Matt W Moore.

Clay @ Kearny St in San Francisco, Ca

Excerpt from interview

“I have always been from the school of thought that it is best to know as much as possible about what has happened, is happening, and will happen. and then strive to do something that has never happened. clearly there are a lot of folks out there that have another set of goals and don’t hold originality with such a high regard. but that has always been the nature of trends and innovation. it’s just accelerated now more than ever.”


Tom Hiddleston, bringing you words and quotes of wisdom since 1981

It’s like the mind of an old very wise man trapped in the body of a young and hot british actor


I am an optimist. I choose to be. There is a lot of darkness in our world, there is a lot of pain and you can either choose to see that or you can choose to see the joy. If you try to respond positively to the world, you’ll spend your time better.’

Tom Hiddleston, inspirational human being since 1981


I found it pretty hard at first. I was always trying to be too cool, like you do in school. I found it really hard talking to people, answering questions - you don’t want to sound like an idiot, so a lot of the time you don’t say anything at all. Then you realize everyone is in the same boat. None of us knew what we were doing. You can’t take yourself too seriously, and you all start to relax into being who you are.


“Do you get back to see your family a lot? Do you go back to Massachusetts?”
“Um, yeah. I wanna get back to Boston more. I was supposed to go home for Easter, but, I’m sort of terrified of Easter, because… eight years ago I knocked out my two front teeth, during a blindfolded Easter egg hunt.”