interview: 10asia

Any words of encouragement or criticism, to yourselves?

Hyuk: Hyuk-ah, contact your parents and family often.
Everyone: (Nodding)
Hyuk : Why are you all agreeing? Heu heu. Even if it’s awkward, let’s show our affections to the people around us and to our family.
Ravi: Yeah, make a habit of calling, you have to.
Hongbin: Change our names in your phone contacts list first

*Hyuk labeled vixx members as hyung 1, hyung 2, hyung 3, hyung 4, hyung 5 in his phone

cr.: original article 10asia
Translated by Hazel @

Dear Hwanhee, it took quite a long time but you’ve worked hard and done well. I’m proud of you. Work harder and let’s get to the top!
—  Lee Hwanhee, Up10tion

10Asia often asks idols to give a message to their younger selves I think. This was Hwanhee’s. A lot of these messages mention hard work and getting better.
source. Translation credit to Hwannies @up10tionintl