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Once Upon a (Morning) Time with Jennifer Morrison

#UpWiththeSkimm #SkimmLife

Name: @jenmorrisonlive
Job: Actor and director

What time do you get up? Between 4-6am depending on my call time.

How many times do you snooze? Zero.

What are three things you can’t live without in the AM? My coffee, my vinyl, and my notebook.

If you could have magic IRL, you pick? This one is tough. I’ve become conditioned to believe ‘magic comes with a price’

What’s your idea of a fairytale Fri night? A NYC adventure is always a fairytale for me… see a great play, eat a great meal, and then wander enough to sample cocktails in good company.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve had to do on set? I chased a magical turquoise gym shoe for an entire episode.

Favorite line from theSkimm recently? “Current life status: Holding it together with one bobby pin"

Complete the sentence: Woke up like this: Anxious that I missed my alarm.


“Moana doesn’t have a love interest because this movie is about a journey — a physical one across hundreds and hundreds of miles of ocean, but also an emotional one of Moana finding herself. She doesn’t need a man or love interest to find herself.”- Auli’i Cravalho for Seventeen Magazine

Shoma’s Quadruple 2017+Plus Interview

Interview conducted in January 2017, published in Quadruple 2017+Plus magazine in February 2017.

“A 19 Year-Old’s Ideal and Pride”

A new era of men’s singles skating has arrived—the competition heats to astronomical levels as the amount and type of quadruple jumps swells.
Uno Shoma has not changed his stance on wanting to be competitive in artistry—continuing to devote himself fully in that area.
With his perseverance as a source of strength, this 19 year-old is carving his own path.
Working towards his ideal level of skating—this national champion is always giving his all.

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This is all the information I gathered so far from interviews, BTS pics, videos, etc.

1. Aria goes rouge because of the game. Which starts about 7x15.
2. Somebody gets arrested and is seen holding hands with another person under the table.
3. Wren (presumably) is aiming a gun at someone.
4. Aria attacks Sydney. (Already happened)
5. Melissa returns in 7x20 and has a scene with a Spencer at the stables.
6. Toby and Spencer has a scene of them hugging at the stables in 7x20.
7. The girls will be arrested in 7x18 and will probably be released in the beginning of 7x19.
8. There’s a scene of Aria sobbing in 7x16.
9. Aria finds a body in the trunk in 7x19.
10. 3 characters will die.
11. Ezria’s wedding is in 7x20. (Ian was wearing a wedding ring and Lucy was wearing a wedding dress)
12. There will be another wedding before 7x20. So in total we’ll see two weddings. One small one and one big one.
13. AD will be revealed in the beginning of the finale.
14. Wren has a part in the final twist.
15. CeCe will be in the finale.
16. The Nicole storyline will be resolved by 7x15.
17. Paige will be gone by 7x15.
18. There will be group scenes in 7x20.
19. Ezra will probably get knocked out and kidnapped (assuming) by AD.
20. Wren will return in 7x15.
21. Caleb will end up in the hospital because of some steam that was sprayed in his face. (Already happened)
22. Holden will be in 7x12 also. (Already happened)
23. Spencer will be interrogated.
24. One liar in the finale will leave rosewood for a short time.
25. There’s an emotional scene between Aria and Byron in the finale.
26. Dianne will be in the finale.
27. Jason’s last episode was 7x18. (Assuming since apparently he deleted the picture when they filmed that episode)
28. Alison will have twin baby girls.
29. The final scene of the show is with the 5 Liars.
30. Several people from the cast says that people will be satisfied with the ending. But Shay said some might be disappointed.
31. There will be an HBO level sex scene between ezria in the finale.
32. Ezra and Wren will have a scene with each other in 7x15.
33. Ezria will have their wedding in a church.
34. Alison won’t be in every episode of 7B
35. AD has not been confirmed yet if it’s a guy or girl.
36. The finale will have a full circle moment.
37. There will be a time jump that’s 1 year. 38. There will be a group scene that involves a bomb fire presumably in the time jump.

39. There will be a bachelorette party. For Ezria.