It’s pretty much like a normal mom. They wake me up and we fix breakfast together and the breakfast flies all over the place! And then we go out to the park and we swing, we try to do a lot of activities because my little Leonore, she has lots of energy, so we have to keep her stimulated and busy. 

My husband Chris really likes the evenings, when it’s bath time and that whole routine of putting them to bed. I think because my mom and father, of course, were so devoted to their work and as King and Queen, they have lots of obligations, so they were away quite a bit when we were small. But when they were home, they were very present and I feel that I want to give my children as much as I can.

For me to blend in a little bit of my personal life [on social media] and to show who I am and who my family is, is important.

—  Princess Madeleine talking about her family life in an exclusive interview with People Magazine. 

Jack Falahee is figuring out fame on How to Get Away with Murder 

By common consensus, Jack ­Falahee has the world at his feet. One of the young stars of the ­stylish OSN First HD drama How to Get Away With Murder – yet another drama from the ­Shonda Rhimes television hit factory that includes Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and The Catch – the 27 year-old American has struck such a chord with his ­depiction of ruthless but alluring law ­student Connor Walsh, there is even fan fiction delving deeper into his story.

And yet, when I meet him in London just ­before the start of season three, which begins tonight on OSN First HD, he seems nervous, unsure even. A world away, indeed, from his character.

“Connor is aggressively ­confident, arrogantly so at times, and I’m not at all,” says ­Falahee, fiddling with the chain around his neck. “So I really ­enjoy ­being able to slip into the skin of someone who is so sure of ­himself, every day. It’s helped me a lot in my personal life. So yeah, I’ve learnt a lot from ­playing ­Connor.”

It’s not the kind of admission we’re used to hearing from young Hollywood stars – but perhaps that’s what makes ­Falahee so interesting. He’s clearly thought deeply about his ­character – a legal intern who, over two seasons, has buried a body, driven someone accused of insider trading to suicide, slept with a person of interest in a case and much more.

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Cover Girl act 2 ~The Inami Anju you didn’t know about~ Part 3/4

Inami Anju Interview ③ My own life serves as inspiration for my acting

In the second entry of our “Cover Girl” series, we are featuring Inami Anju-san who is known for her role as Takami Chika in “Love Live! Sunshine!!”. In the third part of our interview today, we asked about her private life. 

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It was as if I were going to get a job at the NSA, the level of secrecy that surrounded the new role of Castiel. They did not reveal to agents or actors who were auditioning for the role that the character was going to be an angel, and it wasn’t until I did my first take of the character that Eric Kripke said, “That was pretty good, but the truth is it’s an angel, not a demon, so can you just switch it up?” So all of the preparation that I had done for the character went out the window. I think I went blank. I didn’t even know what to do, and that’s what audiences are still seeing today as Castiel.


It’s an interesting thing about shooting in network television, where there just isn’t time to spend three weeks in rehearsal on each episode. We really have to do stuff on the fly and so it forces you to learn how to make decisions quickly, and in my case, about fifteen percent of those decisions are good. I think that’s a pretty stellar success rate… I only flop a significant majority of the time. 

–Misha Collins


Idris Elba on the cover of Interview Magazine - August 2016 (X)

“Whatever its constituent parts-talent, sure; charisma, definitely—the combined quality Hollywood moguls and gossip columnists used to refer to as “it”-ness (as in, “So-and-so has it”) remains ineffable, mysterious, almost occult in its indescribableness. Whatever “it” is, Idris Elba has it in droves. Enough to fill a room, a movie, a long-running series, a planet probably.”