking back tears, stuck in the past and the present. 
  • “it’s okay,” jace says, his voice marginally smaller but a falsely bright smile plastered to his face, “i’m adopted.” 
  • “well, the lightwoods have a set of very attractive children, then.” elaine says without missing a beat, and jace laughs and rebecca laughs and simon flushes red and groans “mom” and it’s all fine, but elaine is still looking and she sees the way jace nudges simon as simon buries his face in his hands in embarassment, sees the look of fondness and amusement that jace gives her son, and she thinks he did it, ethan, he found himself his forever
  • because she knows simon, she knows people, she knows love like no one else knows it because ethan was the kindest person to walk this earth and he taught her how to find it in everything and everyone before the earth took him back, so she waves simon and jace goodbye and knows in her heart that one day jace is going to be in her living room, asking to marry simon. 
  • and sure enough, when weeks later simon swallows hard on her front porch and says, slowly, quietly, “mom, jace and i - he’s my boyfriend, now, i think - “ and jace presses a quick kiss to simon’s cheek, the tips of his own ears burning as he murmurs, “we’re dating, lewis, you don’t have to say i think, you idiot - “, she blinks back tears as she remembers the way ethan’s lips felt skimming along her cheeks, and she sweeps them both into a hug. 
  • “i’m happy for you,” she says, ruffling simon’s hair, and he ducks his head and looks pleased, and jace says - polite as ever, what a charming young man - thank you, and she looks at the stars briefly. 
  • our son likes boys, too she thinks to ethan, confident that wherever he is he’s got an eye on her, and if you were here, you’d be so happy that he was happy. 
  • but you’re not, she thinks bitterly, smiling sadly, so i’m going to be happy enough for the both of us
  • she turns and makes her way inside, and she swears she can feel the ghost of a kiss pressed to her cheek. 
La loro intesa era diversa.
Certe intese non si hanno con chiunque.
E vanno oltre l'attrazione fisica.
Così dentro non ci arrivi con i tacchi, ma con l'anima.
—  Labellezzadellepiccolecose - (via labellezzadellepiccolecose.)

Tutto passa.

Ma non certe emozioni.

Non certi sogni.

Non certe intese.





A tutto.

Anche alla ragione.

-Dreamyeyesforever 🥀

Io non ce la faccio.
Non ce la faccio a dimenticarti. Come si fa a dimenticarsi di qualcuno che è stato tanto? Sei stata la mia amica più grande, e nessuno riesce a prendere il tuo posto. Mi manchi. Mi mancano le intese, mi mancano gli abbracci, le chiamate, i pomeriggi sul balcone a prendere il caffè. Mi manca bere con te, mi manca condividere ogni singolo istante della mia vita con te. Mi manchi tu. Mi manchi tutti i giorni. E ogni persona che è nella mia vita si emargina quando penso alla nostra amicizia. Ci siamo perse e ho paura che non ci ritroveremo più. Un po’ per colpa nostra, è un po’ per colpa di qualcun altro. Vorrei dirti queste cose dal vivo, ma hai voluto togliermi dalla tua vita. Tu però sei presente nella mia ogni minuto, secondo, ora che passa. Sei in ogni pensiero e in ogni decisione. Sei nell'istinto di chiamarti quando ho una novità che ti farebbe ridere, ma sei anche nei miei ricordi, soprattutto quelli più belli.

E anche se non lo leggerai mai, mi manchi. Mi manchi da morire.

—  Invisibile

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Please share more of your patient stories! I love them!

Okie dokie! Here’s a good one, I think.This one is close to my heart. 

We had this patient with multiple heart defects about a year ago. He was born, had surgery, then came straight to us. I had him for a weekend once he was stable. His dad was so, so, so in love with him. He and his wife would say goodbye to me, and then try to leave the room. But dad would just stand at the door way, staring at his 3 or 4 week old firstborn, hooked up to 2 chest tubes, a Pneumovac, on Vapotherm, a central line, and A-line. And the dad was smiling. He’s just so happy that his first baby is still alive. His wife literally had to drag him out of the room so they could go home.

