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Jonathan Groff stars in the new Netflix series Mindhunter as an FBI agent and criminal profiler. He spoke with Terry Gross about his roles in Hamilton, Glee, and Looking.

On joining Hamilton at the last minute and singing “You’ll Be Back,” in which King George III refuses to let go of the colonies

“It’s this idea that [Lin-Manuel Miranda] had that King George would sing the equivalent of kind of a break-up song. … I had no real rehearsal. I rehearsed for about a day, and then went into the show. And so when I went into the show, I had no British accent. … It was like I was doing the high school play. I just had no sense of character. I just came out in the costume and sang the song and walked offstage.

And through the course of the first month it was kind of like a rehearsal process in front of the audience, which was really awesome and really interesting. But it was a testament to the material that even without any sort of sense of what I was doing in those initial weeks, you could come out there and the song just kills, because the song is so great.”

anonymous asked:

If u don't use ot4 or ot5 to denote whether something was before or after Zayn left or whether a gif/photo contains all 5 boys vs 4 because it was after March 2015, then what do you use for tagging?? Or like, if it was up to u what would u want everyone to tag things as?

Oh, it’s much deeper than tagging.  It’s really the issue of the fandom either A) not thinking critically at all, or B) being hypocritical about what they apply logic to.  It’s also about people, no matter what they think happened (Zayn’s leaving wasn’t fishy vs. Zayn’s leaving being super fucking fishy), being willing to immediately believe the worst about someone they should already know the true good character of.

In more specific terms, it’s about the fandom buying everything the media and the narrative says about Zayn without valuing logic and the things Zayn says from his own mouth more.  It’s about fans willfully interpreting everything related to Zayn as negative, deciding they have a grudge against him because of those perceived “slights”, and then erasing and demonizing him in equal measure.

To state a surprising truth, there isn’t a single person in this fandom that believes everything the narrative says about One Direction.  They probably think they do, but they don’t.  I’ve seen people who constantly mock the idea of a narrative or a constructed media image and yet they still push back when the boys are said to be dating someone that’s not confirmed, said to have been rude, said to be doing odd things (sheep placenta facials anyone?), said to have a bad relationship with each other, said to be violent or on drugs, etc.  

The thing is, people THINK they believe everything is simple and truthful, but at a basic level, they have their own beliefs about who the boys are based on what they’ve seen in interviews.  If those conflict with what they’re told, they scoff at what’s being fed to them.

This is fact and yet a large chunk of the fandom had very little problem turning around and believing everything bad the media said about Zayn, even when the things he himself said and did were so different from that.  

“so grateful” and “loved what we did as a boyband”

“I don’t think I woulda done anything different”

“there was no contingency” and “my band’s been really supportive, they’ve been really cool about it”

“it was nice to look back at the memories we shared together” and “ok, you’re saying that” (this requires tone interpretation, but his tone is “don’t agree, yeah, ok, whatever, shut up” rather than “I agree with you and I’m being coy about it”)

“you don’t want to feel that you’re being lied to, not that I was lying, it’s just that them songs didn’t really fit my style of singing, so I wasn’t really 100% confident in the way that I was singing back then”

What Zayn said in person didn’t at all match up with the headlines the newspapers kept running and the words they kept putting in his mouth.

A specific example is this whole thing that people believe Harry and Zayn have a problem when NEITHER. HARRY. NOR. ZAYN. EVER. SAID. A. BAD. WORD. OR. SHOWED, SIGNS. OF. TENSION.  

I can understand believing Louis and Zayn fought a little bit more (even though evidence suggests the Twitter fight was all a planned show), but the only things that ever happened with Harry and Zayn were some BS news articles with no source and Harry making a few jokes about the unnecessary tension and glee the interviewers had when talking about Zayn.

Up until the very last show Zayn was at, he and Harry were acting normal and close. Even after Zayn’s last show, Harry was right there with the other boys in leaving space for Zayn on stage.  Even after THAT, Harry was involved in things that referenced Zayn in a positive way.

(When a fan showed Harry this picture of Zayn in concert)

There is NO basis for believing there’s an issue between Zayn and Harry, yet the fandom believes it because it’s what the press has said.  They apparently want to believe it since there’s been little to no pushback.

This is my problem with group A.

My problem with group B is all of that plus they DO know how to see everything I’m pointing out; they know and they choose not to bother with it if it doesn’t apply to Harry and Louis.  That’s even worse.  There’s no way to miss what’s going on since it’s entangled with the other boys.  It’s even harder to miss since there’s a good core of bloggers here that always gather evidence, do the hard legwork, and make posts about it.  

With the ability to reason, there should only be 2 divisions in fandom: those who believe the narrative no questions asked and those who don’t.  Instead, there are those who believe the narrative no questions asked, those who believe it about some and not others, and those who question and examine everything.

“OT4″ and “all 4 boys” are heavily associated with the erasure of Zayn from the band- even the pre-March 25 band-, the degradation of Zayn’s character, failures of logic, gross hypocrisy, and the diminishment of the amazing bond OT5 share.  

