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Tegan and Sara Interview The Guardian Facebook Live - Tegan and Sara Foundation

Charlie Rose: You’re thirty…what, seven?
Sara: Thirty-five. Jeez! Is this the lightning in here?
Tegan: I’m thirty-five, Sara’s thirty-seven. It was a long two years for my mom!

It never, ever gets old. Like these two. Seriously, they don’t age. And they’re beautiful. So, so, so beautiful!

Happy 36th Birthday Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Kiersten Quin!!

And Happy Quin Day to all of you!

  • RollingStone: I suppose it's a pretty complex relationship when you need to make business decisions and artistic decisions with your twin sister.
  • Sara: Weirdly, I'm not sure that I could do this with another person who wasn't my sibling. There's an unconditional sort of primal connection that I have to Tegan. It's sort of schizophrenic; sometimes I feel like I'm in a band with me twice. Like, I feel like Tegan is another external me and I'm in a band with her and I trust her implicitly and I feel like she couldn't hurt me or take from me in the way that any normal person probably could.

Tegan and Sara Interview for MTVAsia - Who’s Tegan, who’s Sara?