This baby’s parents would watch medical shows at the bedside. They would ask me questions about the medical stuff on the show and how accurate they were. Of course I didn’t know a lot of it that wasn’t related to Peds, so I would go researching published journals on our hospital database for answers lol. We had a lot of fun together. The whole unit got to know this family very well. They were always smiling, always positive, always hopeful - but also realistic with their expectations.

This baby started to decline over the next months. He was able to go home for 5 or 6 days, then got readmitted, and never got to go home. He ended up passing away one summer night. His heart was failing, his kidneys were failing… He was brady’ing from 130 to 90 to 40 and then nothing, and then come back up to 130 and start moving around. It was so hard to see his parents go through this - watching their baby literally be on the brink of death, then spontaneously have a heartbeat again . They decided that it was their baby’s way of saying goodbye. He wasn’t my patient that night, but I was in the room helping out. I was next to his dad as he held his son, watching his heart rate go up and down. We had to pull his breathing tube out, but it’s impossible to do that when you feel your son moving in your arms, and then stop, and then move again. His son moved around, then brady’d, then stopped moving. The dad said, “Ok. We’re ready. Let’s do it.” Then his son suddenly moved and had a heart beat. And of course every time that happened he would say, “No no no. Wait. No.” Can you blame him? How could an parent remove the only thing keeping their child alive? The dad looked around the room at all the nurses and doctors around him and said, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, you guys. I have no idea what I’m doing right now.” We all whispered it was ok. And with a shaky voice, I managed to choke out, “Nobody ever knows what they’re doing in situations like this.” He started sobbing. And I remember not being able to see anything because of the tears welling up in my eyes. Then dad finally said to his wife, with one of the most heartbreaking smiles I have ever seen in my life, “Ok, baby. Let’s do this.” He looked at the respiratory therapist and said, “Ok. We’re ready.” Their baby passed away peacefully in his arms.

That was one of the hardest shifts I’ve ever had to finish. I remember choking back tears as I documented. I remember pastoral care next to me, trying to make sure I was ok! (Kind of embarrassing. I felt like I was diverting attention to me and away from the family!) This happened months ago, and I still remember every second of that night in that room like it was yesterday. I will never forget that torn look in that dad’s eyes, trying to decided when to pull his son’s breathing tube. How does anybody ever make that decision?? 

At the end of the shift, of course, OF COURSE, the parents were all smiles, thanking everyone for everything we’ve done. The dad came up to me and thanked me for being the first friend they had on the unit, for being the first to make them feel at home. I think there was more he said to me but all I could hear was my own sobbing as I hugged him and his wife.

Like many nurses say, there will be that one patient who will change the way you practice nursing. There will be that one patient who will remind you why you do what you do. For me, it was this baby and this family. Their baby was a very, very sick patient. And no, I didn’t know everything about his treatment and diagnosis or plan of care. But trust me when I say that it is so so so much more than that. 

