interventions lullabies

nate ruess' studio albums explained
  • interventions & lullabies: i'm in love with this girl but love is fake and i'm really sad i'm gonna fuck a cigarette
  • dog problems: i'm still sad fuck you becca i'm in love with someone else now
  • aim & ignite: i'm in love with someone else now and still pretty sad but in an ironic way
  • some nights: i'm still in love and having a sad gay existential crisis
  • grand romantic: i'm in love with another girl but i really mean it this time and i'm happy now
Calling All Nate Ruess Fans

I’ve been feeling inspired to call to arms the Nate Ruess (fun/format) fandom to collaborate on a fan-made video for the song You Light My Fire. Think of the possibilities! This is just an inkling of a thought but let’s make it a reality people! Message if interested? We’ll organize later.
Fun.’s Nate Ruess is NOT just a boy inside a voice (great interview with HelloGiggles)

Q: If someone hasn’t listened to your music before, what songs would you tell him or her to listen to?

A: That’s a great question. Well, you know, I’ll go 1 song per album. So starting off on Interventions & Lullabies, I would go with “Career Day.” On Dog Problems, I’ll go with “Dog Problems.” On Aim & Ignite, I would choose “Take your Time.” On Some Nights, I would choose “Stars.” And on Grand Romantic, I will go with…It’s tough because I’m obsessed with the album right now. I’ll go with a slow song, “Take It Back.”