150310 Seo Chulgoo interview part 2/2

Hipple: I’m only saying this because Hyosool isn’t here, he once said “I really thought Seo Chulgoo isn’t talented…didn’t know he’d turn out being this good”

Seo Chulgoo: At that time I had a beef with New Title. But that time Hyosool sided with New Title. (laughs) isn’t new title a crew, so like no matter how many flies gather together, they’re a crew so it wasn’t a lonely fight for them. But I didn’t have a crew, and nobody around me to support me, I felt very lonely. At that period I was close with Ollti, Hyosool and Bflow, we adored each other alot. Hyosool hyung surprisingly sided with them… so I felt sad. Hyosool hyung did his calculations. Between a jerk with no talents and a big shot crew…(everyone laughs)

(interrupts) Hyosool: Wait, this is politics. I was trying to resolve the dispute.. I’m always a pacifist. Peace out

Hipple: Street Shit’s pedigree continues from JJK, Sool J, Huckleberry P and now even to Ollti and Seo Chulgoo. How does Seo Chulgoo think of Olltii?

Seo Chulgoo: It’s something like this. Not just Ollti but everyone has an artist that they respected(?), and we’ll get nervous infront of them. To me, that’s Ollti. Expectedly, he get nervous doing freestyle especially infront of Huck P hyung. He said he’s not like this now, but anyway compared to usual, when infront of Huck P hyung, Ollti performed less skillfully. Also, it’s the same for me when I do freestyle infront of Ollti. Of course now I don’t get nervous and all. I thought about a suitable comparism for this and it’s like if you watch martial arts, doesn’t matter if it’s the antagonist or the villain, there are people who get acknowledged by their kungfu, in the other hand there are also the top experts who don’t care about the ordinary world out there and travel around alone, but if they suddenly appears, they can beat everyone. That’s Ollti. I’m just one of those people in it that’s good, but can’t win the top experts who have no interest in the ordinary world out there.

Hipple: You’re a character that gained attention for your freestyle and battles. Production making might slightly seem like a different field for you. Don’t you have any burdens regarding that?

Seo Chulgoo: The burden has always been so big to me. It’s because I actually don’t have much talent musically. Honestly, I just like writing and have no musical talent. So, I did alot of speculations regarding that. It’s also the reason why I haven’t release anything so far. Honestly I think I rap well. Doing freestyle, I have all the outstanding technical points in my mind already, and I can show them any time. But taking all those strengths and making a song or making an album out of it is a whole different class. In every community, they say ‘Seo Chulgoo can do nothing except freestyle’, I wanted to rebut that no matter what, and the burden to do that is very heavy.  This time, although I can’t say my attempt to rebut has succeeded, I have always been thinking about that. Thoughts that I have to show something musically.

Hipple: Actually there are some skeptical opinions towards freestyle. Everyone would want to be spit impressive pure like Ollti and Seo Chulgoo, but for example alot of the pure freestyle gives secondhand embarassment to people. So if you reach out to it musically, people might think “why? Is it necessary?”. What do you think of the fundamental worth of this content, called Freestyle?

Seo Chulgoo: I think that the content has it’s worth. Also, I think that Ollti and I are not a special case. Because even though in the cypher it’s still not finished yet, there are still many who are good at freestyle. Putting aside what you said earlier about the sloppiness of it’s appearance, those people came here to rap, putting aside hiphop, they worked so hard at doing freestyle so they’re good at rapping. So, Ollti and I are not a special case. The reason why people see Ollti as a special case is that he absorbs things very quick, and improves the most in a short period of time, just like i said, I didn’t have any musical talent, when I first came out on cypher, like what hyosool hyung who is beside me said, it is understandable that he once said I have no talents. Anyway there is only one reason how I became Jeon Gookgu. Practice. When you see other people do freestyle, you think 'that’s just because they are born with quick reflexes, and good sense’, this is funny, but it’s all practice. I, too, try to find alot of rhymes on usual days, even if I just happen to pass by, if I see a signboard, my friends and I compete to see who’s the quickest  to find the rhyme for it, even finding rhymes for the subway stations etc, I keep searching for rhymes without stopping. The beat, is created by trial-and-error while doing freestyle, in the end all these I end up digesting them into being mine. Doing freestyle purely, I digested them until I’m able to remember them, it’s not just making something from nothing. It’s not spitting rhythm that I’ve never thought of suddenly when doing freestyle, it’s because now the flow is like this, the word now, this rhyme, beat, rhythm, I thought it’d be fun so it comes out naturally. Also, the saying that there is no musical worth for freestyle, instead of that, I think there is merely just a lack of supply and demand. It is just that there is no market worth for it, I think that it has an unlimited musical worth. I want to make a mixtape consisting of just pure freestyle in the future. With the other freestyle MCs. Although the energy might be totally different from those albums that are produced musically. Like Jazz, there is an energy that people get from that. The same as pure freestyle, people will feel a bigger energy.

