interview bombing

Can we just talk about how the whole idea of job interviews really puts autistic people at a disadvantage? For many reasons. It’s like a mind game to try and throw you off and make you think quick. Which is bad for autistic people who rely on scripts to function, like myself. Sometimes no amount of preparation can be enough- you can prepare and script out responses to the most common questions but there’s no way of knowing what they’re actually gonna end up asking. Ive heard of interviewers purposefully avoiding the typical interview questions so that people can’t prepare answers beforehand and are forced to answer spontaneously which sucks. There’s so many unspoken social rules around interviews, way too many to remember, and they really read into things like your body language and eye contact etc. which is very unfair. Fuck interviews tbh- they just feel to me like a way to test if you’re neurotypical enough.

my heartue is melting he’s so cute I just wanna cuddle him and keep him warm and safe I love him I wanna protect him at all times and feed him his favorite food I just-


While the impeachment of South Korea’s president is a serious affair, we all needed a little laugh at the end of the day. Who better to provide it than a go-to source for many of us Korea reporters, Bob Kelly. Kelly was appearing on the BBC via Skype when his younger family members decided they, too, wanted to appear on international television. 

As someone who works from home and has two small children as well as unruly cats, this is pretty much a regular occurrence. How it hasn’t happened while I’m broadcasting live yet is a mystery to me. 


30 day bias challenge
Day 22 - favourite funny moment
Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D aka GENIUS

I don’t have only one moment. It’s impossible! I choose BTS Gayo, but there are episodes of Rookie King, so many moments in Bangtan Bombs, interviews and fansigns…

What a change???

Yoongi 2015 vs Yoongi 2017

Ok I’ve been thinking about this long and hard, and I think one of the reasons why everyone gets the assumption that yoongi is cold and hard is because they never really showed much footage of him during earlier eras. During bangtan bombs or interviews he wouldn’t interact or talk much (compared to the rest of the members) and I think people mistook that for indifference.

He’s also said that he’s awkward expressing his emotions outright, so he tries to express with actions how he feels. People see this hard facade and think that he’s cold but half the time he’s just being a dork. He’s one of the most loving and hard working people I’ve ever seen and he would do anything for the people he loves.

I just wish people would get their heads out of their ass and notice this.

BTS GIF Reactions Mobile Masterlist

#51 ~ more

1. When you’re being moody because of your period

2. When you’re choking on your food

3. How BTS reacts when they find out you’re an artist.

4. How BTS reacts when you’re in the middle of an argument and you rekt/snap at them in your foreign language.

5. When BTS meets your parents for the first time as your boyfriend.

6.  When you beat BTS at arm wrestling.

7. When you’re normally shy around BTS but suddenly make the first move, pulling their collars to kiss them.

8. BTS’ reaction after finding out you speak 8 languages.

9. BTS’ reaction when you tell them you haven’t eaten since breakfast.

10. BTS’ reaction when you randomly say “Jungkook is cute.”

11. BTS’ reaction when you have an allergic reaction and can’t open your eyes and have to wear gloves.

12. BTS’ reaction when you’re usually mature, but sees you playing in the rain.

13. BTS’ reaction when you two are out on a date and you suddenly have trouble breathing when a group of smokers are nearby.

14. BTS’ reaction when you get a concussion and amnesia after falling down the stairs and can’t remember them.

15. BTS’ reaction when you perform a lap dance for them.

16. BTS’ reaction when you suddenly hug them and tell them you love them.

17. BTS’ reaction when you have to return to your home country to celebrate Christmas.

18. BTS’ reaction when you’re really close with Jungkook.

19. BTS reaction to you tugging their hair while making out.

20. BTS’ reaction when you tell them you’re pregnant.

21. BTS’ reaction during New Years Eve, right before the ball drop.

22. BTS’ reaction when you’re taller than them.

23. BTS’ reaction to you in tradition Chuseok wear.

24. BTS’ reaction when they find out you have a thigh tattoo and double belly piercing.

25. BTS’ reaction when you ignore their texts/calls, because you’re having a bad day, crying in your apartment all day until they finally find out about it.

26. BTS’ reaction when you’re shorter than them.

27. BTS’ reaction when he breaks up with you because he’s too busy.

28. BTS’ reaction when you fall asleep on another member.

29. BTS’ reaction when you wink at them sexily while eating food and licking your fingers.

30. BTS’ reaction after finding out that you can sing amazingly.

31. BTS’ reaction when you’re a huge fan of Taehyung.

32. BTS reaction when they Wake up and see you binge watching their videos (Bangtan bombs, performances, interviews, V app).

33. BTS’ reaction when you have a bad day at work/school.

34. BTS reaction when you buy them chocolate and confess to them on Valentine’s Day.

35. BTS reaction when he comes to pick you up for your date, and you look really stunning but end up tripping down the stairs and they catch you at the foot of the stairs.

36. BTS’ reaction when you accidentally call them daddy with the other members around.

37. BTS’ reaction to you getting really sick after a date.

38. BTS’ reaction to you fainting on stage during a live performance.

39. BTS’ reaction when your colleague bullies you for rejecting him and dating the BTS member.

40. BTS’ reaction when you (an idol) go on a variety show with them and confess that you have a crush on them.

41. BTS’ reaction when you tell them you’re going to a haunted house with your friends.

42. BTS’ reaction to you playing football with them shirtless.

43. BTS’ reaction when you suddenly start to ignore them.

44. BTS’ reaction when you tell them you have a two-year old baby by IVF.

45. BTS’ reaction when you overwork yourself.

46. BTS’ reaction when they haven’t seen you in forever due to touring and you surprise them at one of their concerts.

47. BTS’ reaction to you (an idol) doing a rap duet with Jay Park at MAMAs.

48. BTS’ reaction when you’re shy and can’t look at them in the eye as they make love to you.

49. BTS’ reaction when they find out you’ve been dieting because you felt insecure after seeing all the beautiful girls in their MVs.

50. BTS’ reaction when they asked you to kiss them, but to their disappointment, you only kiss them on the nose/cheek.

#51 ~ more