Preference 1 : You tease him 
Harry : It’s a hot summer night and Harry is out with the boys, you wanted to go with them but you didn’t feel good. Usually Harry would stay with you but since it’s the end of their tour, he wanted to drink with the boys. You watched their performance through your laptop since some fans already posted videos. You suddenly feel hot and bothered how Harry looked like, how often he grabs his crotch and how raspy his voice is. That was the point you decided to text him. 
Y/N : baby I miss you.
Harry : I miss you too baby, I’ll be home in 2 hours.
But that wasn’t fast enough for you so you decided to send him a picture of you in your bra with the message : I really miss you.
Harry replied after few secods : I’ll be there in 10. Be ready for the best night of your life, baby .xx
But that wasn’t your plan, your plan was it to make him feel guilty for letting you sit alone at home. After 10 minutes ride you hear the front door open and Harry eagerly running to you. You open your mouth to say something but he uses his chance and began to kiss you with tongue. Before things gets heated you push him away with a smirk on your lips. He looks at you with a puzzled expression as you began to leave the room. The only thing you told him is : if you would have been here the whole night, we could have some fun, too bad I’m tired. Good night. After that you went to bed and just wanted to fall asleep but the noises from your bathroom were too loud. Let’s just say, Harry had some fun time alone in the shower. 

Zayn : You’re with the boys on tour and they’re just having a day off. Zayn decided to make a twitcam so he can thank fans for supporting them. Unfortunetly he didn’t realised how horny and wet you were for him and he wanted you to join. He signed into twitter and started the twitcam.“ Hi guys so I’m here with Y/N and we decided to make a twitcam for you all beautiful directioners ! Just send us some questions and we’re gonna answer as much as we can ! " Hell just started, you thought. But yet you were on the screen, well your face and your upper body and then you had an idea. While Zayn was answering some questions you said in the camera ” sorry to interrupt you, but I’m going to shower bye everyone ! “ Zayn just smiled and mouthed ” I love you “ at you. Well you’re going to love me more after this Zayn, you thought. When you were about to reach the door of the bathroom you get to your knees and crawled to Zayn. He didn’t even noticed you since he was so busy with the questions. When you were under him he looked at you with his beautiful eyes not knowing what to do or what to say. You whispered ” shhh “ and began to take off his pants along with his boxers. He started to breathe irrregular, you smirked at him knowing what power you have over him. You started to stroke him in a slow way, knowing he loves it. After few minutes after you took him in your mouth and he completely lost it and moaned loudly. After moans left his mouth he tried to cough, you took him out of your mouth and you walked to the bathroom leaving him hard and ready to cum, but without you.

Louis : Today was the day. Louis’ and his band members second movie is out what means big movie premiere. You and your best friend were shopping yesterday so you look awesome for the movie premiere. You bought a black dress with lace on, it was rather short but not too revailing. You pull your new dress on, did your make up and shortly when you were ready you got a text message from Louis ” I’m waiting outside love xx “. You locked the front door and then you saw him standing beside the big limousine with a tux on. You can’t help but check him out and he does the same with you. You climbed into the limousine where the boys were with their girlfriends. Unfortunately there was no place for you to sit. Louis noticed your confusion and said ” baby you can sit on my lap “. Well this is going to be great, in a little black dress on the top of Louis. But don’t forget the other band members in the car. After few minutes you heard Louis whisper ” you look hot in this dress can’t wait to take it off you later “ you shivered at his raspy voice in your ear and decided to tease him. You slowly began to move on him. After few minutes the boys began to notice it, you just simply said ” Louis isn’t comfortable. “ Louis began to harden under neath you and suddently you heard screams from the fans outside. Louis unconfortable tried to hide his boner but without sucess. Before your ways separte you said ” you’re still getting me out off this dress but not now.“

Liam : You’re celebrating Liam’s birthday at Funky Buddha with his friends. No matter how old he is he still likes to play ’ Truth or Dare ’ but you were going with it since it’s his birthday. You and Liam are best friends, nothing more but you wanted to change it tonight. Some female friend of him asked Liam ” Truth or Dare “. He replied ” Truth “ she had a smirk on her lips and asked ” who would you want to fuck tonight ? “ That girl was annyoing as hell, she looked at him and she truly believed he would say her name and suddently everyone was looking at me. Oops I didn’t even realised it because I was looking at the slut. I  didn’t know what they said and why everyone was looking at me, maybe my make up looks terrible or something is wrong with my dress, so I decided to leave them and go to the bathroom. I checked if someone was in there and started crying. Maybe Liam thinks I look ugly, or too fat for that short dress. I was interrupted in my thoughts when I heard a familar male voice saying my name. I recognized it and it was no one else but Liam’s voice. ” Y/N are you here ?“ I stopped to crying and said a short yes under my breath. Liam opened the toilet door, no we better say he kicked the door out and was looking at me drunkely. ” babe why are you crying ? “ ” why was everyone staring at me ?“ i answered, ” cuz i said your name. Y/N I’m sorry I can’t help it but you look so fucking hot in this dress and I want you so bad, but not only to fuck I want you to be my girlfriend “ liam confess. You’re so surprised you can’t put your luck into words so you just grapped his face and started kissing him. He was kissing you back with much force until you feel him harden against you leg, then you pull away. You smirk at him and say ” Don’t get that much excited Liam, we just began.“ You interwinted your fingers with his and walked back to his, but only to begin the longest night of talk ever.

Niall : He’s on phone again, you thought. Your boyfriend of 5 months Niall, is lately only on phone, tweeting fans and talking to his mates. I mean he’s on phone more than on me! Well not for long anymore. Currently he’s talking to management about the new tour they have to announce, so you thought how about to tease him a bit and show him how badly you need him. You put on his favourite dessous with matching high heels on and walked into the room where he was sitting. He immediatly saw you and stared at your body like it was a piece of meat. You walked over to him and sit on his lap and started to whisper dirty things in his ear where the phone wasn’t. ” Ni, I need you so bad right now, please put the phone away and pleasure me. I need your big dick inside my little tight pussy so bad, I’m dripping for you. “ He was still talking to management the only thing he did was stroking your back. You decided to take it further and started to stroke his member through his pants. After minutes what felt like hours you felt him twinch in his pants and he straightly said ” ’m sorry I gotta go now, I’ll call you later. “ With that he throw his phone to the other side to the room, his hands now touching you everywhere but you got up and leave him confused. ” princess, I thought we have a thing going on right now “ niall said, you replied with a smirk and said ” well Niall, I wanted you before those endless calls, seems like I have to take care of myself alone and you also with that huge boner in you pants. “ You left him dumbfolded and called your best friend and told her about your genious plan.

Well this was it, my first preference, sorry if they are many mistakes, english isn’t my first or second language. I tried haha. Write me what you think about it and if I should write more..