Teasers for 7x20 from Sasha and Marlene’s EW interview;-

Spencer is the one being attacked by Mary, it’s not twincer (the 1 year jump changes things.)

There will be a shooting in the finale

And there will be at least ½ masks in play!

The chances of Toby being A.D. are very slim.

Apparently the last 10 episodes give away who A.D. is.

A.D. is interwoven with the reveal of Charlotte as A.

How the mom’s got out of the basement will be discussed.

The A.D. reveal is ‘twisted’ and ‘intriguing’ and a whole other level of ‘surprise.’

The person who is A.D. asked Marlene not to tell anyone they were A.D. to prevent the scenes being off.

Sasha found out by ‘asking the right questions’ and the ‘why’ of A.D. was ’brilliant.’

the person who is A.D. knew ahead of time, to ensure their ‘performance’ was on point.

the classroom scene had to be ‘reshot, because we weren’t sure how we could fit it in’

when they shot the original classroom scene they did not know who ‘he’ actually was.

7x19′s ending is being treat as ‘closure’ for the characters and 7x20 will start with a ‘fresh start’

‘melissa’s’ metal rod from her suitcase will be linked, but not to charlotte’s murder. marlene says there have been others trying to find out A.D.’s identity and we will find out more about that in the finale.

Toby has apparently changed the most after the 1 year time jump in the finale.

Confirmation Mona pushed Charlotte off the bell tower and staged her body.

A wedding/ weddings are in the first hour of the finale.

Shooting was difficult because the PLL’s ‘were saying goodbye to one of their characters.’

The show will end with a ‘full circle moment’ where ‘even though the show ends, the world will continue.’ ‘The mythology will run on, even though the show is finished.’ (Spinoff????)

First of all, Bellamy and Clarke have always been at the center of this show. It has always been the story of — on some level — Clarke and her relationship to Bellamy. And whether they were going to survive or not depended on how well those two human beings worked together — whether romantic or otherwise. I try not to take a position on it. I think it’s ultimately kind of a Rorschach test for people: any interpretation is right, there’s no right and wrong. Until we commit canonically to it, you’re free to interpret it any way you want.

JRoth’s EW Interview 

I have been saying this for years. Vindication is real and it is mine. (Also, peep JRoth saying “until we commit” and not “if we commit”.

Neither Michael, my husband and co-author, nor I ever wanted to be teaching anything, or at least be caught doing it. Animorphs was a sugary snack that turned out to be full of vitamins, but we wanted it first and foremost to be fun. The more philosophical or educational elements were in service to the story, not the other way around. Goals number one, two, and three were to have readers snapping through the pages and forgetting to breathe. And way down around goal No. 4 was “Hey, let’s consider the nature of consciousness.
—  K.A. Applegate in an EW interview looking back at 20 years of the Animorphs series 
Once Upon a Time's Ginnifer Goodwin on Snow and Charming's 'bittersweet' goodbye

Snow White and Prince Charming got their happy ending after all.

During Once Upon a Time‘s season finale, the future looked grim for everyone. The Black Fairy had unleashed a curse that separated a now memory-wiped Emma (Jennifer Morrison) from her family, who were sent back to the Enchanted Forest as the realms began to crumble at Emma’s lack of belief in fairy tale characters.

As the curse overtook the Enchanted Forest, Charming (Josh Dallas) nearly died climbing back down a beanstalk with Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), but Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) found him and — in a scene echoing their true love’s kiss from the pilot — was able to revive him with a smooch.

Ultimately, Rumple (Robert Carlyle) killed the Black Fairy, while Emma sacrificed herself to prevent Gideon from turning dark. Echoing the climax of the season 1 finale, Henry’s kiss resurrected Emma, and the storybook ended, making the heroes realize they get their happily ever after. For Snow and Charming that meant living in Storybrooke, with Snow back to teaching and her family all together. Even though the heroes are missing in action when an adult Henry’s (Andrew J. West) daughter Lucy (Alison Fernandez) tracks him down 10 years in the future, for now, the Charmings have their happy ending.

The finale comes in the wake of the news that Goodwin, along with Dallas, Morrison, Emilie de Ravin, Jared Gilmore and Rebecca Mader, will not be returning to Once Upon a Time as series regulars next season. In an email interview, Goodwin exclusively tells EW about the impetus behind her — and real-life husband Dallas’ — exit.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What came with the decision to leave Once Upon a Time?
GINNIFER GOODWIN: What came with the bittersweet decision to give these characters a happy ending — and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for that — is room for a new story to grow and flourish as Snow and Charming’s did.

What was that conversation like with Josh when you guys were deciding this would be your final season?
“Hey, let’s call Eddy and Adam to talk about where our very special arc is headed.” — Ginny
“What a wonderful notion, Ginny. You have EXTRAORDINARY ideas! And have I told you lately that you’re ALWAYS right?” — Josh

How do you feel about how the story ends for Snow and Charming?
Selfishly, I’m pleased as punch. They got exactly what they wanted: dramatic, epic love balanced with normalcy (Snow’s word) and the space to indulge in both. Actually, it’s not an “end.” The final chapter of this story line is a continuation… which is kind of Snow’s own point in the finale.