I understand and acknowledge that not all people using it have those intentions or participate in those actions (which is why it doesn’t bother me as much when people I follow and know have good intentions use it), but so many do that it leaves a terrible taste in my mouth every time I see it.  Zayn’s career prospects, personal desires, name, and reputation have been so unfairly and so badly abused that the injustice of it makes me furious. Anything connected to it makes me furious and that’s why “OT4″ and “all 4 boys” has that affect on me.

It’s not something I’m expecting everyone would use, but @paynoisbatman uses “zayn’s boys” when there are 4, or “liam’s boys” if Liam’s the one missing, etc.  It’s a great way of showing that the missing member is still important and is still part of the love all 5 share.  When it comes to “all 4 boys”, you simply have to drop the “all”.  It might take a tiny bit more typing, but it’s worth it to represent the situation accurately and honor the contributions of and bond between all 5.

But for someone coming off of YouTube, that’s kind of a sound that YouTube fans like–stripped down. So many videos are just a guy playing guitar in his room.

I think what’s cool about that is that there’s an immediacy [to the performance]. I put a lot of Disney covers online a long time ago. I just did them in one take; I didn’t think people would see them. There are some mistakes here and there. That’s always why I prefer performing live and why I’ve been so delayed on making an EP–I’m such a little perfectionist. I always tell people, “Just come see me live. I’d rather you come see me live.” When you start recording, you get in your head, “Ah, no, I want to fix that,” and you can’t fix that, so that’s why it took so long for me.

Well, I think the Disney covers are great.

Those covers, I have my personal opinion about them, but I’m not going to invalidate the way people feel about them. [Laughs]

Darren Criss, Entertainment Weekly, July 30, 2010 [x]
Leading Ladies, Cassidy Janson, Amber Riley and Beverley Knight, talk to Hello! at the Savoy.
New super-group Leading Ladies, Cassidy Janson, Amber Riley and Beverley Knight, talked live to Hello! at the Savoy. 18.9.17

Promotion has begun for the November album release from Cassidy Janson, Amber Riley, and Beverley Knight. Since all 3 are leading ladies on the West End stage, they have been nicknamed Leading Ladies. This interview took place before they took the stage to debut some of the songs that will be on that album.

Glee Cast on Ellen (3.12.15)

Glee Cast on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Warner Bros. Studios (3.12.15)- Burbank, CA 

Before they sing their final melody, LEA MICHELE, CHRIS COLFER, JENNA USHKOWITZ, CHORD OVERSTREET & DARREN CRISS are coming by to discuss the final episodes of “Glee” with Ellen!

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imjustkyian IG post NOVEMBER 18, 2016

Glee’s Darren Criss on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight: Interview

Hollywood Today Live 2016 24 Aug 2016

cg fuse interview 20 June 2017 released after Queen concert

Darren Criss on American Crime Story and Third Annual Elsie Fest | Elvis Duran Show 3 Aug 2017

Having just read @chrisdarebashfulsmiles post X I was reminded that I had this in my drafts where I’d been trying to put together a compliation of Darren’s tics, twitches and swallows during times he was asked an lgbt, chr/s related question or had to talk about TP.  I am sure there are many more examples, but here is a small compliation.  I have linked the videos if anyone wants to watch these interviews again. To me it is quite clear how he reacts to stressful situations.  He has eye tics, shoulder and neck twitches as well as swallowing.   Body language is defined as the conscious and unconscious movements and postures by which attitudes and feelings are communicated.  Anyone watching can see that his body language is telling its own story to the what he’s actually saying.   You just need to watch.  Remember these movements are uncontrolled and purely a reaction to the situation and conversation he was in at the time. 

1. Stage door at Hedwig LA 2016 -twitches start in earnest once the word husband is mentioned at 0.5s, as does his babbling of ‘Mazel tov’ and ‘holy shit’. Watch his shoulders, mouth and eyes.

2. The now famous 2012 interview during Glee when he was asked who he had to come out as a straight man to - very clear shoulders and neck twitches and swallows (3.29).

3. Hollywood today 2016 when he was told that during Glee he was dating Chris Colfer (1.45s). That swallow /lip pursing was right after he was asked that.

4. CG fuse interview recorded 20 June 2017, but released later, on the same day that a tweet occured that Darren and Chris had spoken at a Queen concert the night before.  The whole interview again is a mix of tics/swallows, but the above gif where he talks about being a straight dude and his role as Blaine shows quite clearly how uncomfotable he was (59s).  Also I’m sure there was footage that could not be used due to his tics, which is why there are so many text shots during that video.  So if what we see of him are the bits they could use I really wonder how bad the bits they cut were and how severely stressed he was during that interview.

5. Recent Elvis interview 3 Aug 2017 when he dropped in the story (5.08 onwards) regarding the singalong and ‘let it go’.  He’s more relaxed as Elvis is a friend so it’s not as obvious, but it’s there - watch his eye and neck especially in the above gif. 

I’ve been in this fandom 2 years and I’m sure there are more, please feel free to add any you have to this post. 

Finally remember what Darren said during that CG Fuse interview.

“What I can find are the common denominators of what it is to feel scared, what it feels to be marginalized. And I will carry that torch until the day I die.”

Those are not the words of someone who is living the charmed PR straight life we are shown, those are the words of a man who understands having to put other peoples interests before his own constantly and who has empathy with marginalized groups, because he knows exactly how they feel.