Every time I’m watching Intervention I see something like

“Katie spends $2,000 a week on heroin. She doesn’t have a job”

And I’m sitting here like

“… Bitch… where is Katie getting all this money”???”

Dope fiends know how to hustle, I’ll give them that. 


The Consumerist Christmas Tree, from

Once again … we counted on the help of neighbors to carry it out. First, we ask them to donate their shopping bags to us and then we invited all those who wanted it – individuals, neighbor associations and students from local schools – to help us assemble the bags with which we shaped this new tree.

7 days of workshops, plus 2,000 donated bags filled with recycled plastic from nearby businesses, a structure made of prefabricated material and 4 days assembling, were required to put up this over 6 meter tree which was set up at the junction of two main streets, just across the street from the municipal health center.

The installation’s idea was the same as last year’s: on one hand, to represent, in a symbolic and universally recognizable way, the overconsumption of plastic bags; and, on the other hand, the squandering that typically takes place during these holidays which have set aside the religious and traditional meaning of these holidays to turn them into a real invitation to uncontrolled consumption.

More at Mocoloco.

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