Boyfriend Taeyong
  • hey, i came to promote my tw acc again lmao
  • plz talk to me, life is boring without friends
  • i’m in such a gr8 mood rn tho, i’m just so exited for cherry bomb
  • and talking aBOUT THAT
  • actually, let’s start rn lmao
  • also, someone requested this with as bad boy!au and i’m going to try my best bc in my eyes ty is such a innocent and fluffy person
  • it’s low-key hard for me to imagine him as a bad boy when he’s so damn adorable
  • he’s such tsundere
  • he may have this cold image but in reality he’s such a caring and attentive boyfie <3
  • but when both of you are in public he would show his tsundere side a 100%
  • “did you eat? no? well, i just happened to make too much for lunch”
  • “no, it’s true, i did it for me but i casually had this one extra. just take it, y/n”
  • “here, use my jacket, it’s getting cold”
  • i literally had to search for ‘tsudere quotes’ bc i’m so clueless
  • and when both of you are alone he’s a lot more clingy and sweet w you
  • even with the older members are present he wouldn’t mind skinship at all
  • his tsundere side only comes out in public, so don’t worry y’all r good
  • actually, he really likes skinship
  • he loves feeling your caresses, specially when you play with his hair and kiss his skin
  • and he loves even more the idea of being able to hug you and kiss you as much as he wants
  • basically, skinship with badboy!ty is probably really sensual??
  • he probably grabs your thighs a lot
  • and he’s a fan or neck and collarbone kisses
  • and loves leaving some hickeys from time to time to remind everyone that you’re his
  • but what he really likes about hickeys are the soft moans that you let go while he’s doing them
  • lots of backhugs too
  • i’m so alive
  • i’m suddenly loving this request
  • probably innocent cuddle sesions turn into intese making out ones in just a few minutes
  • just imagine his lips kissing yours seductetly 
  • aNd!!!! also bitting them i’M-
  • i just discovered kinks i didn’t know i had, okay, great
  • thx ty
  • but that’s basically him being a tease
  • because he actually l o v e s cuddles and would took every opportunity he has to cuddle with you
  • specially when one of you is feeling a bit down, you know
  • if he’s the one feeling sad i don’t think he would open to you too easily
  • but would let you know that there’s something wrong with him with his actions
  • he would be a lot more needy and clingy, having the need of hugging you and kissing you all the time and craving for your attention
  • and he would need a few good hours of nothing but cuddling in silence to feel good enough to let you know what have been bothering him latetly
  • and when it comes to you feeling sad he wouldn’t really know what to do but he would make you a thousand of questions
  • “are you alright?”
  • “when are you going to talk to me, y/n?”
  • “i-i love you, y/n, a lot”
  • “i’ll wait until you feel comfortable enough to tell me, okay?”
  • he would be a really worried and would do things for you like cooking or cleaning
  • and he would be so respectful once you finally decide to open up to him
  • he would tell you his opinions about it and would try his best to make your days brighter with cute dates and presents
  • he may have the image of being a cold person, but his heart is made of gold and he would hate to see you feeling so sad
  • he just wants his bright and happy s/o again and would do everything to have it back <3
  • also, he’s jealous af
  • if he sees you talking to other guy he would get SUPER protective
  • he would place his arms around your shoulders/waist and quietly listen to the conversation
  • and would try to distract you the whole time, taking anything as an excuse to talk to you
  • but he wouldn’t talk out loud, he would whisper you everything in your ear in the most low and sexy voice he can make
  • “we should get going, y/n, don’t you think?”
  • “i have to go to my practice, y/n, hurry up”
  • “i’m so hungry, let’s go to eat, y/n”
  • and you had a lot of discussions because of this
  • basically is you complaining bc he was being too rude or gave your friend a bad impression
  • but he couldn’t care less bc he’s just so in love with you and one of his biggest fears would be you leaving him for someone else
  • and specially if that person can express a lot better the feelings he/she has for you
  • basically, he would be low-key self conscious but it’s because he would never ever want to lose you
  • and the end <3
  • okay, i enjoyed this way too much lol
  • anyways bye bye
Seventeen: Sex with Hoshi

Huhuuuuuuuu it’s me :)
I know it’s been quite a while and i apologize for that, but i mentioned before, that i have a lot of shit going on in my life.
But have ya'all seen Red Velvets comeback???? IT’S LITT
anyways :^))))))
Thank you for requesting and enjoy




•Sex with him would be goofy af or intense
•But even if it’s intese he wouldn’t hurt you. He can get rough, but not like Wonwoo or Mingyu
•Not a big fan of BDSM, because he is scared of hurting you, but if you really want to do it, you’d have to persuade him and even then it could happen, that he doesn’t want to do it.
•In my opinion he is quite loud, but it depends on who has the upper hand.
•If you’re dominating he’d be all whiny and all of that, but if he’s dominating he’d grunt and growl
•i don’t think he has alot of toys, maybe some vibrating lil things and other small things, but nothing too big hahahahahah just like him
•Has a thing for overstimulation edging.
•Wear cute lingerie and he is your slave. Especially this cute pink ones that are rly fluffy.
•High ass stamina. Be prepared for hella lot of rounds even when they’re not that long
•Has a past pace. Doesn’t matter if dom or sub
•He is messy when he cums. Doesn’t care where as long as it’s on/in you.
•I don’t think that he likes doung it in public???? Because there is like a 89% chance to get caught with him. •When he is the dom he can be a tease, but he can’t keep his act together for long, because seeing you like that is too much for him.
•He likes taking you from behind and you riding him.
•There is no aftercare you both just go straight sleeping because you’re too tired jk he’d get a wet towel but that’d be it
•If he isn’t too tired he’d talk alot with you while cuddling

