Stars of ‘Bomb Girls’ Ali Liebert & Michael Seater on 'The Rush’:
Stars from Global TV’s hit show 'Bomb Gilrs’ Ali Liebert & Michael Seater join us to dish on season 2 and what’s coming up for their characters 'Betty’ and 'Ivan’ at the Victory Munitions factory and their growing on-screen romance! They also offer some lessons in, um, burping.


“[Ivan Buchinsky’s] working at the factory as an engineer. He is not able to go to war because he has asthma. But that doesn’t mean he’s not taking advantage of the situation ‘cause there’s not a lot of guys left at home and there’s lots of ladies, so he kinda has his pick.

"Ivan is a ladies man with a heart of gold. You know serial monogamous. Like those guys that always have girlfriends. They’re not players, just easy to get along with…what makes him a ladies man is he likes snazzy clothes. He always has a sweet vest and a sharp tie. And I know for a fact, wardrobe says that Ivan has the most expensive shoes on the show, so that’s pretty awesome. So, I don’t think he saves. I think he likes to spend money on looking good and buying drinks for the ladies at the Jewel Box. New set this year. Totally cool!”


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