SDCC is the best time of the year because we get many interviews, trailers, photos and iconic moments (when you’re multifandom you spend days watching all of this) but it’s also the worst time of the year if you’re like me and you can’t go there.

NHL!Bitty, Part XII -  ‘A Stanley Cup Wedding’

The Schooners win game seven and dethrone the defending champion Falconers to claim Seattle’s first national title. 

Eric was definitely not expecting Jack to propose immediately after losing.

(A rework of the ‘Game 7 PVD vs SEA’ prompt that totally retcons some NHL!Bitty stuff, so timeline-wise: the Falconers took the cup Eric’s second year with the Schooners. The Schooners win the following season.)

NHL!Bitty Masterpost

Game Seven. Third period. Eric’s running on adrenaline, blue Gatorade, and rage.

Jack and the rest of the Falconers first line are racing to catch up, but Eric is ‘criminally fast’ (thank you ESPN for the lovely descriptor), and it’s almost too easy to whip the puck to Carter and wait for the siren.

Snowy can’t stop it. The Schooners will win in regulation. 

For a brief, terrifying moment, Eric sees Morin’s breakaway as the death knell of his relationship. He has flashes of Freshman year and he thinks ‘Jack is going to hate me’.

Eric closes his eyes and waits.

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better ways to meet

tired of bumping into each other in the coffee shop? try these:

  • muse a tries to stand up for muse b in a bar but unfortunately cannot fight for shit. 
  • muse a is having plumbing troubles in their new house and muse b says they can fix it: except they can’t, they just wanted to spend more time with the cute neighbor. (bonus if muse a has to spend the night at muse b’s place because of it)
  • muse a works somewhere that’s open late and muse b comes in to take shelter from the storm. 
  • muse a is assigned to be muse b’s partner in an undercover assignment. 
  • muse a needs money and signs up to be in muse b’s clinical trials. (bonus if some kind of accident gives muse a superpowers and unwittingly makes muse b their accomplice in their goals)
  • muse b is a siren and muse a is one of the few people immune to their song, so after drowning the rest of the crew the two are stuck together. 
  • muse b accidentally creates muse a, the world’s very first AI. (Can work with or without a body for muse a, or muse b can struggle to build a body for muse a)
  • muse a and muse b as Olympic athletes forced to do PR together, photo shoots, interviews, cheese montages. 
  • muse b is an anent for a time travel protection agency and has been assigned to protect muse a after they have been targeted by another time traveler. 
  • muse b is in love with muse a, but muse doesn’t love them back. At some point the two have a one night stand and makes matters more complex (via rachel). 

YOI x Yuri!!! on STAGE Event Clear Files, Brochure, & Lightstick

Original Release Date:
April 29th, 2017

Featured Characters (16 Total):
Makkachin, Viktor, Yuuri, Yuri, Otabek, Christophe, Emil, Georgi, Guang Hong, JJ, Leo, Michele, Minami, Nishigori, Phichit, Seung Gil

(To see the lightstick in action, check out this post!)

Exclusively sold at the April event, the clear files split up the characters in the main visual (Seen in the sixth photo above). Nishigori even makes a rare appearance as his seiyuu, Fukuyama Jun, attended the event!

The brochure is really beautiful, with interviews and great photo sets of all the male seiyuu other than Hosoya Yoshimasa (Otabek) and Miyano Mamoru (JJ), who did not attend the event. I mainly took shots of the main trio (Toyonaga Toshiyuki, Uchiyama Kouki, Suwabe Junichi) and Kubo’s pages for this post, but I also wanted to highlight Hatano Wataru (Georgi)’s page, because as the YOI ED singer as well, his photos and autograph are all quite funny XD

Leo & Guang Hong’s seiyuu, Toki Shunichi and Honjou Yuutaro, also got cute photos together!

More from the Yuri!!! on STAGE event!


Sirius Building (Tao Gofers, 1975-80)
Sydney, Australia

I’ve been given the oppotunity to visit this building with its architect, Tao Gofers, who is currently fighting alongside a group of resistant people to save Sirius for residents + calling for it to be added to the New South Wales Heritage Register, as advised by Heritage Council experts.

Inside pictures are from the entrance hall, and from one of the last two occupied flats, where Myra Demetriou, a nice old lady who received us, currently lives.
On her window, a red sign sends an SOS to the world every night.

You can sign an online petition to help Tao and his friends save Sirius. You can also watch a short explanation by Tao Gofers. And there also this great video by SBS Viceland, which contains an interview with Myra.

Photos © Damien Gosset (2017)

The bond between Yuzuru and Shoma

Hero’s Special 170402

So, as opposed to the usual media angle of Shoma vs Yuzu, Hero’s has decided to put together a program about their relationship, as seen from behind the scenes footage. Most of the articles/reports are now focusing on the relationship between Yuzu and Shoma instead of the previous angle of rivals, because this time they had the shared role of Japan’s representatives as opposed to being individual skaters.

Shoma: Right now, when I’m practicing, my motivation is the desire to achieve the ability to win over Yuzu-kun. That’s the only motivation and, in order to continue growing, I would like to continue forward without changing this feeling.

Yuzu: I’ve often been told that I’m in a position of being chased by others but, if you think about it, just like how we found out with this SP, there are still many people I have to chase after. After all, after the SP the one who was standing in first place was Javier, and the one who was third was Patrick. Of course, the young skater Uno…Uno-san…U-Uno-san? *frowns at himself and laughs* Uno-senshuu** too (was in the top 3). There are many things that I don’t have, so in a manner of speaking, everything is to me, something/someone to chase after.  

In which we get a behind the scenes look at the bond between Yuzu and Shoma (as viewed by the Japanese media)

Full translation including video narration under the cut.

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The fact that Kim Seokjin is a son of a rich CEO, and yet have never mentioned it the past 4 years, never bragged about it, persuaded his dream of becoming an actor, studied and graduated and now taking master, used his allowance to buy food for the other members (and bought them food at hotels), went trough thick and thin with BigHit and really started from the bottom to the top with BTS without any shortcut, really just show how humble and hard-working Jin is.

G-Dragon: When we first debuted, we released a lot of singles. If we re-released it now, people will think they’re new songs because there’s a lot of people who didn’t know them…These days, when rookies debut and top the charts, people call it a ‘successful debut,’ but when we were rookies, it wasn’t that kind of system. We started from the bottom. We tried many things. We came out with 1 single per month and performed them, to the point camera directors were feeling sorry for us. They told us, 'You guys must be struggling,’ I remember. Back then, we were poor-looking.

TaeyangWe were 'hungry’ [for success]. We didn’t care about anything else.

G-Dragon: We would get up in the morning, and if there was no schedule, go to lessons, clean the apartment, and sleep. We did almost all variety shows. We went to all performance stages. We would make choreography, write music, record them, and do concerts. It really wasn’t easy.

TaeyangBefore, I would go and do interviews and take photos at different media companies…Thank you for coming all the way here for us; sorry and thank you. Even if we lacked in some ways, hope you can understand. Please be careful of the cold.

He’s a good boy.

They don’t make a big deal out of bringing Chase home. It doesn’t sit too well with Kent, as one of the sports world’s biggest animal lovers. But he knows how the general public reacts to something like this, and he needs some time to get adjusted before having to answer questions about his new service dog.

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