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hey everyone! the trans portrait gallery website is up! it’s a collection of portraits i’ve done and am continuing to do of trans and nonbinary people, as well as excerpts from interviews with those people. please feel free to check the posts out; a lot of the subjects of the portraits had really beautiful and insightful things to say about their lives and their transitions. 

thank you so much to everyone who has shared their stories and allowed me to draw them. it’s been a wonderful and humbling experience hearing from all of you. 

much love,


BLT Voice Girls 30 Saitou Shuka Interview Excerpt - Saitou Shuka’s Ideal Type

By the way, what’s your ideal type?

First of all, it’s not that surprising, but he must be an interesting person! It would be great if he was a guy who could also make me smile whenever we’re together. Also, I think it would be pleasant if I could feel relieved just because we’re together. Someone who senses what is wrong without needing for me to say anything when I’m going through difficult times. I would be happy if I could get that, and if he were to be going through difficult times, I would also want to show concern for him as well.

Saitou Shuka answers the question of what her ideal type is! I don’t actually have the magazine, but someone shared this to me and I thought that this part especially would be pretty highly sought after information. 

Richard Ramirez Interview Excerpt
Richard Ramirez Interview Excerpt

“I believe in the, in the evil in human nature. This is a wicked, wicked world, and in a wicked world wicked people are born. I’m not gonna blame society, my race, or people, or anything. It is up to the individual like myself to keep on knocking on whatever door they want to get into. As far as Satan is concerned, I believe in a malevolent being whose description eludes me, but I have felt powers that are evil.”


Persona 20th anniversary things! The magazine has sections for each game in the series (including spin offs), interviews, exclusive artwork, and excerpts from the p3 and p5 manga. It came with the file and reversible poster. I got the stickers and keychain separately.

Excerpts from interview with Johan “Shellback” Schuster (from 2015)

His artist name Shellback is fittingly from professor Shellback in the Swedish cartoon Bamse - a logical and technical genius that has a solution for everything. And also a person that sleeps a lot at his workplace and may seem a bit absent. 

A more intelligible way to understand how Johan thinks is to listen to his works. “Shake It Off” with Taylor Swift was, together with Megan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”, the song that dominated the year of pop music in 2014. If you haven’t heard “Shake It Off” a hundred times you are obviously allergic to electricity.

Anyone who thinks there is a formula for pop hit records is a sloppy listener. The songwriters and artists that try to sound like the others on the charts can become successful - for a while - but they soon fall into oblivion. On the contrary, the biggest songs are those that break the norm, the ones that do not follow any rules other than gut feeling.

Shake It Off (billboard #1 for 4 weeks) didn’t sound like any other modern hit song at the time of its release. The song starts with a five second long drum intro - old fashioned acoustic drums - something that is unheard of on commercial radio.

It is Johan playing the drums on Shake It Off. It is also Johan playing guitar, bass, keyboard and shouting in the background.

Songwriting on Shake It Off is credited to Shellback, Max Martin (Johan’s discoverer and mentor) and Taylor herself.

Johan further explains:
-  Shake It off was the next to last song we recorded for the album. The other was actually Blank Space (billboard #1 for 7 weeks). With Taylor one can work very quickly, sometimes we wrote a song a day. When we met 6 months after our first session we felt like there was a type of song missing.

How do you know that?
-  Basically it’s a kind of pleasing frustration. How good everything feels. We’re home, we have everything we need. But, at the same time… a feeling of… something missing. Something that breaks from the other stuff. Something more light-hearted. Pharrell had just released Happy and that song was on our minds. When we worked with Taylor on the last album, which was the first time she didn’t write everything herself, we did We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. It had a different feel than her other songs. It had a more fun and flirty feel to it. We felt that maybe we needed a song like that.

-  Taylor usually has a solid idea when she comes in, but this time we had nothing. It is also uncommon for Martin and me to work that way. We usually come well prepared to a session. So we just sat there. What the hell do we do now? We started playing music to each other to get reference points. Someone that happened to be me said, how about doing something in the same tempo as Hey Ya by Outkast? Something faster and more drum based?

