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2015 MTV Movie Awards

Best On-Screen Duo

  • Bradley Cooper & Vin Diesel – Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Zac Efron & Dave Franco – Neighbors
  • James Franco & Seth Rogen – The Interview
  • Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill – 22 Jump Street
  • Shailene Woodley & Ansel Elgort – The Fault in Our Stars

Tommy Wiseau ends a lengthy chat about his new sitcom by calling our interviewer a prick. We caught up with Wiseau (director of cult hit The Room) after a New York screening of his sitcom pilot The Neighbors and it went…. well?

AVC: The Room goes to such extremes. There’s an extreme drug scene and there’s an extreme scene with all the fights. This pilot was kind of the same way.

TW: I want to present that different relationship, like you have a black, you have a Chinese, you have a pregnant, you have this, you have that, et cetera.

AVC: There’s a gay character, too.

TW: Yeah, there’s Don. Actually he’s bisexual. And you see, that’s the society way of right now. Let’s say we talk about 10 years ago, people would not accept it very openly. Because you talk about Chinese, you know, rednecks, and all this crap. We live in America, one of the good things what we have with all the people is we have dialogue. So that’s my message a little bit, you know? So, don’t be a redneck, don’t be this, but you know what? We have that. So I’m contradicting myself right now because this eventually will get better. As a whole, you know what I’m saying?

AVC: Were you thinking about racial diversity when you were casting?

TW: Yeah, absolutely. We were very discriminatory about who can actually present a certain way, America, a person who maybe didn’t have so much acting experience, but you can feel the commitment. You can feel the sincerity. And that’s what I like with actors, you know? You may have actors who make 20 million dollars, but it doesn’t mean that they can deliver what I want them to, you know what I’m saying?

AVC: What part of America is represented by the women who are in bikinis the whole time?

TW: Okay, I will tell you that. Very simple. What about Venice Beach, Los Angeles? We have some neighbors who actually go to certain extremes. I used to live in New Orleans, actually, I know a dozen people like that. Certain people like that who are very open, they’re yelling, and they’re talking, you know?

AVC: What made you decide to play two characters?

TW: Challenge. One actor doing two characters. And I had the support from my team.

AVC: Why is now a good time for you to bring The Neighbors out?

TW: Why is the sky is blue? Two reasons. One of the reasons is the fans of The Room, they always ask me and I promised them. And number two I think it’s a funny show and I think people should see it and I think it could be the best TV show. The question is, does ABC or CBS say, “Hey, we can work with you,” okay? And you know, Steve, I don’t have to explain to you politics in entertainment. So we’re very optimistic and we do have an audience, as you know. Every show is sold out, almost 1,800 people will show up. So I’m very happy.

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