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Dear person I like 😏

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Dear person I like,

I like you. Like… a lot. It’s really ridiculous. Sometimes you’re not nice, but most of the time you make me laugh so its ok. I wish shit wasn’t so complicated or confusing, but it is so… Whatever. Just… I like you, you asshole. Now, just… Let me love you. Or at least let me be your friend… If that’s what you want. I guess…

Andys session interviewing russle brand

Today we did a little bit role-play as my friend had to pretend to be Russell brand while had to interview him.

Originally i was also supposed to be Katie Perry but our other group partner Charlotte had to leave for a interview. 
So i had to quickly think of some questions along with Sam.
when we first started the interview i was a little nervous so at the beginning i started with a bit of stutter,but after the first things seconds i felt fine and continued the interview,
i really enjoyed it this time,normally i don’t because i don’t like the sound of my voice when it is recorded but doing this interview was actually very fun and look forward to more practice interviews in the future.

Andy's session 25/04/14

Andy’s session 25/04/14


In today’s lesson I was the interviewee and the person I was pretending to be was Dave Grohl and I was interviewed by Adam Seregi.  I had to answer a series of questions about his life and his career and how I got the answers was by researching about him. I found the research by looking online on forums and YouTube videos of when he has been interviewed before and I also had personal research as I am a big fan of Dave Grohl and his band the foo fighters.  I think that the interview went really well I didn’t feel nervous at all and I felt I had enough knowledge of the person I was being that when I was asked the questions I added to the answers I had wrote down just to add to the info given out. I felt that the interviewer Adam done a good job he introduced it well and asked some really good questions and it was fun to be back in the studio.