The Bella Twins recently appeared at Wizard World Comic Con, and went in-depth about several storylines and angles from their WWE careers. Nikki even explained why her 2014 Survivor Series match with AJ Lee ended in only 35 seconds.

“We were supposed to have like 15 minutes, and CinderBella was ending the next night on Raw. I was very excited. All of a sudden when AJ and I are in Gorilla, they were like ‘how can you all do this match in 30 seconds?,” Nikki said.

This match had Brie Bella infamously kissing AJ Lee, as Nikki Bella began her extended WWE Divas Title reign.

“How do I win a championship in 30 seconds? Well (Brie says to AJ) 'you know how you made Bryan lose with the kiss of death? I can do that in 30 seconds.’ She is my CinderBella, but the next day I’m like 'is (Brie) getting revenge on me?’ It just ended. Even we were confused” Nikki said.



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