interviews on the red carpet




Nothing would make the red carpet interviews greater than if someone were to ask Niall a question that he wouldn’t be able to answer without lying, and Liam pops up behind him out of nowhere and responds for him.

In honor of Benedict Cumberbatch’s front row game, Vanity Fair put together a list of the Brit’s best-dressed memes

Now give us a twirl… 

Make sure to get in every picture. 

Muss-up that hair.

Of course, don’t be afraid to smile and have a bit of fun. 

And, in conclusion… 


Anon asked: ‘hey, what are your thoughts on harry styles? 👀

“He’s a great kid!”

Seriously though, didn’t really know much about Harry Styles before ‘Dunkirk’, so it’s been great fun discovering his music, personality and style. And meeting some of his lovely fans on tumblr, IG and Twitter —thank you so much for your support and interest in Cillian too.

How incredible is it that “doing a Harry Styles” is now a thing?! That term is now being used to describe other musicians moving into acting. Can’t wait for the release of ‘Dunkirk’ (126 days!) and for Cillian,Tom Hardy, Harry and the rest of the cast in interviews, on the red carpet and on the big screen. It’ll be fantastic.