RK Moments

I made a request the other day for ppl’s favorite RK Moments.  I got same great responses and there was a consistency that I anticipated but it confirmed my thoughts and the point I wanted to convey.

Quick thank you for those that sent in art to coincide with your moments…

These moments are not posted in chronological order but rather whether the moment was in conjunction with The Twilight Saga or not.

KIngs of Leon

RK bubble alive and well in Madrid (poor Taylor, odd man out)

Hollywood Handprint Ceremony

Breaking Dawn Part 2 LA premiere

Tokyo Fan Event

Other events during Twilight either in promotion or while filming:

  • Kristen saying that Rob gave her a guitar
  • Rome premiere
  • Walking on the tarmac in Paris holding hands
  • Rob saying he could fall for Kristen in RL
  • Rob knowing that Kristen was listening to Jenny Lewis
  • Vanity Fair 2008 Cover shoot
  • Harper’s Bizaar Interview
  • Rob giving K a mini motorcycle in BC
  • ComicCon moments…oh so many

Moments outside of Twilight:

  • Cannes 2012
  • Pictures of RK at Rob’s cousins wedding
  • Pix in 2012 from their backyard
  • WFE Premiere
  • Rob & K caught kissing in Montreal
  • Coachella 

Here’s my point, I might be able to add a few other moments in the outside of Twilight promo, but I know I could add a dozen more to the during Twilight Promo…

The truth is the majority of our favorite moments came while they were promoting The Twilight Saga or during filming.  If we had not had 5 films worth of promo we would not have near the moments that we all cling to.  I’m not saying this is a bad thing, just this is a fact.

There were several moments that occurred outside of filming and promotion that we were NEVER meant to see.  

  • The intimate moments between them on the balcony at Cannes
  • Kissing outside the hotel in Montreal
  • Coachella
  • The wedding pix
  • The backyard pictures

We have been given a wealth of insight into their relationship.  I say an unprecedented insight, one that I don’t think can be truly compared to any other costar/couple.  I think Sam & Cait in Outlander may be on their way, but give them a few more years and we’ll see.

So when ppl boohoo saying that they miss ROBSTEN….

(side note: I still despise the term Robsten.  I have never liked it and it probably makes me throw-up in my mouth just a little bit every time I see it and write it.  But it was a term around long before I joined in on this little juggernaut and might very well out live my membership…sigh…But just know I’m never going to use this term on an ongoing basis and I roll my eyes at those of you that continue to use it.)  

It’s not actually Robsten you miss but Twilight Promotion.  That’s when we got so much good stuff.  Rob and Kristen had to be together promoting the films and they are shitty at hiding their true feelings.  As Kristen says about Rob, he can’t lie.  

And to the ppl that want to crow about what we haven’t gotten in the last 2 years and that this proves something…REALLY?  Look how little we got to begin with.  And this was during a time when they were under a microscope.

Now that the media and much of the world thinks they are no longer a couple, why do the lack of pictures surprise you?  We KNOW they were a couple throughout most of the Twilight Saga and we got a fraction of good “real life” moments.  

Truly the only RL moments were the backyard pictures, the kissing in Montreal, Coachella, and a lot of convenience store runs in early 2013.

Everything else good we got in conjunction to work events, like Cannes.

So ppl that think RK can’t keep private what they want so dearly to keep private are deluding themselves.

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