I think the kind of landscape that you grew up in, it lives with you. I don’t think it’s true of people who’ve grown up in cities so much; you may love a building, but I don’t think that you can love it in the way that you love a tree or a river or the colour of the earth; it’s a different kind of love.
—  Arundhati Roy

Song Stories: Kasabian, ‘You’re In Love With a Psycho’

Japan has always held a special place in our hearts, really from the first time we had a show there. … We just had such an amazing response there, and we’re just such fans of the culture,“ MCR guitarist Ray Toro explained. "And then all of the fans we met out there, they’re just so polite and there’s just a really great energy over there. And we’ve been back there many times and have a really strong connection.

"And I think we were in London, we were watching the BBC, seeing these events unfold, and as more and more time went by, the gravity of the situation really struck everybody; it just was getting worse and worse,” he continued. “And we talked about something that we could do, and at first we were thinking about writing a new song to raise money for charity. And on Twitter, something we had seen was #SINGitforjapan, and it was kids starting this Twitter feed, writing messages of hope. And that really inspired us, and we just set to work, and after a couple weeks, we were able to pull this thing together.