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Instyle April 2008  page_118

Your name is very grow-up. 

“It sounds like a fart in a bath,does’t it? The Americans love it.I get a lot of, ‘Your name is crazy’. I used to get called Cumbi a lot, which I didn’t like, but then Robert Carlyle told me that Cumbies are feared Glaswegian gangsters. So I warmed to it.” 

A lot of the characters you play are very brainy. How clever are you? 
“It’s flattering to be asked to play intelligent people, although I can’t cast myself in the same light as Stephen Hawking, I’m clever enough to know that I’m not that clever.”

You play Scarlett Johansson’s husband in The Other Boleyn Girl. How was it? 
“My friends think it’s a joke that I should be so lucky. But we had to film a sex scene where my character is very in experienced, so they’re mildly comforted that at least I was playing a bad lover.” 

Are you enjoying the more glamorous side of your job? 
“Well, it’s really thrilling being on the red carpet, althouge completely nerve-racking. I’m not particularly good in large crowds.  All those bright lights can feel a bit daunting.” 

Do you enjoying getting all togged up? 
“I wore an Armani tuxedo for the Atonement premiere in London. I have never worn something that smart before and it felt amazing. I really felt like somebody.”

Away from the glitz, where will we find you? 
“Unpacking. My girlfriend and I have just moved into a new flat, so it’s chaos. I’ve even got my old school socks on [complete with his name tag sewn on the inside] as they were the only ones I could find.”

You went to Harrow. How did you find boarding school? 
“I loved it. It was like having a family of little brothers. Saying that, I’d never send my son to boarding school unless it was mixed-sex. Ite gave me absolutely no experience of girls, which made them seem quite frightening.”

Who were your pin-ups? 
“Kate Moss was all the rage in our dorm. Helena Christensen as well. I thought she was the bee’s knees. We used to flick through glossy magazines and cut out all the pictures of women we fancied.”

 What’s sexy on a woman? 

“Not that much make-up and an attitude that shines through any style sense.”

What were you in to when growing up? 
“I got quite obesessed by the film Cool Hand Luke, which put me on to Paul Newman. I became a massive fan after that. I love that era.” 

Where do you shop for clothes these days? 
“I really like American Apparel. Their stuff is for people who are conscious of ethically made clothes and I like the simplicity. They cover the essentials so well.”

How much thought goes into your outfits? 
“I ride my white Vespa GT 125 around town, which slightly limits what you can wear. You don’t want to be doing 60mph on the Westway in an expensive suit.”

If you were’t an actor, you’d be… 
“A barrister. I thought it would be a good way to train my brain. But, like acting, it’s oversubscribed. You’re not going to get much of a look-in unless you blow them away with a double first.” 

SHOES   “I live in my Converse All Star trainers. It’s quite hard on your body if you’re clomping about in hard shoes all day.”

 MUSIC   “I’ve been listening to the soundtrack to the film Birth [Alexandre Desplat, New Line Records]. If you’re feeling blue, listen to this. It makes you feel as if there are flowers coming out of the cracks in the pavements.”

 DRINK  “I love a glass of red wine at home, but when I’m out, I’ll probably drink a Jack Daniel’s and ginger.” 

KEYS   “I can’t stop feeling my new house keys. It sounds bizarre, but I like having them in my pocket.” 

When asked about his sex appeal, Cumberbatch gets a nervous look on his face. “I look at photographs, the ones that people ask me to sign sometimes, and think, ‘What are people seeing?’ I have had this face for 35 years. I’m never going to change it. But I wouldn’t desire me. I can see beauty in other men. Ryan Gosling? F- - k. George Clooney? Wow. But you can see the enigma in those kind of faces. But I can’t see it in myself at all.”
—  Holmes at last by Margy Rochlin [x]
Things I learned from listening to Peter’s Culture Show interview

Things we learned from the Culture Show interview

1. Peter still watches the show with his daughter - but he hides behind the sofa to avoid his ‘terrible acting’

2. It was Peter’s idea to play the Doctor Who theme in The Magician’s Apprentice

3. Tom Baker sent him an autograph ‘from old Tom to young Peter’