interview the neighbor

In January 2010, Reich decided to use voice recordings related to the September 11 attacks, specifically recordings from the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and the New York City Fire Department (FDNY), as well as parts of interviews with friends and neighbors of Reich that lived in Manhattan at the time of the attacks. Reich’s son, daughter-in law, and granddaughter were staying in Reich’s apartment, four blocks from the World Trade Center, at the time of the attacks.

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I’m off to NewTinyTown (I’m working on a good name for tinytown, I promise). 

I’ve already been called and Facebook friended by the town’s self-proclaimed social coordinator, who would like to hold a reception for me at her house. She has offered to find me a place to get my hair done and tell me the town secrets. I also have three newspaper interviews (in NewTinyTown and 2 neighboring small towns) lined up for the week. 

This week will be all about introducing me to the office and its procedures and policies, and meeting the town. Did I mention I’m horrible at meeting new people and at public speaking? 

Onward to seeing patients the next week. 


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