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, making out

Summary: You? an average civilian pretty content with your average life. Him? A super soldier who must keep you away from Hydra’s tentacles with the only rule that you can’t never know about his existence, neither his team. But why is a world knowed evil organization after you? Would he break the only rule when your life gets threatened by a not-Hydra related danger?

A/N: I don’t know how much chapters this series will have, but I clearly know how where want it to go :)

Tags: @fashun–deevah  @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x @marvel-fanfiction @melconnor2007  @blueskies-love @-tulipsunflower-  @elisa-ramirez14  @the-girl-without-a-face @netflixa @alyssiamking  @fashun–deevah @laughandwrite  @wordacadabra  @genlovesdcb (if someone wants to be tagged or untagged please let me know)

 One gun , Two guns


The knock on the door repeats and Bucky’s body tenses upon you. You push him away softly so you can stand up and reach the door. 

- Wait - he says grabbing your arm 

- What? - you ask confused

- Are you expecting someone? - he doesn’t look away from the door 

- No… but, maybe a neighbour needs something? - you shrurg

He keeps staring at the door, his body tense and prepared to jump if necessary. The knock repeats, louder and impatient. Bucky ducks his head and whispers in your ear - Ask before open. You are getting a bad feeling about all of this. Why such a fuss about an unexpected visit? You do as told

- Who’s there? - you heart beats a little faster waiting for a response

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Jimmy Darling X Reader : Caught in your underwear.

New fanfiction requested by @saracons87

Description: Smut obviously i mean its Jimmy, also fluff but yannooo. Jimmy walks in on reader getting dressed, which leads to u know what ;) hope you enjoy ! LEAVE REQUESTS PPL!

Mom and you had moved to Jupiter a couple months back, looking for a fresh start, away from your father. You headed there because your godmother, Elsa Mars, owned a freakshow there and had invited you to stay. You had settled in quite well, befriending everyone you met, and helping out with the show whenever was needed.You had taken quite the liking to the so called ‘Lobster boy’ Jimmy Darling, and he had experienced the same with you.
You had arranged with Jimmy earlier in the day to meet him in his trailer for a dinner date, at 6.00.
“Shittttt!” You exclaimed, realising the time was 6.09 and you  hadnt even started to get ready. “Sorry mom, Ive got to go.” You said leaving the picnic table, and beginning to rush back to your trailer, having layed out a pretty dress. You flung open the door, that was left unlocked, slammed the door behind you and quickly unzipped your jeans, letting them slip to the floor, and pulling off your top, slinging it to the side. 

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Denial - by Solifiedjaporeanist21 (Admin SCYO)

Rating: Explicit

Member: Chanyeol (Exo)

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (You)

Words: 2,001

Warnings:Smut, Thigh Riding, Cunnilingus, Implied Blow Jobs, Multiple Orgasms, Face-Fucking, Teasing, Dirty Talk.

Summary: You shiver when he speaks, his hot breath kissing your flushed skin. “You know you want this (Y/N), don’t try to deny it.” Chanyeol groans in your ear.

Request for anon, sorry it took so long. I hope this was what you were looking for.

“C'mon, baby?” Chanyeol asks again, urging the situation far more than you would like to admit. You exhale, closing your eyes, just ignore him (Y/N), he’ll give up eventually, you think going back to your duties upon the kitchen counter. Or at least you wanted to believe he would give up. Yet by how things were progressing you were beginning to think otherwise. You shake your head, no you can’t allow him to over power you, I didn’t matter how many times he asks, the answer will still be no. No amount of sweet talk will make you change that.

