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what you think about Caroline and Bonnie's friendship ?

OK bear with me, this is going to be a long-ish post. 

The TVD writers have severely let me down by not giving the Bonnie-Caroline friendship the attention/importance it deserves. The friendship was never showcased as much as it should have. 

One reason (probably) being that both characters are supporting roles and they preferred to push each of their narratives towards a lead. 

The other reason to me is just that Bonnie’s character has not been explored as much as it should have. She started out as this strong individual with potential but relegated to a glorified plot-devise throughout the seasons and plot-devices don’t get their relationships explored at a deeper level. 

That being said, i do feel Bonnie and Caroline feel deeply for each other. Sure TVD wants Bonnie to be Damon’s best friend now but she has a connection to Caroline that no one else can replicate. They have not just grown up together, but faced all these supernatural chaos with each other. 

But the core of The Bonnie-Caroline Friendship (according to me) is best reflected through these scenes: -

1. Bonnie is the one who argued Caroline’s case when she was dying in a hospital bed. Even while Elena was like NOOO, Bonnie was the one who was like - ITS CAROLINE, we can take extreme measures, because to her Caroline is worth the risk. Sure she felt differently once Caroline turned, but that wasn’t her disliking Caroline on a personal level, it was the Vampirism that she distrusted. Hence the - show me you are the same person. Because the person Caroline is at her core is loved by Bonnie.

2. Caroline too has proved that Bonnie is someone she will got to any lengths for. Everyone remembers Caroline killing Luke to save Stefan. It was the moment that said - look she will do anything for him. But then that was not the first time she silenced her conscience to save a friend. She didn’t blink before she killed the witch (thereby killing 12) to save Bonnie. And when confronted about the morality of it, her only defense was - but its Bonnie. That just shows how much she cares for this girl.

3. In season 6 you see her telling Stefan - i was falling apart without you. sure it was a huge shipper moment, but hey, she was falling apart because Bonnie died. She needed Stefan to help her cope with Bonnie’s death.  

4. When Bonnie visited Elena as soon as she was back her first thought was, we have a roommate (Caroline) who is in severe need of an intervension. Which again shows that no matter what was going on with her, Caroline was still a priority. That doesn’t come out of obligation, it comes out of the deep connection they share.

TVD writers unfortunately did not follow through with this and kept Bonnie out of the picture during the rest of Caroline’s humanity flip. She wasn’t even present when they were locked up in the motel room. Alaric was there. But not Bonnie… ugh

If the interviews and promos and teasers are any indication, i don’t think we will see a lot of Bonnie-Caroline friendship in season 7 either. Which is sad. I would love to see them pick each other up and be there for each other on a level that is more than just helping each other out with prom dress shopping. 

So yeah, I think they have/could have a wonderful friendship, but I feel their friendship will be more a behind the scenes thing, to be interpreted, rather than explicitly portrayed.