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Hello! I just got into BTS not to long ago, maybe 3 or 4 months? Is there any thing you'd recommend so that I can learn to get to know the members better?

I’d say watch different things they’ve been in like:

-TV shows or interviews (on shows like After School Club and Weekly Idol, SBS Pop Asia’s interview)

-Bangtan bombs on youtube

- Their VLive broadcasts (and things like Bon Voyage and Run BTS)

- Their DVDs and specials (like their making DVDs for stuff like their Seasons Greetings packages, their Now DVDs, Summer packages, and shows like American Hustle Life).



While the impeachment of South Korea’s president is a serious affair, we all needed a little laugh at the end of the day. Who better to provide it than a go-to source for many of us Korea reporters, Bob Kelly. Kelly was appearing on the BBC via Skype when his younger family members decided they, too, wanted to appear on international television. 

As someone who works from home and has two small children as well as unruly cats, this is pretty much a regular occurrence. How it hasn’t happened while I’m broadcasting live yet is a mystery to me. 

I’m seriously done with jikook.

if u check out the bangtan bomb today which is Jimin’s self cam and him interviewing the members abt the comeback and promotions (I think).

So Jimin interviewed Tae and fooled around since they r fucking adorable besties.

Then he went to Hobi, our cute sunshine-y ball of fluff.

And next, would be our maknae Jungkookie.

So this interview started with Jungkook talking abt the promotions and stuff.
Then, out of the blue, Jimin complimented him and said that he was handsome.

Jimin why u gotta be so obv?

Jungkook said no and then he complimented Jimin back, with the shy look on his faceu.

Jimin said something along the lines of “why u gotta be like that? Stop it.”

The both started giggling and laughing with Jungkook’s eye crinkle and shit. Like fuck the both of them for being cute.

After they calmed down from their couple giggling fest, Jimin commented on Jungkook’s sexines.

Immediately, Jungkook look so shy and embarrassed and he scratch his nose and kept cutting off his own speech like wut.

Jikook then ended their interview with a cute “hwaiting” from both of them.

. . . . . . . .

This is just my thoughts. What they said may not be accurate because I only learnt basic Korean. So pls keep ur thoughts to urself. Thanks


[BTS] VIXX (Ravi) - “BOMB” Jacket Making Film


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prompt: bawson + team interview bombing other teammates during postgame interviews

“I can’t believe we’re about to do this.” Ginny shook her head, leaning against the wall. Her lips pursed and she glanced hesitantly over at the post-game interview taking place.

Mike looked affronted and glanced over at Ginny. “It’s Padres tradition, Baker!”

“Somehow,” She snorted. “I doubt that Lawson.”

He shook his head slowly, tsking as he went. “Gotta pick apart everything, don’t ya rookie?”

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