Chanyeol whines at your answer, unpleased at your stubborness, of course by what he was doing wasn’t helping any either. You tried to block him out, to shut him out of your head but your body thought different as it reacts to his sounds. It only worsens when you hear Chanyeol get up from his seat across the room, your body tensing to the realization he’ll find out your enjoying yourself. Which you honestly didn’t want to.

Hands eventually rest upon your waist and you jump slightly, Chanyeol just laughs, leaning forward inhaling your wondrous scent, lips ghosting across the back of your neck, making the hairs stand on end. You shiver when he speaks, his hot breath kissing your skin. “You know you want this (Y/N), don’t try to deny it.” Chanyeol groans in your ear, pressing himself against you and it takes everything in your power not to moan at how hard he was.

He was only making it more difficult for you not jump him, especially from how turned on he had gotten and from thinking about his current proposal.

“I really don’t.” You say after a pause, your voice shaken from straining it so long. Yet Chanyeol wasn’t stupid, he knew you were lying through your teeth and fortunately you didn’t mind. You loved the idea he knew, it made the tension so much more erotic. If you were honest with yourself, you would give in to his charm and do as he asks but you were too embarrassed, it clouded your better judgement. Maybe in your thoughts you would take his offer and ride him like he wished but not with the conscious you have now.

Chanyeol grinds against your ass, gasping at the feel of you. You bit you lip to hush your pleads of bliss, closing your eyes. Inwardly you moaned, It was delirious and delicious, you wanted nothing more than to move back against him but you couldn’t, if you do Chanyeol would undoubtedly take your actions the wrong way and think you accepted his proposal.

You drowned in the feel of him, your cunt soaking at the press of his cock so close, at the need it hungers after. “C'mon (Y/N), I know your pussy craves it.” Chanyeol gasps, turning you around roughly, fingers digging into your hips. It didn’t hurt but fuck was it sexy.

You bite your lip, averting his eyes and Chanyeol growls at the rudeness. He doesn’t even hesitate as he drags you to the couch across the room. You don’t dare argue for you obediently follow. Once he sat down he yanks you with him, landing right in his lap, not that you minded any.

With you where he wants you he pulls your forward, pressing his needy lips against yours in a greedy kiss. Chanyeol’s lust was clear, he needed you and as much as you told yourself you’d never give in to something like this couldn’t really deny his want. So throwing out your stubbornness you give in.

You kiss him back, burying your fingers through his soft hair, the other rested snuggly at his shoulder. He was eager to feel you like this and now that he has you where he wants you there was no stopping. Chanyeol slips his tongue past your parted lips, knocking the wind right out of your lungs as he drives you insane with unmistakably pleasure. This makes you moan, savoring the wonderfulness of his mouth pressed against yours.

Chanyeol lifts his hips to yours, pressing his dick flush against your soaked cunt, mingling both your aroused sex together. You break the kiss, your head tossed back in pure bliss. “Fuck, (Y/N), your soaked, I can feel it through your shorts. God, does it feel good.” You whine and Chanyeol takes it as a good sign to contiune, grinding even harder up against you. You howl, pressing yourself down on him, moving in time with his thrusts.

Chanyeol moans, gripping your hips as he guides you down on him. Your both lost in the euphoria of each other, gasping at the wondrous feeling of mixed emotions. Chanyeol leans up holding you to his chest, kissing down your jaw, his lips creating a slippy trail down your neck, where he plants hickeys in his wake. You mewled, your legs wobbly at the inteseness of his actions. You just wanted him to rip your clothes off and make you his already, to pound his cock deep inside you pussy until you forget everything.

Chanyeol smirks at his control, he loved seeing you all torn and breathless, it was a sight he would never live without. He yanks your hair back, and you groan loudly, your pussy wettening at the roughness. “Damn, (Y/N), you won’t believe how fucking hot you look right now, I just want to throw you against the back of this couch and fuck you senseless, but that can wait. I want to taste you more than anything, to feel those beautiful walls around my tongue.”

