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better ways to meet

tired of bumping into each other in the coffee shop? try these:

  • muse a tries to stand up for muse b in a bar but unfortunately cannot fight for shit. 
  • muse a is having plumbing troubles in their new house and muse b says they can fix it: except they can’t, they just wanted to spend more time with the cute neighbor. (bonus if muse a has to spend the night at muse b’s place because of it)
  • muse a works somewhere that’s open late and muse b comes in to take shelter from the storm. 
  • muse a is assigned to be muse b’s partner in an undercover assignment. 
  • muse a needs money and signs up to be in muse b’s clinical trials. (bonus if some kind of accident gives muse a superpowers and unwittingly makes muse b their accomplice in their goals)
  • muse b is a siren and muse a is one of the few people immune to their song, so after drowning the rest of the crew the two are stuck together. 
  • muse b accidentally creates muse a, the world’s very first AI. (Can work with or without a body for muse a, or muse b can struggle to build a body for muse a)
  • muse a and muse b as Olympic athletes forced to do PR together, photo shoots, interviews, cheese montages. 
  • muse b is an anent for a time travel protection agency and has been assigned to protect muse a after they have been targeted by another time traveler. 
  • muse b is in love with muse a, but muse doesn’t love them back. At some point the two have a one night stand and makes matters more complex (via rachel). 

Lana Del Rey photographed by Sean + Seng on November 21, 2011, for the February 2012 issue of Interview Russia, as well as Interview Germany magazine.

Is That My Shirt? (E.D) Part 1

Summary: You’re the twins assistant, and while they were in Jersey visiting their family and friends, you were back in LA handling all the business stuff. What you didn’t know was they were coming home earlier than planned, so maybe dancing around half naked in their apartment wasn’t such a great idea. Or was it?

Word Count: 1,571

Warnings: None.

A/N: This was all @ddolanss idea, I’m just writing it lol. Hopefully I did it justice! Lemme know what you guys think! <3 

There will be a part 2 to this ;) …

* * The twins are 19 in this. * * 

Reader’s POV

I was just a normal girl attending college here in LA at UCLA. Struggling to balance keeping up with my classes, and a shitty full time job as a waitress. It was stressful, but I needed to pay for tuition somehow. I was on Facetime with my parents one day, and they ended up telling me about this pretty cool job that they’ve heard about through one of their friends. Turns out their friend was a cousin of some guy who happens to be a security guard for some twins called The Dolan Twins, and apparently they were pretty big YouTubers. My parents told me their manager was looking for a personal assistant for them, and I guess my parents friend must’ve put in a few good words, because next thing I knew I was contacted by the boys manager. 

Now here I am! 

A year later, and I was finishing up my last year in college. I was no longer a waitress. Instead I was a personal assistant to two of the coolest dudes ever! Not to mention the hottest guys I’ve ever met! Ethan and Grayson Dolan, also known as The Dolan Twins. I remember when I first met them, I had a hard time believing they were only 19. They looked like they were around my age, either 23 or somewhere in their early 20s. They were the hottest and fittest 19 year olds I’ve ever met. Especially Ethan. But I knew that I needed to keep things professional, so I immediately pushed all the dirty, kinky thoughts right out of my head.

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bethgrop2010 replied to your post “What’s your take on Nicholas and his DUI and arrests? Honestly I would…”

Which group photo do you mean? The one with all of them together that I’ve seen has him in it. Unless that’s his brother

You do know that there is this thing called photoshop right?The fact that he’s in the photo doesn’t mean he was physically there for the photoshoot. Just watch the video on youtube and you’ll see. Wait, I’ll make it easier for you.

Screenshots from the actual photoshoot:

No Nicholas in sight.

Then (or maybe before this) he made his own photo shoot:

And the final product, magic! He’s there!