First of all, if you look at just Jared and Jensen, they truly are brothers. They are brothers in life. It is their relationship in the show, which is informed by their relationship not on the show. It’s their chemistry and their shared experience that is really compelling.
—  Kurt Fuller about J2 and SPN,, 1-19-19
If we live in the prison of our days, in that peculiar freedom of the purely human—and many, even great, poets have—well, at this point in history, as I see it, we had better wake up pretty quickly to the limits—even madness—of such thinking—even if it can be justified through theoretical argument. It makes no difference whether you think you can prove whether the self ‘exists’, whether it truly has ‘agency’, whether it is ‘contingent’—and upon what. What matters is that for the most part what has brought the world to the brink of potential extinctions—to the surpassing of 350ppm—is what this one species, self or no self, is doing and has done. What right do we have—other than the insufferable rights accorded us by various doctrinaire religions and other delusions of our own invention—to destroy the only habitat of millions of living things, many of them more evolved in ways, and certainly as complex in living-matter, as our one species?
—  Jorie Graham, interview, EarthLines, August 2012