-  In the studio there was a drum kit set up and ready to go. I went in and played something just for fun. We later on used that very recording for the song. What you hear is played live. We really thought of it as a sketch - all right, now we have a tempo to work on - but it often happens that you keep the demo even though it isn’t perfect, since there is more feeling in it. Martin was humming something, Taylor was humming something else. There was a mellotron. I found a brass sound and started playing something really bad on purpose (duh duh duh, exactly what is heard on Shake It Off). Martin instantly said: “That is awesome”. If he had not said that I would have moved on and tried something else. 

-  What we had didn’t really feel like chorus chords, but just as we were packing up for the day Taylor wrote a falling melody that sounded really hooky. We still didn’t know what it was. Is it a chorus? A verse? Me and Martin listened to it in the car on the way home and we were shaking our heads. Is this good? Is it shit? The next day after we had slept on it, which is the best thing you can do, we realized that we had been humming it all morning. The rest of the song wrote itself very naturally. Taylor wrote the lyrics in 30 minutes.

It is an incredibly clever lyric, a comment to her life situation as a tabloid target.
-  She is a hell of a writer, personal and broad at the same time. And the speed of it is unreal. I don’t get how she does it. If I was to write about my life it would be the most boring lyric in the world (starts singing the Shake It Off melody): “I go to the studio every day…”

Jorah Mormont […] Doesn’t Know What The ‘Friend Zone’ Is
Luckily, “Game of Thrones” star Iain Glen doesn’t have to worry about all that on Jack Taylor   
by Bill Bradley

[…] The Huffington Post asked Iain Glen (IG) what it’s like to portray someone who’s not concerned with playing the Game of Zones: Friend Zones.That’s when we came to a startling revelation: Despite all those Jorah Mormont memes, Glen doesn’t know what we’re talking about.

“I’m not entirely sure that I know what the friend zone is,” said Glen, “I hold my hand up. I’m social media illiterate. I’ve never tweeted and don’t have Facebook.” […] “If I’m talking about the right thing here,” he added, “I’m a bit like Jack Taylor to be honest [with] that sort of stuff, which he’s very suspicious of.”

The actor continued chatting with HuffPost about “Jack Taylor,” “Game of Thrones” and, yes, friend zones.

You’re Jack Taylor. In pop culture, there’s also Jack Reacher and Jack Ryan. Why are guys named Jack always badasses?
IG: I don’t know, but it’s a cool name. Every single syllable blunt, to the point, go for the jugular. I have no idea. I always quite fancied playing a private eye since when I started acting, and I think that was because I saw Jack Nicholson in “Chinatown,” which I adored, and maybe it’s a hangover from that. I think all actors secretly want to play a private eye.

And Jack Nicholson is also named Jack. So it all makes sense.
Exactly! You’ve done nine Jack Taylor projects now. What are you proudest of?Jack Taylor requires more of me, and I’ve enjoyed that very much so, developing scripts, working with the writer and working with the director. In terms of the product, I hope and feel that it’s more characterful than a lot of the crime milieu. It has more personality for me. Crime should exclude nothing. That’s what I love.

How did you prepare to speak in an Irish accent?
I’ve always enjoyed playing a dialect. It’s like wearing a different pair of clothes if it works. It’s a releasing thing instead of a restricting thing, and I don’t know why, but Ireland has always been very kind to me. I’ve done about two or three TV things there, and I’ve done three or four features there. Either people have been forgiving or accepting of me playing Irish.The people of Galway are very sweet and very forgiving. If I’m not doing it right, they make me believe I am. They’re always calling out to me while we’re filming and saying, “Hey, Jack. It’s great! Did you catch him yet?”

So, you really don’t know what the friend zone is or look at the memes online?
I honestly don’t. I’m honest when I say so. […]

With Jorah, people love how he’s so enamored with Dany despite zero chance of any romance.
Well, I think that’s true, but I think it has evolved. [We’re] sort of 80 hours into the “Game of Thrones” story [and] during the course of the journey, many things have happened. There was a complexity to Jorah’s first approach to Daenerys. He was actually seeking his own redemption from the exile that had been put upon him, but very soon into meeting her, he fell very much in love with her, not just fell in love but also hugely admired her and had a profound conviction that she would make a great and benign leader, so it was a complex mixture.

I do think, over the course of many happenings, he came to realize that love, and certainly a sexual love, was not going to be reciprocated, but he’s in love with her. That doesn’t kill it. In a way, it sort of makes it grow. Life has taught me that, anyway. It certainly hasn’t stopped his admiration or belief in her. It has evolved over the course of time.