You nod without even being asked of anything, far too torn with ecstasy that you would do anything he wanted, whatever it may be you honestly didn’t give a shit, not in this state. Whatever he was willingly going to offer you you wanted relentlessly. It didn’t matter anymore. “Please Chanyeol, I want it.” You beg helplessly, looking deep into his lust-filled eyes wanton.

Chanyeol cherishes your will and kisses you squarely, swallowing the cries you were electing. Holding you tight to his chest, your boyfriend lays himself on his back, letting you better access of topping. Your kiss splits when he grabs you, his fingers digging harshly into your ass. It shocks you at first but you just blow it off, enjoying it nonetheless.

Chanyeol lifs his leg up between you, pressing his thigh against your needy cunt, wanting to relish more in how turned on you was. You gasp his name, pressing yourself even harder down on him, savoring the sensations he was bringing to you. Sitting upright you grind down against him, the slickness of your pre-cum slippery inside your folds, giving you a even greater outcome. “Ahhhh, Channie, fuck don’t stop.”

“You’re so sexy like this (Y/N), fucking yourself down on me like the little slut you are, you should see yourself.” Chanyeol murmurs darkly, nails digging into your hips, his cock pulsing at the thought of how good you’ll taste when you reach satisfaction, of how slick your sweet cum will be on his tongue. He just wallows in the desire of it. You groan at his comment, Chanyeol pushing his thigh harder against your pussy, wanton for your orgasm to rise so he could have you to the extent he was craving. Of course you chased after it too.

C'mon baby, come for me, let me feel your body spasm and quake against mine, to hear you cry my name over and over until your beautiful voice becomes broke and horase, I want to see that gorgeous look on your face when your orgasm hits you hard, and all thanks to me no less.“ Chanyeol demands, rocking himself even more against you, and when you feel said climax rising you do just that.

Your body tenses when you reach your golden peak, Chanyeol’s name loudly erupting from your throat. Your senses numb as your vision witens, your nails digging into his shoulders. Your boyfriend basks in the breathtaking beauty of your orgasm, rubbing his thigh in slow circles across your clit, your body jerking at the over sensibility. “Ahhh, (Y/N), you’re so beautiful getting off, especially if the person doing it is me.” You make a coherent noise, too exhilarated in pleasure to answer.

It didn’t take no time at all before Chanyeol’s pulling you forward by your hips, hinting his next movements as he begins fumbling with your short buttons. You allow him, rocking your hips when he pulls them down, sliding your legs out. With those tight restraints out of his way, your boyfriend leads you above him, over his face. As embarrassed as you should be couldn’t be more eager to feel that tongue on your core, to have him swallow all your juices from his greedy actions.

Chanyeol moans at the sight before him, reaching up he slides his fingers through your drenched folds, gasping at how wet you’ve gotten from his tease. “You love when I touch you, don’t you baby? Of how good it feels when I get you gone,”

You close your eyes, blissful noises leaving your throat. “Oh god yes, more baby.” You plead, tossing your head back when he slides in a finger,

Chanyeol thrusts his finger in fast and deep, electing cries of ecstasy out of you, begging for more. He gives you just that. Slightly lifting up he presses his tongue against you, both moaning out loud. Chanyeol’s fast acting as he eats you out, needing more of your cum on his tongue. You don’t complain.

You gasp noisily, hands pulling harshly at your hair in the overwhelming bliss of your boyfriends wonderful mouth, the combination of his fingers and tongue seemingly driving you mad. Fuck, you couldn’t begin to explain how damn good he was making you feel, and the overstimulation of your last orgasm only made it better. You cry his name over and over, rocking your hips slightly against his face, craving more.

Chanyeol groans, suckling harder at your clit, digging his finger deeper inside you, searching for your spot and once he finds it you squirm, your body jerking from the inteseness of both appendages. Chanyeol knows your close so he speeds up, pressing his finger harder against that spot until you inevitability reach sastifaction. And when you do it hits you hard.

Your body visibly tightens, loud screams of pleasure erupting from within as you release against your boyfriends face. Chanyeol smiles across your pussy, tasting your cum with joy, your body jerking in the sensitivity when he does.