Would you return in the future — either next season or for whatever ends up being the series finale?
In keeping with the aforementioned continuation-as-happy-ending, OF COURSE I (and we) will be back. It’s merely time for ONCE to focus on something new because ONCE does “new” extremely well.

When you look back at your time playing Snow, is there anything in particular you’re proud of, a moment that will stick with you?
I’m most proud of taking the job in the first place. That pilot was so refreshing and inventive and not-done, which could have been a recipe for disaster. But I took the plunge and was rewarded immeasurably. And as for moments, everything about “Snow Falls,” in which the Charmings fell in love, will stick with me. And I won’t ever forget sitting on a Neverland log with Emma, who found herself by admitting to herself that she was a Lost Boy. I also won’t let go of the scene in which Regina first ripped out Mary Margaret’s heart and then put the thing back in again, all while standing at Regina’s front door.

Do you have any regrets? Anything you wish you had done differently? Anything you’re glad to give up?
I wish I hadn’t been so hard on myself when I had trouble concentrating at work after having my first baby and learning what it is to be up all night… forever. As for wishing I had made different ACTING choices: Oh yes, all the time, and that’ll probably never change.

How do you think Snow has changed over the years?
I think she let more and more of Mary Margaret in.

How do you think you’ve grown and changed during the run of the show?
I’ve learned and learned and learned as an actress and teammate. And, I mean, look at my life! Over the run of this show, I met Prince Charming, fell in love, got married, and had two babies. It doesn’t get better than that.

How did it feel returning to the pilot in many ways, shooting Snow and Charming’s true love’s kiss, but in reverse?
Since I’m so nostalgic about the pilot, it was a gift. And in true ONCEfashion, the narrative was twisty-turny, which was invigorating and fun. And after that many episodes, “fun” is an exception to the general rule.

What’s next for you?
I’m performing in the play Constellations at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles. It’s one of, if not THE, most challenging, demanding role I’ve ever tackled and I’m doing it live, so I’m shaking in my freaking boots, which is AWESOME. I’m completely infatuated with the writing. I adore everyone involved — ridiculously talented Allen Leech costars — I try not to fangirl out over the Downton of it all— and I’m director-crushing on Giovanna Sardelli. I’d been obsessing over a homesickness for theatre when this came into my life (which is all very ONCE UPON A TIME.)

What would you like to say to the fans who have followed you on this journey?
Thank you.



Entertainment Weekly Spotlight Stage  ²⁰¹⁶
↠ Cast’s Hidden Talents
Iain:  ❝ I’ve never showed you guys this. I could do really huge sums in my head very quickly. 

The idea was Michael comes back and he’s apparently got a normal life, but with that comes a creeping paranoia that things can’t stay good like this. Unfortunately, that’s not on screen, but the idea that he’s always going to be looking over his shoulder. There was a scripted page where they said, “Michael, you can stop looking over your shoulder now, you’re free,” but then he looks over his shoulder and you can see the whole world out there and all the people in the park and everything, and any one of them might be a threat and you realize that a man like this could never go back to a normal life, but again that didn’t end up happening exactly how we wanted it so this is what we got on film. I think it still emotionally lands them in a good spot, and hopefully the audience gets the subtext that life will never be normal for Michael Scofield.
—  Paul Scheuring, on alternate ending.
Suitors at a job Interview

With all my interviews and such… I decided a little humor was in order.

Byron: “I’ve run a country since I was 16, and conquered two others.”

Interviewer: “Can you change the toner in a copier?”

Byron: “A what now?”
Interviewer: “Why should we hire you?”

Nico: “I take really short bathroom breaks.”
Interviewer: “Have you ever been accused of sexual harassment at work?”

Giles: “Next question please.”
Albert: “I have a great resume as you can see.”

Interviewer: “Your resume says, ‘King Byron Fanboy Club President,’ and ‘Benjamin Bunny Caretaker.’”

Interviewer: “Please tell us about something stressful at work and how you dealt with it.”

Robert: “I once let a country fall into ruin. I left to travel the world…. that sounds bad doesn’t it? It didn’t sound that bad in my head…”
Interviewer: “Can you explain what you do at your current job-”

Leo: “As little as possible.”
Interviewer: “Can you describe your current job?”

Sid: “I drink and I know things.”
Interviewer: “Sir, why are you wearing a suit of armor?”

Alyn: “I like to be prepared.”

Interviewer: “This is a job interview for a bakery shop.”

Alyn: “Have you ever had a three day old roll thrown at you? I thought not.” *pulls down helmet*
Interviewer: “How do you feel about teamwork?”

Rayvis: “Ew.”
Interviewer: “Do you have any special skills?”

Louis: “I’m pretty.”

Interviewer: “Hired.”

