I think people focus on the fact that the music is kind of depressing. I guess I just feel like people assume they know what I’m like more than they really do, based on the music. They think I’m sad all the time. I think people just kind of… It’s a hard thing to do: to step out of your body and critique themselves. I think I’m sad sometimes. I think everybody’s sad sometimes, and just because of the music, they assume it’s just all the time. I think I just go through phases at times when I am able to socialize and do whatever with everybody and feel pretty good about the world, sometimes it feels like you just want to retreat. I think that’s common to a lot of other people.
—  Conor Oberst discussing a common misconception people have about him via Independent Ethos

Mac Miller tell YOU why YOU should come out to the Macadelic tour.

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Hi, the videos to the gifs tagged: 'kjy: interviewq', please.

Ohhhh… ah anything with ‘q’ at the end is stuff I had reblogged for my queue, so I wouldn’t know all of the videos. I do know some of the posts include the video in the post. Sorry couldn’t be more help ;;;