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NU'EST - TenAsia interview

Q: Do you prefer older women, younger women or women of your age?

JR: I don’t have a specific ideal type either. I just want someone that can take care of me. I’d be able to take care of that person too.

Baekho: i like someone older with long straight hair and big eyes.

Ren: I don’t mind younger or older. I just want someone that can take good care of me

Aron: I’d like to meet someone my age or a year younger. I like cute girls

Minhyun: I don’t care much about age as long as I like that person.

cr: choiminkiiboo


T.Mills - ‘Behind The Lights’ | Dropout UK

anonymous asked:

People are waiting they post a press release saying they're together and that not gonna happen! they could elaborate the just good mates thing this morning (lorraine interw)but what they did? said an evasive answer avoiding lie about.

Exactly!! They could have cleared up the rumours once and for all but they didn’t even answer the question. Says a lot! 

mekakaycee asked:


1. First impression: ‘is that a mekakucity actors url with an annie leonhardt icon. and she’s reblogging lotf stuff too!! i muST FOLLOW’ 
2. Truth is: ur rly COO L and i love ur posts and i wanna hug u thru the interwe b s
3. How old do you look: 15!! B)
4. Have you ever made me laugh: yeAH H
5. Have you ever made me mad: nope ee!!!
6. Best feature: u give off a gold aura to me, and people w any type of yellow aura are rare so i get rly excited when i meet one :’D
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: nope but u are super cute !!
8. You’re my: friend!!! ; u ;
9. Name in my phone: n/a
10. Should you post this too? just saw that you reblogged it s o i will send u a hey!!!