I’m trying to remember where we are, what’s been seen and what hasn’t been seen, but I think a point comes where he just wants her forgiveness for what she believes is the wrong that he has done. And that takes precedent over any belief that she’s gonna return or want him to be her lover. Anyway, I’m babbling, but that’s the territory of it, and I supposed if people like that — people like things unfulfilled, and things held in suspense — I think is partly why people are drawn to it, and I’m glad people like the thrust of those storylines.

Interview w/ Bob Rogers (Excerpt, You're So Well-Built)
The Beatles

June 26th, 1964 (New City Hotel, Dunedin, New Zealand): Bob Rogers asks the Beatles for their opinion on the latest fashion trend.

ROGERS: Topless frocks are the big news, and topless swimsuits—

PAUL: Oh, you dirty thing!

ROGERS: And we wanted your opinion on these. 

PAUL: Well I’d ju– I’d say it’s a joke. It’s a joke. It’s uh, very interesting, to say the least. [laughs]

RINGO: I’d say the same thing.

PAUL: But I doubt whether anyone would have the guts to do it. [laughter] No, I know I wouldn’t. No, I’m definitely sticking to my—

GEORGE: [in background] ’Ey look. [Paul laughs] I’ll have you know—

RINGO: Look, George is going to talk again, will you please—

GEORGE: I’ll have you know I’ve been wearing one for years. 

PAUL: Have you?


RINGO: And no one’s said a blind word. 


ROGERS: A topless swimsuit or a topless frock?

GEORGE: A topless swimsuit. Yes. Didn’t they have them before? Before the war?

JOHN: In some – [laughs] no, not that near. In the older days.

PAUL: Yes, they did do.

JOHN: It sounds a vaguely good idea but I wouldn’t have my wife or any of me friends wearing them.

PAUL: Well, you’ve had us wearing them.

JOHN: I know, Paulie. You’re so well-built. [laughter]

RINGO: No, I don’t like them, really. 


     (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ ◤Alex Høgh Imagine!◢ ~( ̄▽ ̄~)

              ◈ As Requested by the kind @ateliefloresdaprimavera ◈

Just so everyone knows I do accept requests for imagines as long as I know the Fandom to some extent. Instead of listing them how about just shoot me an ask and see if I know it. Don’t be scared, I don’t bite. Much ★~(◡‿◕✿)

➠ ➠ ➠ Imagine ➠ ➠ ➠

          The notorious Ivar the Boneless actually has a sister! Well all four of the sons have a sister in reality. And Y/N is cast to play the adult version of this pivotal character in the famous show Vikings.

A bastard child of Aslaug and Harbard, the stories characters are aware that Dagmar (the illegitimate child) is not born of Ragnar Lothbrok’s doing. Between begging from Aslaug and what humanity Ragnar holds, the small girl is spared and reared in the family of four boys even though she is only their half sister. 

           In script Dagmar, played by you Y/n, is beyond valuable. This girl grows up playing both sides of the Ragnarssons but finds solace in helping Ivar physically and emotionally during childhood up until the day their mother dies. This on screen relationship is beautiful and complex and no fan doesn’t root for the brother sister duo that conquers the viking world along side the other four Sons of Ragnar. 

However, off screen, a platonic sibling relationship is not where you saw yours and Alex’s relationship stopping. On screen or off screen your chemistry together is undeniable. Out of character Y/N and Alex compliment each other as well as Ivar and Dagmar does. But it doesn’t take long for the media to pick up the ‘More than Friends’ vibe you both give off.

               ·•● Awkward Interview Impending! ●•·

“Is this thing on?” Alex waves his hand in front of the small studio camera set up, cocking his head to the side like a bird in front of the lens grinning from ear to ear, “Are we on?”

“Just a second Mr. Andersen,” a woman behind the camera cuts a line through the air horizontally to indicate nothing is rolling yet.

“How about a pre-interview warm up?” Across from Alex was a slender man dressed dapper in a pin stripe suit, shuffling the papers on his lap the man looked back across at Alex lounged sprawled out on the love seat in front of him, “Do you mind answering just a few nonchalant questions?”

“Sure!” Exuberant to start talking Alex swings his feet back in front of him and flat on the floor. Leaning in on his elbows the goofy Danish actor beams a smile over to the interviewer, “What kinds of things would you like to know?”