Hipple: Rappers like Huckleberry P and JJK started from freestyle MCs and then to artists that produce albums, they showed a good example of growth. Seems like it’ll give a big influence.

Seo Chulgoo: Both of them are MCs that I respect a lot. In my case, I did get influenced by JJK hyung who is in the same crew as me. Huck P hyung-nim too, I think he’s brilliant as a freestyle MC and a rapper. But I think JJK hyung is nearer to where I want to get inspired from. I look at a lot of lyrics as I like writing, in [도착] and [비공식적 기록2], and especially  [고결한 충돌] which got released recently, while listening to them I thought 'Ah, it’s not far’. It doesn’t have to beat the people in foreign countries, I somehow came to the realisation that the person that I have to look up to is just beside me.

Hipple: Without realising, we’ve been talking alot about the things other than your album. Let’s talk about the album. I heard it’s an album that you made in just a month, was there any motivation that made you finish it so fast?

Seo Chulgoo: I don’t think so. I make a lot of mixtapes, but I covered all of them up. It’s always like that. Even if I prepare everything well, if I happen to listen to a song I like, my confidence drops and I’ll be like 'Ah, I’m just a trash I’m nothing compared to this..“. I end up burying those songs I made and try preparing to make new ones. Then I listen to some other song and I bury mine again..I covered up the songs like this for around 4 times, then finally I’ll find what I really want to do, and also my style, so there is an album I’m working on now, it’s called 탕자.
As I haven’t release anything for a long time, it’s a given that I also don’t receive feedbacks from people. I only release content as a freestyle MC so Soriheda’s Time Arrow was like a challenge for me. The beat itself is very strong, and the feeling of the rhythm and vibe is so strong so I thought like "Will I be able to reinterpret this song again in my own style? Will I be able to pull this off?” I see it as a challenge like that. It wasn’t even like Soriheda-nim gave me a mission or anything, I was being like this by myself. (laughs)

Hipple: How was Soriheda’s reaction?

Seo Chulgoo: Actually, at first, I just kept proceeding with it without telling him. Because I was worried that even this might be buried again. (laughs) so I purposely didn’t tell him. I asked a hyung in the crew to do the Mix/Master, but the crew said why not ask Soriheda-nim to do it, so only after that I decided to tell Soriheda. He looked like he really like it. However, I don’t know how he will react now since the product became like this now. Anyway, since I am reinterpreting his beat, so he helped me a lot.

Hipple: There are reactions saying that it’s beyond your capabilities to want to pull off all the beats in the 18 tracks, and also negative comments saying that the flow was too dull. What do you think of this?

Seo Chulgoo: Well….I was like 'Oh..I see".  It was a fun challenge for me so when I see reactions like that, instead of going 'These people that have bad music taste!’, I think 'Ah so it’s possible that some people can listen to it this way’, and I will be determined to do better next time. Because I really like it (the album) personally (laughs)

Hipple: Think about it oppositely, it can be seen as the most devoted album among all mixtapes. The rap might be very restricted as the original tracks of Soriheda has no ups and downs and are very brief.

Seo Chulgoo: I wanted to say this. Actually, I didn’t rearrange the songs, I only rapped on the songs that have been mastered. So it seemed like the beat was stronger. Also, I tried matching the lyrics to the beat, and I reciprocrated the variations that are in each respective songs, (laughs). There were times I didn’t know how am I going to make the flow happen. It’s a pretty devoted mixtape. Nowadays, there are EPs, albums, and singles, but I didn’t feel satisfied enough with this, so I thought if it’s not even an EP then mixtape. However, I really worked on this like a rap filled mixtape. Recently the standard of mixtape is going up, even Swings hyung’s #1 mixtape is counted a mixtape so… (laughs) if comparing mine with those, it’s a given that I’ll get criticised.

Hipple: The luxurious variations unexpectedly sure have felt like an obstacle to you (laughs)

Seo Chulgoo: It’s not like it’s just spitting out 4 words and then stop, sometimes after 4 words come out then 3 words.. and the variation suddenly comes out. it’s fun but there are times in the process where it was difficult.

