OOC: Goodbye... for now

Hey everyone! That title is really dramatic and wasn’t gonna be my first choice but Casey’s note was titled hello and I couldn’t resist the sYmMeTry. 

Anyway, so I doubt this is going to be a big surprise to most of you given my stellar activity, but I’m going to be stepping down as mod and leaving the group. Which makes me hella sad, but I definitely don’t have the time to prioritize to the group that you all deserve. I love this group and I’ve loved being a part of it and helping to make some cool stuff with all of you but sometimes you gotta know when it’s time to move on.

I’m going to miss all of you and I’m definitely still around on the interwebz even if it’s not here or rping. If you’d like to keep in touch, I’ll still have skype and I use the book of many faces and the instagram, just message me for those if you don’t already have them. Maybe somewhere down the line I’ll have time to rejoin as a member but today is not that day so I hope to see this group carry on for a long damn time. So you all better get those previously’s in when they come up so I can adequately stalk you <3 

I love you all and I hope to see you again!



Undertale X Shadow of the Colossus

This is a personal project I’ve been working on for the past few months with the help of a few very cool people whom founded and supported this idea.

@hotaro-sui @mnstrcndy

I wasn’t entirely sure if this AU (or crossover?) has been done before but I’ve stuck with this concept after plenty of digging around the interwebz to see rarely anything on this.

So thank you to the many who were patient with me and helped me through this! Never invested so much time on such a project XD


Territory (Dogboy Hybrid AU) | Taehyung x You

Rated: M 

Warning: Graphic hybrid smut. Please don’t read this if you’re not into it because I don’t want to scar you

Summary: Dogboy Tae gets extremely possessive when “that time of the month” rolls around and find’s it hard to control his natural instincts and his dominating nature during the monthly occurrence.

Note: Ah, okay, so this is my first time ever writing about Hybrids and stuff like that, so please bear with me. The idea came to mind while I was surfing the interwebz, so I just thought I’d write it up. What a thing to be my first post lol, but oh well.. Idgaf. I’m pretty much uneducated on “Dogboys” but I’m giving it my best shot.. HUZZAH!!~ 

Words: 2,932

You were driving him insane. The intoxicating scent of you calling out to him, begging for him to mount you and claim you as his own before any other male could get to you. It was hard to fight his natural instincts, but he knew better than to force you into anything and you had told him you didn’t feel well, stating you had ‘cramps’ or something along those lines. But your body was crying out for him to dominate you, your body needed him, he could sense it, and it was taking every ounce of his willpower to refrain from mounting you whenever he was in your presence. And that was quite a lot.

It was already hard enough not to mount you, so he really couldn’t help his need to follow you around everywhere, his possessive nature having to make sure no other male could get near you, his precious bitch. Just the thought of it made the hair on the back of his neck raise, his hands clench into fists and a snarl appear on his lips, slightly revealing his canines hid beneath. 

He was in no mood to be tested today in particular. He could sense you were at your peak of ovulation, which was when it was most hard for him to suppress his feral desires. It was so strange to him how humans were so unaware to what their bodies needed. Couldn’t you sense even a little bit how badly your body was yearning for him? He could only shake his head, perplexed by your utter oblivion. 

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have you seen the word cuck flying around the interwebz recently? here’s where it comes from! spoiler warning: racism and misogyny is involved.

@chescaleigh (as always) explains!

I wish people would understand that ”Credits to the artist” just means “Yeah, someone made this thing, but it doesn’t really matter who, I’m not going to waste 5 seconds in doing a ‘Search Google for image’ or actually share the artist’s account I took this from, because interwebz!”.

rightsforzero  asked:

What rights, if any, do I, as a man, have which you, as a woman, do not have? I'm not talking about being able to walk down the street and not be cat called because that is a societal thing. I am talking about legal rights, which are encoded in law and enforced by courts. I am also not talking about Somalia where women are suffering actual oppression. I'm talking about the USA this industrialized democratic republic. What legal rights if any do men in america have that women do not have?

i don’t really like these kinds of questions because it perpetuates the idea that feminism is about men vs. women when in reality that’s not what feminism is trying to achieve. to answer your question though, it varies per state, but women don’t have absolute control over their reproduction. condoms are easily accessible and often given out for free whereas birth control for women are hard to get and a number of states make it hard for women to have abortions.

another is the fact it’s considered indecent for women to walk around topless, even though it isn’t a valid ground for arrest, topless women have been arrested for indecent exposure. also, although legal, breastfeeding in public spaces is still considered taboo.

to quote erica friedman from the interwebz:

““Rights” here is the key. We’re not speaking of “laws”, but of the right to freely do a thing and be treated like a human who has worth.

A woman does not have any right to walk down the street unmolested or harassed. Men are granted this right by other men.

