You can’t have human rights for women unless you have human rights. Think of that. You cannot. Because unless you decide that women are some class of nonhuman beings and should have special treatment, then you have to have a general category of human rights, which includes women as human beings.

No need explanation

The next album will be great

I love you guys

Patrick sees the next album as purple (remember he has synesthesia)

2017 and Patrick doesn’t even know a mood board

This is why he’s a national treasure


‘If it doesn’t make me physically dance or cry within the first 48 hours we normally get rid of it.’

‘We were always gonna do a trilogy of records. I’m not saying that after this album it’s the end of @the1975, but it’s the end of an era.’

‘The next record’s called ‘Music For Cars’. That’s the title & it references our second EP or our third EP’


Andy Lincoln answering the questions : Is Michonne the love of Rick’s life? / When did he start having feelings for her? Starts at 2:50

We’re working on a new, special project right now. We haven’t quite told everyone or announced what it is yet, but we’re very excited about it, it’s something different. You’ll be able to see Evanescence in a new way a little bit, so we’re excited about that. We do have plans to make another full, true Evanescence album after that, and I’m working on film score stuff and different solo projects. We all have.”Amy Lee, talking about the upcoming Evanescence and solo projects at a press conference in Ecuador on April 26.