This Day in 1D History - August 18



  • the full Fabulous shoot is finally released!!


  • farmer Harry stops for fans
  • Harry dispels a completely unacceptable Twitter rumor (lmao)


  • On the Road Again Tour concert—Columbus, USA
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She pinpointed her exact moment of failure: “They were model footballing and I was real footballing.”

Alex Turner: Grandpa CONFIRMED??

Now, don’t scroll past this. It’s Serious Information.

I have a theory. And that theory…is that Alexander David Turner, singer of Arctic Monkeys and The Last Shadow Puppets, is actually a grandfather.

Here is my Proof™

1) He looks like an elderly. The way he dresses is quite old-fashioned, I would say, and even his hair is quite grandpa-like.

2) He acts like one. He’s not the greatest with speaking, or, let’s face it, grammar. He’s not “up with the kids”, either.

3)The most important piece of evidence: In an interview around 2013/2014, the interviewer asks how old Alex and Matt are. Alex can’t remember if he’s 28 or 29. The reason? He’s secretly much older, and he couldn’t remember what age he was supposed to be, as the media made him pose as a Young Person™

4)Now, about his girlfriends. You might ask, “If Alex is older, why has he had such younger girlfriends?” The answer - Arielle, Alexa, and Taylor…are his children.

And that, my friends, is proof that Alex Turner is indeed a grandpa.


Surprise! Taylor Lautner stopped by Ryan Seacrest for an interview on his radio show → Listen to it here

He talked about celebrating his 21st birthday, working on the Twilight movies and his future projects. He’ll start shooting a new movie “within the next two months”, describing it as a “gritty” movie with a “great love story and action” in it. I assume it’s the Gus Van Sant project! Exciting news! :)

anonymous asked:

Favorite Interview(s) with Jake? (Preferably with links if you can ) Thank you, love your blog ,I check it everyday :) #jakeobsession :D

Aww that’s so sweet, thank you so much! :) And here are some of my favorites!

This interview is an hour and a half long, but it’s totally worth it.

All his DP/30 interviews are so good and insightful:

The funniest Jake interview:

Tumblr won’t let me embed anymore videos, so I’ll just link the rest.

  1. I love this interview with Ellen, he’s such a smartass lol
  2. “You Don’t Know Jake” with Jake Gyllenhaal
  3. Funny Prince of Persia interview 
  4. David Letterman interview from 2013
  5. The Oprah interview with Heath
  6. Inside the Actors Studio (I’m actually making a gifset of this atm lol)
  7. Off Camera with Sam Jones
  8. Any interview with Anne tbh, they have so much chemistry. x x x x
  9. He’s so hot here

And those are just some examples, I could go on and on about more. He has the best interviews in my opinion, always really thoughtful and witty. I can’t wait for all the interviews to come during Nocturnal Animals promotion. Enjoy! -Sarah

They do. People are surprised I am wearing a shirt! Like, do you really think I walk around and I go into the urinal shirtless? It’s so strange!
—  “Once you took your shirt off, now people expect it, don’t they?” – Taylor Lautner talks about the downside of being shirtless in the Twilight movies (x)