Women are required to present as many times more competent than any man to be considered his equal. Men perceive a room with 17% women to be equally divided and a room with 33% women to be more women than men.

A man may quite literally be a sexual harasser, with many conflicts of interest, and few business skills, who lies compulsively and still be considered more “suitable” to be President than a woman with a lifetime of public service.

A man’s healthcare is fully covered by all insurance companies, but women’s is not and extra, absurd hurdles are thrown in just to make them harder. No one would require a man to get a prostate exam separately from a physical, but most insurance companies require a separate exam for a covered Pap smear. Birth control and abortion rights are constantly under attack from creepos in charge who obsessively want women to just die in childbirth for them.

These are not “rights” as you understand them, because this question is not a sincere attempt to understand this issue.

The right we do not have is the right to live our lives not constantly fighting for recognition as humans by the other half of humanity.”

Dogspotting may even be the birthplace of DoggoLingo’s titular term “doggo.”

Though created in 2008, Dogspotting really took off in the summer of 2014, particularly in Australia.

This is significant because, as internet linguist Gretchen McCulloch points out, adding “-o” to words is very Australian. For example, where we’d say def to abbreviate the word definitely, Australians would say deffo.

So were Australians posting in Dogspotting saying “doggo,” which English-speakers around the world picked up on and turned into a viral Internet word?

“That makes a shocking amount of sense,” says John Savoia, who founded Dogspotting and runs the page with Reid Paskiewicz and Jeff Wallen.

“I bet you anything [doggo] was used before Dogspotting and we just made it part of the lexicon,” Paskiewicz says.

James Moffatt, a performance artist who grew up in Adelaide and is not a member of Dogspotting, says he remembers doggo being used “as an affectionate diminutive to refer to dogs throughout my childhood.”

—  I’m quoted in this NPR article Dogs Are Doggos: An Internet Language Built Around Love For The Puppers (which you should definitely read in its entirety)

Thanks for this anon, you didn’t have to get back to me and I’m so happy you did! I loved the gif in question, hence the bitchiness. I get that on the interwebz it’s hard to tell stuff like that.

I like the moon too, and I’m sure in time Spock will come to as well so have this drawing as thanks


Dammit! I just wasted four hours!
I started playing DA2 yesterday and I knew I wanted to romance either Anders or Fenris, and decided to choose on the fly–whoever I’d like better.
Well, it so happens that I met Fenris before I met Anders and the moment he comes around that corner in the alienage, “Your men are dead”–swear to the Maker–everything goes slo-mo, his hair is gracefully swept out of his face as if by a wind machine, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy plays in the background. But all kidding aside: you get the idea.

I recruit him and it becomes very clear very quickly that this is going to be a rival romance. (My Hawke is a blood mage. Oops.) This will probably be very toxic and destructive but very interesting, I think. I take Fen with me, go to the hospice to get Anders. I speak with him, he talks about Ser Pounce-a-lot which I think is really cute, then a flirt option appears. You’re a cutie, I think. I’m gonna flirt with you a little.
We then go to free Karl from the Circle, y'all know what happens, blah-blah. I talk to Anders again and like how openly he talks about his sexuality so I merrily keep on flirting.

Okay. So. Completionist that I am I do a few side quests, etc. pp., then go to Fen’s house for his personal quest. Turns out getting rivalry points from that isn’t as easy so I go and consult the interwebz for tips, right? What’s the first thing I see?


[slow clapping]

Good thing I still have that save from before I went to recruit either of them. And good thing I found out now rather than halfway through the game when I’ll wonder why Fen doesn’t want me.

I think I’ll pause playing for a day now and do something productive instead.

I hate it when something I love becomes frustrating.

anonymous asked:

*knocks on door, excitedly* Howdy doody sir! Would ya like to buy some Girl Scout cookies or Boy Scout popcorn? The money goes to help support the soldier that our scout leader has been talking to over seas via interwebz! He says he can come home once he gets it! *cue innocent blinking and smiling*

Dark swung open the heavy wooden doorframe keeping them separated, and had to quite literally bend at the waist in order to get a good look of the figure at the steps. He had to, of course, materialize a door and steps in order to complete the scene, to make it all more comfortable, but around them was the darkness that continued to batter and grind against eternity. Dark’s brow arched in a moment of silence, before presenting a large and dazzling smile of welcome.

“Well, aren’t you just a precious lovely. How sweet of you to be so open and accepting towards others, selfless and motivated by the hope of a better future for someone other than yourself. I think it’s time that you learn, however, that the world is a rather cruel place.”

His smile disappeared.

“That money being sent to that soldier is most likely a scam by some old man in an apartment building. Those cookies all contain an antifreeze that is slowly deteriorating the inside of your body the more you consume them. You’re going to fail at least one class in your lifetime, and your president is now an orange man with hair the reflection of hay. Goodbye.”

He slammed the door behind him.