Hipple: 'Follow, let’s go swim. to reach the water surface, the mermen sell their voices, and overlook the process, only cares about the result, the 4 verses can fuck off, please let’s just go to the hook right away’
This is a good punchline. It looks like it’s talking about the 'Hook business’

Seo Chulgoo: Those MCs that go swimming, by following beenzino… It’s a punchline that uses that situation simply, the words that I want to say couldn’t have gone deeper than that. There are MCs that copy those who are doing well really obviously., even I listen to Beenzino’s songs and practice, and tried to imitate him. It seems like hiphop is slowly going all in into those melody line with hook that is nice to listen to. Of course as music, it’d good to listen to, but if that’s no different than gayo, personally I think it sucks. Those bullshit that is made only to be listened to easily. Also, there are lyrics that say 'the process can fuck off, only the results matter’??, just like what it means, if following the logic of 'I got first place on the charts, I do well in the music market.’, there is no reason to do rap to be honest. What’s so important? You can just go make a hook song.

Hipple: Anyway it can be an album that will disappoint the people who anticipated a production that’s ended. Even to Seo Chulgoo, it’s an uncompleted task.

Seo Chulgoo: I don’t have a production that’s ended, and I’m also not a completed artist. I have a lot of music colours that I want to try. One of the strengths of freestyle is that you can use any beat you want to. It’s because during cypher, if you choose the beats, alot of people bring their own beats, and the beats differ with everyone. There are also people who bring trap, and some who bring strong Boom Bap. So you just happen to rap with different beats, and as doing that, there are a lot of things that i’d want to try. This is also the reason why I call this mixtape a challenge. My personal motto this year is to be dynamic, so I want to try alot of different things and receive constructive criticisms. I want to find out what matches me the most. Either I show something that’s completed and show I’m an artist like this, or I keep flying light punches, and while doing it I find out the position of the celiac plexus and then (laughs) hit it hard…sometimes I get confused with both. First, the thing that I want to do is punch.

Hipple: As a genre musician, the walking (the slow steps to success?) is pretty important. Which musician does Seo Chulgoo think has the most ideal career right now?

Seo Chulgoo: I think it’s Swings hyung. He’s the closest to my ideal picture. I think honestly I’m not the type that will receive a lot of love from the people. I know that already, and I’m going to continue getting cursed at, and hearing people telling me I suck…but I think Swings hyung is the ideal career because although he is really good at rapping, there are some incidents that happened to him too, but he really pushed those away like a bulldozer. He’s a different rapper last year and this year, and also every year. Doesn’t matter what kind of curses he get, I think it’s cool how he prove himself as a musician through rapping again. Personally I’ve never met him, so I’m not really sure how he’s like really.

Hipple: Can you introduce your plans that you’re preparing after this?

Seo Chulgoo: I’m preparing a lot of different things…the only exact thing that I can tell is that because I’m trying to be dynamic, there will be another mixtape coming out. Also, in the album 탕자 that I was preparing , there are a few songs that came out quite well, so I’m working on releasing them as a single.


julibellule asked:

Hi! This is our last question for the BOTM ;-( Hope it was fun ;-) So, question : What does shipping Doctor/Rose brings to your everyday life? An important lesson it taught you? The best and the worst thing in being a Doctor/Rose shipper? Thank you so much, take care!

It was definitely a lot of fun! And apologies for the late reply, I was finishing up a fic, hehe. ; )  

What does shipping Doctor/Rose brings to your everyday life? 

Wow, what a question! Well, there’s the wonderful tumblr community, of course. And then there’s rewatching my favorite episodes, reading fanfiction as well as DW novels, and adding to my collection of merch, haha. If I didn’t ship the Doctor with Rose I wouldn’t have driven up to Philadelphia for 7 hours to wait in lines to meet David Tennant, Billie Piper and YOU! And finally, the big one for me, writing fanfiction! That has consumed my everyday life - and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

An important lesson it taught you?

Ooh, wow. Hm. This might be a simple answer, but perhaps that fantastic writing and superb casting can make all the difference in a television show? 

In all seriousness though, the love that the Doctor and Rose have in my book is unparalleled. I’m hard pressed to find two characters that are more inspiring than them. Sure, plenty of characters on the show have faced the nigh impossible and won out. But how many of them have fought the odds, depression, and loss for the sake of true love? In the very least their case is the one I find myself returning to day after day because it keeps me going and it reminds me to never give up. True love does exist, and anyone can find it. Yes, it’s fiction, so you can take all this with a grain of salt. But Russel T Davies had to get his examples from somewhere, right? : )

The best and the worst thing in being a Doctor/Rose shipper?

The worst? I mean, I might say defending our ship. But everyone has their own ship. But if I’m being wholly honest, and maybe this isn’t directly related, but it certainly hurts me… it’s a tie between when people are horrible to one another in the name of really any Doctor Who characters as well as when I find people reposting the hard work of our wonderful creators (essentially stealing it). That breaks my heart. But let’s end on a positive note!

Perhaps tying for second place in the best would be the first time I experienced the Doctor and Rose, and meeting Billie Piper and David Tennant. 

But the absolute best?

I’m a part of a fantastic community!

100% the truth, right there. : )