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Kylux - Boxer AU

Up-and-coming boxer Kylo Ren is at the top of his game when an enigmatic "business man" decidedly takes an interest in him.


Herizen Guardiola for Interview Magazine

“I’ve never been starstruck by the lights and the cameras — I just knew that I was born to be a part of it,” she says. Guardiola’s first love is singing. Her dad, Juan Carlos, a reggae artist (stage name: Johnny Dread), and mom, Venice Pink, a yogi and nutritionist, surrounded their daughter with music: a lot of classic rock, reggae, classical, and Latin music—“like, a lot of Celia Cruz.” But the inspiration for her own music comes from another source: Peter Pan. “I still feel like I have a part of Neverland inside me,” she says. “I still believe in magic.”

You can’t drop news like “hey! next week you’ll get a 10 pages interview+ exclusive pics from the set of Dunkirk!” AND “70′s British rock! Harry’s first single is incredible and would be a smash in any decade!” IN THE SPAN OF 30 MINUTES I’M LITERALLY GOING TO PASS OUT HAVE MERCY