Chanyeol moans as he cleans you up, removing his finger from your dripping hole to get a better taste. Your breaths come out in heavy pants as he finishes. Though when he does you stumble to hold yourself upright. Your boyfriend sees this and after he wipes his lips he moves underneath you, sitting you in his lap. He gasps when you landed right on his cock, the neglect now beginning to set in. You feel it too and it makes you moan, loving the idea of how hard he gotten from tasting you.

Naturally you wasn’t the girlfriend to leave your lover hanging so to resolve his little problem you slowly trail your mouth down his body, kissing the bare flesh that you begin to reveal. Chanyeol moans, his breath uneven as he anticipates your doings. “Now its my turn to taste you.” You murmur against his buldging front, feeling his cock react to the tender touch of your lips so close. Chanyeol visibly begs and smile acknowledged, “I’m going to make you come so hard you’ll wish you hadn’t provoked me.”

Chanyeol chuckles lowly, yanking you forward by the back of your hair. His lips crash against yours and you groan, loving how possessive he gets when he’s horny. “Yeah? Well I guess we’ll find out, now won’t we?”

“Hmm, I guess so.”

Donatello In Love (Donnie X Reader)

Rating: PG

Universe: 2016

Authors Note: OK so this started with @dorkyturtleenthusiast posting a headcanon here about donatello quoting shakespeare I was like UMMMMM…. I HAVE to write this. I feel like I also changed my writing style but its BETTER (At least I think so.) Remember my writing is always changing with me, so if you don’t like it now come back a month later and i’m sure i’ll have gotten better. (I hope lol) Anyways I hope you guys like this, if not send me some constructive criticism. Also I could imagine Raphael picking some quotes up from Donnie, so i might write a similar fic for him. 

Summary: Donatello invites you over on a tuesday night, for what? Let’s find out. (I MIGHT write a NSFW part 2, if enough people want one.)

Donatello carefully scanned over his dim, candlelit room, his brown eyes fervently searching for any mistakes or things he might have missed. Red bouquets of roses covered any table or place that could fit them, and rose petals decorated the entire room. He fidgeted with his fingers, repeating a checklist to himself. Roses? Check. Candles? Check. Beautiful girl who loved him? Well he was working on it. He could hear [Y/N]’s voice coming from the living room, and anxiety washed over him. He had spent all day setting up this special night for her, picking wild roses and using bottles he’d found around the city for vases. He had scrubbed them until they looked brand new and shone with the same sparkle that reflected hopefully in his eyes. He just prayed that she wouldn’t think it was too much or even worse; not enough. He felt for [Y/N], they’d only been dating for four months but he could feel something festering in his chest every time he looked at her. He had encountered these feelings the day he met her, he remembered the way his throat had tightened when he saw her, the way his ears purred at the sound of her voice. He had stood before her baffled at the anxiety rising in his chest as she greeted him. Was it really too much to hope that someone like her could love someone like him? Donnie took a deep breath, his plastron heaved up and down with nervousness before he stepped out of his room to search for her. He made his way through the lair, finally finding her talking to his little brother, Michelangelo. The young boisterous turtle, beamed at her, rambling on and on as he tried to impress her. Donatello watched her expression as it changed and shifted with Mikey’s chatter, her eyes glued to him, dancing with his words. Her hair glowed around the edges of her face and stretched down to her shoulders, making her light up like an angel. Donatello’s throat tightened at the thought of showing [Y/N] his creation. He took another deep breath, attempting to calm himself down, grabbing her attention instead. She looked at him and smiled, only ramping up Donatello’s heart into a violent jack hammering pace. 

“Hey.” She greeted him. He scanned her face, memorizing it for the millionth time before he spoke.
“I want you to come look at something.” He said, reaching his hand out for her. He looked into her wide brown eyes and the room became silent and tense, as she gazed back. Mikey stood by, even his usually charismatic personality was put on the back burner, as tension filled the room. He made a face, trying to cover up how awkward he felt.
“Are you guys going to kiss now?” He asked in a soppy lovesick voice, his pastel blue eyes twinkling with mischief. Donatello shot Mikey a sharp look. “Right,” he pointed towards his own room, “I’ll go.” Donatello returned his attention to [Y/N], she took his hand before he could get out a word. He felt his heart jump at the smoothness of her palm against his, her tiny hand intertwined with his over sized one, squeezing it in affection. Donatello swooned, as butterflies took over his stomach. 