“Oh the ordinary, how is it working with the History Channel crew? Are you already filming for season five? Will the fans be happy to hear Ivar the Boneless is back in the limelight?” Pleasantly listing off ideas the interviewer had jotted down, the man figured breaking in the twenty two year old with overview questions would make it a smooth transition when Alex did so in front of a running camera.

Clapping his hands together it was all excitement while Alex sat at the edge of his seat, “The entire department has been so much fun to work with! Everyone is so supportive and so good at what they do! My mind is blown with these make up and hair artists, I mean, wow I didn’t even know my hair could do that.” Expounding with a huge grin Alex looked over when the man asked about his co-stars, “They are all, just absolutely amazing. I cannot amend them enough, Marco, Jordan, David. Coming onto set and having to fulfill this, this legacy basically, that Travis Fimmel grew Ragnar into. Phew man,” Shaking his head Alex sat back with a little astounded look on his face, “It’s surreal, it really truly is.”

“Any blossoming romanced on set?” unable to hide the coy smile from Alex the interviewer tossed the simple question out without second thought, “Seems the chemistry Ivar and sister Dagmar have is really backed by the fans.”

“Oh, Y/N,” a crimson dusting of blush bloomed on Alex’s cheeks, a goofy grin following closely, “Dagmar is an amazing character played by an equally amazing actress.” Casting his eyes down to his hands Alex fiddled with his knuckles mindlessly, “Y/N is beyond great to work with, it made all those early morning shoots worth it.”

“There was a little excerpt,” The interviewer paused and shuffled through his papers on his lap until the man pulled out a half sheet folded in the middle, “Ah yes, you both enjoyed a little break out in Dublin during a vacation off set. Things are getting pretty chummy I take it?”

What blush Alex had now spread to the rest of his face and there was little denying the effect bringing up Y/N had on the giddy young man, “She is, I mean, this isn’t live right? Jeesh that woman is something else. I love doing scenes with her, wardrobe with her, car pools together. Y/N never misses a beat, always up for something knew and she gets along with Marco and Jordan so well. Hah I know on set crushes were never a good thing but-”

Like a little squeak the camera woman was hardly heard above Alex’s narrative, “Mr. Andersen-”

“I mean meeting your soul mate at twenty two?? Is that even realistic?! Yet alone meeting them on a set about bloody viking history? Heh,” Alex’s eyes were glazed over, completely forgetting he was in line to shoot an interview for an article about the next season of Vikings, “I love her, I really really do. She just-”

“Mr. Andersen!” brash about her second interruption the woman looked sheepishly at her comrade doing the interview and then over at the Danish actor. Both men looked up simultaneously to the woman, “I uh….we’ve been live that entire last part-”

“What!” completely red in the face Alex was about to leap from the chair when he felt the sudden vibrate of his cellphone in his pocket. Desperate to fish the phone out, Alex fumbled with it to light up the screen.

Illuminated bright bold letters across the screen it read Y/N number.

Recounting everything he’d just spewed out to the small group he was with, Alex’s heart skipped a beat when it sunk in, “Oh my god Y/N heard it all!”

✎ I have so much fun writing these. I hope you Alex/Ivar fans enjoyed!