There’s two lines in the sand that I’ve drawn for Arrow for myself,” Guggenheim says. “I can’t speak for Greg [Berlanti] or for Wendy [Mericle], but for as long as I’m involved with the show, the two things I never want to do is kill off Thea [Willa Holland] and put Felicity in a mask and a costume.
'American Gods' Explores Gay Sex: Bryan Fuller, Cast Break Down 'Beautiful' Scene
Yes, this video had to be censored

I promise to stop posting about this scene.


But seriously, this 10 minute interview, hosted by an EW reporter and National Treasure Orlando Jones is so worth the time. Features Omid Abtahi and Mousa Kraish (fully dressed, yes) talking with the reporter, Jones, and Fuller about That Scene. 

The interview, entirely unintentionally, makes you realize how much heavy lifting can be done by costuming and also makes you wonder how they managed to make Abtahi look the way he does in scene. The clothing he wore in scene – visibly too large for him – did a lot of work to hide his body and make him look smaller. It’s kind of baffling how they managed to make him look the way he did when he was mostly naked. You see him in the interview and realize: that guy is built. (Also, he’s wearing a shirt that’s a size too small. But still. Built.)

It’s also very nice to be able to see Mousa Kraish’s face. He has eyes! Really! Very nice ones! Not just flaming spheres in his eye sockets!

And it turns out this is a weekly interview series! People associated with this show are doing serious heavy promotion.

Anyway, worth your time to watch. Seriously. 

How Fitzsimmons can heal each other

So if they can get over this hump, it seems like there might be a happy ending in their future. But there’s still a lot in the mix, a lot of hurt feelings and a lot of pain. Whether or not they’re the ones who can help each other is a question we’ll have to answer next year…” Jed Whedon X

So before the finale aired, Jed said that both of Fitzsimmons are in a lot of pain, and we would find out next year if they will be the ones who are able to help each other recover. But then in this post-finale interview with EW, Jed says this about Fitz and Jemma:

If he’s ever going to get over it, she’s the only one who can help him. X

So in other words - yes. Jed has pretty much confirmed here that Fitz and Jemma are the only people who can help each other. And I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’ve realised that he’s absolutely right. And it is giving me a lot of hope. Let me explain. Under the cut for length:

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WONDER WOMAN Director Knows Where She Wants a Sequel to Take Place

After Wonder Woman stormed the box office to a heroic $100.5 million debut, it seems all but likely that a sequel will follow. Nothing official has yet been announced, but director Patty Jenkins is ready to take up the shield and lasso once more.

The 45-year old filmmaker is already thinking ahead to what a second Wonder Woman film might look like. She can’t give away many story details, but does say it would be set in America. “The story will take place in the U.S., which I think is right,” she said back in April in an interview with EW. “She’s Wonder Woman. She’s got to come to America. It’s time.”

Warner Bros. declined to comment on its future plans for the franchise, but considering this film’s strong reception from fans and critics alike, betting on the director for a sequel would be the smartest approach. And if that call comes, Jenkins is game to return, having formed a tight bond with Gadot and the filmmaking team behind the movie.

“I’m not a big obligation person when it comes to art. You want to do a movie like this because you believe in it,” she said. “Then I had this revelation in the middle of the night: this is your dream cast, you’ve created a character that you love and you can say anything you want in the world right now.”

Jenkins added, “Then I realized that Wonder Woman 2 is its own great movie. I made Wonder Woman. Now I want to make Wonder Woman 2. It’s a beautiful story to tell, an important time to tell it and with people that I love.”

Wynonna Earp boss on what's next for WynHaught

Did you have an idea for the order in which everybody found out about this pregnancy as you were breaking this episode, or did you always kind of know it would be Nicole first?

I liked it being Nicole first because people are really interested in their relationship. And if that’s your jam, there’s some delicious stuff coming down the line. They didn’t have problems with each other and really liked and respected each other, but their relationship really changed once Wynonna found out that Nicole and Waverly were dating. Those natural, protective, older sister feelings came up, so she was looking at Nicole through a different lens. The other truth is that Nicole is a cop, and Wynonna doesn’t always have the best history with law and authority. So as much as she likes Nicole, they’re just different people. The fact that Nicole was so understanding about it was so critical. We’re going to see those two cover new ground together because of the pregnancy and just reconcile their feelings for one another and that they care about Waverly.

Melanie Scrofano has just been on fire this entire season, but that final scene was so incredibly heartbreaking.

I just want us to start the Emmy campaign for Melanie Scrofano. The scene at the end, with Dominique. That girl blows my mind. It’s so incredible and genuine. It was so moving. You could even see it on Dominique’s face, who’s also so wonderful in the scene. She was just looking at Mel/Wynonna with so much admiration for what she’s doing. Mel felt all of that. It’s the beginning of a lot of exceptional performances this year.

whole EW intervie
'Blade Runner 2049' Comes To Life In Exclusive New Footage
This Sunday marks the 35th anniversary of Blade Runner, the iconic sci-fi noir from director Ridley Scott. What better way to celebrate — and help ramp up our anticipation for the upcoming sequel —…

The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long - and you have burned so very, very brightly.