interview with sidewalks

  • Interviewer: Are you nervous?
  • Alex: He’s just ready to go, look at him.
  • Miles: Put me on there now! Can I perform for you right now on this table?
  • Alex: Zig-Zag Wanderer.
  • Miles: I am the Arnold Schwarzenegger of rock & roll.
  • Alex: He’s the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the whammy bar.
  • -The Last Shadow Puppets Sidewalk Hustle Interview, March 11, 2016

[Info from photo]: 22 Jun 1956, Manhattan, New York, New York, USA — Actress Marilyn Monroe hugs playwright Arthur Miller as an unidentified reporter looks on, during their sidewalk interview in front of her apartment building here, June 22nd.  She hugged him so hard that the Lanky playwright had to tell her to stop “or I’ll fall over.” They denied reports that they would wed June 23rd, and said that their marriage would take place “Sometime in July before the 13th.”  "We are still arranging the time and the place,“ Miller Said.

Pro-lifers are mostly concerned with women having sex.

Yesterday, a pro-life bill in Ohio made it out of committee on its way to a vote in the House and Senate.  If it became law, doctors would face a fifth-degree felony for performing abortions after the first heartbeat is detected, which is sometimes six weeks after fertilization.  Many women don’t even know they’re pregnant at six weeks, but under the new law, they wouldn’t be able to terminate their pregnancy if a doctor could find a heartbeat.

At six weeks, the fetus is about the size of a lentil.  It can’t feel anything.  It doesn’t have lungs or intestines.  Instead of arms and legs, it has nubs.  Instead of eyes, a nose, or a mouth, it has dark “spots.”

That’s not a baby.  That’s a clump of cells.  The state of Ohio would like to make it a crime to terminate that clump of cells under the guise of protecting the life of the baby, but it’s really about regulating the sex lives of women.

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