✉ ✉ ✉ Send yours in or give me ideas I love it all 。◕‿◕。

[ENG TRANS] 2017 Rising Star 11 | Park Jinyoung, a human first
  • About movies, about being an actor, he talks about himself, as well as about being a person. The reason why Park Jinyoung is humane as a whole.
  • * The interview below is an excerpt of an interview with Park Jinyoung about the movie “A Stray Goat”.
  • Q: Do you remember the first resolution when you started acting 5 years ago?
  • A: I had this thought, “Let’s not do this as a joke. If you’re just going to quit easily, don’t do it.” I thought that if I weren’t being serious, I would be embarrassed of myself.
  • Q: How did you feel standing in front of the camera for the first time?
  • A: To be honest, at that time, rather than acting, I think I was a young kid who came to play at the filming location. Even though I was so nervous, everything was so fascinating to me.
  • Q: What was the reason for you to pick your first movie “A Stray Goat”?
  • A: I think I was even more attracted because the main character Minshik was such an ordinary child. There are a lot of stories about heroes and fantasies lately, but I thought Minshik was a really ordinary kid. He was no hero, just a student. I liked the way that Minshik grew. Because the way that Minshik felt after going to Goseong was somehow similar to the way that I felt when I first arrived in Seoul after leaving my hometown Jinhae, I think I felt the attachment there.
  • Q: How many times did you watch “A Stray Goat”?
  • A: I’ve watched the screening 3 times. The first time watching it, I was so nervous, so rather than watching the movie, I felt more like I was taking a test, with sweat running down. The second time, I tried to evaluate how my acting was. The third time, rather than my own acting, I wanted to see what I was feeling while filming the scene at the time and how I was feeling overall.
  • Q: How did you feel about seeing your face on the screen?
  • A: It was so big. (laughs) I was surprised that my face came out so big but I felt good.
  • Q: I heard that you read the script of “A Stray Goat” 10 times and made notes to ask director Jo Jaemin about what you were curious about. What were you most curious about?
  • A: I was most curious about why Minshik couldn’t leave like a hero at the end of the movie. The director told me this realistic answer, “Minshik is such an ordinary person; when something like that happened, how many people could easily walk away?” With those words, I was able to understand Minshik’s feelings even more.
  • Q: So in order to merge with Minshik, you took a lot of time to reflect upon yourself.
  • A: I looked back on the feelings I had when I first came to Seoul, and when I finished filming for a day, I tried to recall the memories of what I filmed.
  • Q: There’s this expression of Minshik at the last scene that stuck with me for a long time after watching the movie. Do you remember the moment you filmed while laying on the dry ground, looking up the sky?
  • A: I think it was emptiness. It took so much time to build up something, but just a moment to lose it, this kind of feeling, right? And it was extremely cold. (laughs)
SERVAMP Festival Fanreport (2/5) (Night)

Take note this report contains only the night session. Noon session can be found HERE. And since it will be made into a DVD (that will be released on 28th June), it will be considered spoilers if you are intending to get the DVD so you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to! My report may or may not be a little Kimura Ryohei/Greed pair-centric since I unconsciously focus on them most of the time.

I should also mention that it might not be 100% accurate as it is based off from memory, so sorry if I mess up! I’ll only write what I can remember.
And also because I fail at English and suck at writing a report it probably turned out being messier than I thought it would be…….sorry.

※Also, just a light heads up that the night session contains quite a bit of ┌(┌^o^)┐ホモぉ… tension and fanservice (a lot of hugging too) so if you’re uncomfortable with things like that please read with care..(or skip it wholly if you just can’t stand it)

It’ll get pretty lengthy so I’m placing everything under a cut!! ↓↓

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Interview w/ Bob Rogers (Excerpt, Rob Bodgers)
The Beatles

June 26th, 1964 (New City Hotel, Dunedin, New Zealand): Bob Rogers asks the Beatles to name their favourite songs from A Hard Day’s Night and talk about George and Ringo’s prospective songwriting efforts. Irreverence ensues. (Note: Joy. Transcribing this was an unwieldy task, as everyone talks over one another constantly. Apologies in advance for any/all gaps!)

ROGERS: Can we elucidate on the songs in the film and do you have a favourite song in the film called A Hard Day’s Night? [long pause]

PAUL: Yeah.

RINGO: It’s good.

PAUL: It’s all good. 

GEORGE: Yes. We have a lot of songs in the film, about seven or eight new ones, and my particular favourite just happens to be ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, which will be our next single release, and buy your copy or audio copy now. Thank you!

RINGO: Well I like that one too, George. [inaudible]

PAUL: I like that one, and one called—

RINGO: ‘Linda’.

PAUL: ‘And I Love Her’. 

RINGO: ‘And I Love Her’. Yeah, I love that one.

PAUL: Oh, do you like that? 

RINGO: Yeah!

PAUL: Oh, thanks, Ringo! Thanks. 

RINGO: And the way you sing it knocks me out.

JOHN: And the way the camera goes over your head. 

PAUL: Oh, you should see—

JOHN: I thought, “Hello.”

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Q : “How 10th generation reacted when you had told them about your about your graduation?”

Duu :” I told the 10th Gen before I did to everyone else. …. They said “Okay Got it!” with great excitement like we always do. I was expecting to hear a lot (scolding) from them because I never consulted about this like ‘Why haven’t you ever told us?’ (But) They gave me words of support such as ‘We can’t wait to see you as actress’…. They just started to talk about how to spend the time left. It was really an unexpected reaction. Anyway I was relieved watching everyone cheerful…”

Q: “How did you feel when Kudo said about her graduation?”

