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YOLO era: (mv)

Pops in Seoul

Let’s Dance

OBS Music&Movie Interview part1  part2  part3 

Idol School ep14 & ep16 (showcase + dorms)  

KAN ON Madtown Cut 

After School Club

New World era: (mv)

Secret Box

Let’s Dance

The Show interview or here 

The Show Artist of the Week 

Yaman TV 

After School Club

Music ON TV ep1  ep2

Let’s go! Dream Team II:

Vault Jump (Jota)

High Jump (Leegeon, Jota, Heojun)

Snow Race (Jota)

Men’s 10:100 Super Flag Race

Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Special (Jota)

MadSubs also does a lot of translations (youtube) (tumblr)