“So what’s this special surprise?” She asked, clueless. It was only a Tuesday so she was surprised that he had made plans at all for them that night. He bit his bottom lip nervously. 

“You’ll see.” His heart raced with anticipation, as they approached his door, “Alright now close your eyes.” Donnie instructed. [Y/N] squealed joyously before closing her eyes. 

 “Donnie, what is it?” She asked, reaching out her hands in front of her as he guided her through the doorway. She stood in the middle of the room waiting for Donnie’s orders. He stared at her for a second, fearful of what her reaction might be before he let her open her eyes.

“Open them and see.” He said, stepping back towards the roses. She opened her eyes, looking around at the room in awe. Her mouth dropped open, and she quickly threw her hand over it. Her brown eyes sparkled as tears accumulated in her scleras. Her silence threw him off, he watched tears well in her eyes and took it as a bad sign. “Did I do something wrong my goddess?” He rushed to her side to comfort her.

“No, Donnie I just-” tears slipped out from her eyes and she fanned herself in an effort to make them disappear. “This is amazing.” Solace flooded his body as his lungs exhaled a sigh of relief. He took her hands in his, clutching them against his plastron and gazed, lovingly, into her eyes. “How could anything I ever do compare to this?” Donatello let out a small chuckle.

“Hear my soul speak,” he spoke firmly, making sure that his words would forever be embedded into her heart. “The very instant that I saw you did my heart fly to your service, there resides To make me slave to it, and for your sake Am I this patient log-man.” A tear slipped down her cheek,

“Donn-” He pressed a single finger against her lips.

“Silent my love,” He implored. “I will follow thee and make a heaven of hell to die upon the hand I love so well.” She melted into his sentences, pressing herself against his body, helpless as words poured out of his soul. He could feel his heart thumping, as his words frantically escaped him. He needed her to know how he felt inside, that all consuming feeling that plagued his every thought. “Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.” He stopped, abruptly. “I- am winged Cupid painted blind.” He took a deep breath, finally as satisfied as he could be with what he had said. She was speechless, quivering from his testimonial. [Y/N] could hear her heart pounding in her ears, blood rushed to her chest and she felt her body become weightless.

“I love you.” She managed. It seemed as if those were the only words she could ever say that might slightly compare to anything Donatello had done for her. Donnie’s eyes widened, his brain going off in a million different directions at once, as if she had ignited a bundle of fireworks with her fiery words of passion.

“You love me?” He asked. “She loves me!” He whispered to himself, a small smile creeping onto his face. He was suddenly expressionless before he turned to [Y/N] with a determined look. “I’m going to kiss you now.” He stated, as if he were reciting a statistic. She glanced down, shyly, taken aback by his forwardness. 

 "Please do.“ She begged, encouragingly. Her ears warmed up, as the anticipation of his lips reverberated throughout her body. Donatello watched her eyes for any sign of remorse or hesitation as he neared her face, afraid that she would suddenly reject him. Her hands were still tightly pressed against his chest and she could feel the way his heart raced and hammered with a million feelings at once. Donnie could barely register the small pulse coming from her fingertips, beating fast yet softly. It was enough to reassure him and he barreled forward, crashing his lips against hers, desperate to quench some sort of thirst from deep inside him. Her mouth quickly latched onto his, frantically kissing him with as much emotion as she could muster. Her tongue was soft yet protruding as she used it to explore his mouth. Donatello surrendered completely to her, allowing [Y/N] to wander the farthest corners of his cavern, gently pushing against her more forceful tongue. He could feel passion rising in his throat, desperate to convey his attraction to her. Donnie guided her small hand onto his shoulder, cherishing the warmth she brought with her every touch. He strained to pry himself away from her lips. 

“I love you too.” He gasped. She looked at the way his eyes bore into her soul, with loving intesity, and she knew that all that mattered in the world right now was her and Donatello.