Ayumin: “I knew she loves to act. I like her acting too. Morever she had full of passion on her eyes (when) she says ‘I’ll be an actress’. Looking at those eyes… I couldn’t say anything but good luck to her. Of course, I felt sad, but beyond that I felt like ‘I’ll be a big fan of actress Kudo Haruka’”

Maa-chan: “It was ‘umm~’. I mean it. It was really ‘umm~’. Well what I thought was, she has her own dreams, you can’t deny that but like loneliness… (It’s) similar watching my best friend leaving to another city. I felt lonely. A lot.”

Harunan: “In my opinion, if you want to take some chances, it is best to do it when you are a younger. I never said that because it would have been irresponsible of me. (So) I was relieved to hear from Kudo that she wants to be an actress, like ‘She’s doing the right thing for her’.”

Okay when I saw this interview and heard 10ki’s views about it, I was happy to see how mature and genuine their answers were.  They have really grown up. I always have a soft spot for 10kis friendship. Although they each have different personality, the way they treat each other, support each other and understand each other so well, they give out a very happy, positive aura. I hope this continue after their Momusu period also.

Though at first I was shocked when I heard about Duu’s graduation like it was totally out of blue, I am glad Kudo Haruka is going for her dreams with no regrets and I hope to see all of Momusu giving their best in their dream goals too.

* watch the full interview here.

The Gerogerigegege, Ai-Jin (Love), burning/performance, 1988. (Fool’s Mate, no.84) / 7” single, flexi-disc, track: Cover Song Of Teresa Teng (鄧麗君).

- Interview excerpt with Juntaro Yamanouchi, from Life Without Sex magazine 2001 :  "2000 flexi discs were made to be burned out in live from the beginning. So I had advertised it, on any kinds of musical magazines, as “Release Memorial Performance”. Many many people came on that day. Of course, they expected some performance, but all they could see was that I burned out all the discs in front of them. The remained discs were simply forgotten there to be brought. Well, I cannot answer your question “Why?” but can only say that this is THE GEROGERIGEGEGE! While I was burning out them, GERO 30 was having fun with his masturbation. Teresa Teng is a Taiwanese singer who once hits explosively the numbers in Japan.“
INTERVIEW: Arrow EP Teases Deathstroke's Return, al Ghul Sibling Rivalry & More
Arrow EP Wendy Mericle addressed the return of Deathstroke, Malcolm Merlyn and Artemis' important finale roles, Oliver's legacy and more.

CBR: First, let’s get the topic that everyone’s talking about out of the way: how did Deathstroke’s big return come about?

Wendy Mericle: Well, he’s a big character on the show! I mean, obviously, Oliver’s had a long history. We always said we were going to be closing out the first five years and ending it with a bang, and ending it with Oliver looking back at his past, and there’s no real way to tell that story without Deathstroke being a part of it.

Deathstroke isn’t the only big Season 1 character to return. How does Yao Fei factor into Season 5?

Yao Fei, on the show, has always operated as Oliver’s conscience. It’s not going to be any different this time. He’s going to be there at a crucial moment for Oliver, where he’s going to make a very big decision about his future. Yao Fei knows him and understands him in the way he knew who he was when he was on the island when he was first moored there and couldn’t get off and was a lost castaway. I would definitely be thinking about, “Who was Oliver when he met Yao Fei?” and Yao Fei is going to be reminding him of that and reminding him of who he’s become at a very crucial point in the flashback story.

What can you tease about the sibling rivalry between the al Ghul sisters?

It’s rooted, as always with siblings, in the parents. The parents always mess it up for the kids! [laughs] And in this case, it definitely goes back to Ra’s al Ghul and how he treated them. We know a lot about his fight with Nyssa and what that was about, but what we don’t know is that he simply had a very similar attitude towards his older daughter as well. When Talia left and Nyssa was stuck basically in a giant castle with Ra’s, it did not sit well with her.

How well is Prometheus going to adapt to his new status quo?

I think he’s going to adapt as well as he’s adapted to everything. Chase is ten steps ahead, as always. I think he anticipated this move. He knew it was going to happen, and he doesn’t have any problem. He’s always one step ahead. He’s playing a game of chess and I think, for the first few episodes of the season, our team was — to some extent — playing checkers. I think the team is smarter than that now. They’re definitely up to speed. They know how to kind of get under his skin, and that outing won’t have no consequences for him, but it’ll be nothing that Chase can’t get past and manipulate to his own advantage.

In the Season 5 sizzle reel released last week, Felicity is right smack dab in the middle of the action. Is that something we can expect to see a lot of in these next few episodes?

Felicity in action is something we all love. The writers love it. We all love to see Emily [Bett Rickards] picking up a weapon and doing something badass. [laughs] I think she wears it really well, and I know the fans love to see it. She’s going to be in the action. We’re heading into the finale. Felicity is always at the center of everything, right along with Oliver. She’s definitely going to be in the middle of the fight, for sure.

Is that indicative of a new direction for this character?

She’s definitely heading towards new directions, especially with what we’re talking about very loosely in the writers’ room with Season 6. She’s going to be taking on some new roles. Whether or not those new roles lend themselves to guns and that sort of fighting, I can’t tell you, but she’s a badass in everything that she does, whether that involves a weapon or not… That’s how we see her, and that’s what we like to see her doing.

We’ve also got an Olicity episode coming up. Will we learn anything new about this relationship that perhaps we didn’t get to see in Season 4?

We’re very excited about this story. We wanted to tell it all year, and we finally found the perfect episode to do it in. We’re going to be telling the story of really what happened between the two of them. We left in them in such an ambiguous place at the end of Season 4 and, when we picked them up in Season 5, they were happen to be working together and not be together. We’re going to tell the story of how that came about, which is fun… We’re going to find out some information about that, and we’re also going to really see their relationship deepen a lot, and not in the romantic way. I mean it in the sense that Felicity is going to be going through something in [episode] 19 with Helix that is going to really allow her to see Oliver’s point of view with some clarity and with personal experience for the first time.

Will Team Arrow as we know it make it through the season finale in one piece?

That is a great question that will not be answered until Season 6.

Word on the street is that the show is moving away from flashbacks. Has there been any talk about how the series will fill this gap?

Here’s the thing. There’s so much story on the show, and it’s really exciting for the writers and for everyone on the creative side to be thinking, “Wow, we really have a lot more real estate to play with.” We always have so much story and we’re always pushing story. It’ll be great to have this extra space to play around in. That said, the flashbacks have worked so well on the show, they’re not going to be gone forever. We’re obviously not going to be going back to Lian Yu and we’re not going to be telling the story of the five years that Oliver was gone, but we might get some glimpses into the backstories of other characters, which would be really fun.

It has been quite some time since we’ve seen Malcolm Merlyn in “Arrow’s” present day, but we got a quick glimpse of him in that sizzle reel. Just how important will he be in the next few episodes?

He’s going to be a huge factor leading up to the finale. This season is all about legacy, and when Malcolm comes into the story, it’s really rooted as much by necessity from Oliver’s point of view as it is about what Malcolm means to him and what Malcolm means to Thea. It’s a great story, because it’s going to have a lot of action but it’s also going to have this kind of emotional undercurrent that is going to lead to a really big, huge series moment for him. I think it’s a great story to tell, and it’s great stuff for John [Barrowman] to play.

Would you say that, by the end of this season, Oliver will complete his emotional journey of finding himself and be at one with himself?

You know, I don’t know that anyone who has two identities is ever going to be fully a cohesive person, as this season explored. What I do think he is going to end with is this sense of peace about the last five years and what he put himself through. He’s going to go into Season 6 with this degree of experience and this level of wisdom that we’ve never seen him own before. I think he’s always had it, but he’s now at this place where he’s done enough good both as the mayor and as Green Arrow that he can speak from this place of confidence. He’s a little bit older, a little more mileage and a lot more experience. That’s a new role for him to play. That’s something we’re very excited to see him grow into.

Is there any redemption for Artemis in the eyes of Team Arrow?

I think it’s still a question mark. Honestly, I think the jury’s still out on her. Even in the finale, where she does play a pretty significant role, I think that the team is reluctant to give up on her. No matter how dark she goes, she was that innocent person that Oliver met in [Season] 4 [episode] 19 that has been through so much. I think it’s partly what Madison [McLaughlin] brings to the role that makes it hard to give up on her.