Science Fiction, anime and art collide in this article from the 5/1986 pages of Newtype. I hope you all enjoy!

*Note: The illustrations from the first two pages are from the anime Majo demo Steady and illustrated by Mickey Bird which maybe an alias. If anyone know of artist using that alias please share.*

First page-

Title translation: I was able to “harvest” anime from the novel “field” (genre)!

Far left paragraph translation:

Science fiction, Love/Romance, Fantasy, Documentary, Violence, Human Drama,Mystery…As I walk along the novel “field”, I immediately feel almighty! I stride purposefully and here I find an anime tree. The branches hang low and are heavy with colorful fruit.Each one is an interesting anime TV series, an original video - there are many different kinds so come to this field of novels and pick your favorite fruit!

Article excerpt:

Recently, there have been many novels with covers and inside illustrations drawn by animators and manga artists. The novel “Majo Demo Steady” is going to be an OVA (original video anime). This trend started 10 years ago when Haruka Takachiho’s novel "Crusher Joe" was illustrated by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, which was then released an anime movie in 1983. Following this, Kadokawa Anime animated the novels Genma Taisen (Genma Wars), Shounen Keniya (Kenya Boy), Kamui no Ken (The Dagger of Kamui) and Bobby ni Kubittake (Bobby’s in Deep!). Fans used to dream of the animation of SF novels and junior novels and now the dream has become a reality. Illustrated characters in novels have now become anime characters too. We don’t think that this is a temporary phenomenon; this will take root in response to the times.

Second page-

Title translation:

The next video will be Asami ni Omakase! (Leave it to Asami!) The OAV for Majo Demo Steady has finally been set in motion! The director is Osamu Kobayashi and Ajia do Animation is helping with the production.

Blurb translation immediate left from title:

Clueless and sexy, and breathing delicately - it’s Asami by these three!

Article summary:

It’s a three-way conversation among Miki Takahashi (seiryu and very first anime roll), Miki Tori (character designer), and Keigo Misaki (original creator). Takahashi says that he loves Misaki’s work, that he read the book in one sitting and that he also bought the second installment “Megami ni Goodbye.” Misaki says that he is much moved by Tori's work. Tori says that it was his first time to illustrate a novel, and he didn’t know what to do so he asked for a sample. He was given a sample of Akemi Takada’s Orange Road.

Third page-

Title translation:

Animators have overturned conventional wisdom about illustrations!

Amanno article summary:

Animators now want to express their talents in just one picture, and they are now called "new type illustrators.“ Yoshitaka Amano is now more known as an illustrator than as an anime character designer. Yoshitaka Amano says that he is no longer an animator - he is now an illustrator. He says that he does not want to accept more anime jobs. He started illustrating because he wanted to try something new that wasn’t anime and if he goes back to anime all will be lost. He’s not even thinking of animating his illustrations. He says that he also wants to have an exhibit of his illustrations, complete with music, video and lighting, something that hasn’t been done in exhibits before.

*Other artists on this page are Akemi Takada and Mutsumi Inomata.*

Fouth page-

Title translation:

Prophecies of Newtype Authors

Haruka Takachiho

Interview title: Matching is Everything in Illustrations for Novels!

Interview summary:

Haruka Takachiho was asked to reminisce about the time he asked Yoshikazu Yasuhiko to illustrate Crusher Joe.

Takachiko: I thought that Yasuhiko’s drawings would match the world of "Space Opera.” I would even go as far as to say that from the beginning, I wrote it already imagining Yasuhiko’s drawings. I had a hard time convincing him to draw for me because he believed that the work of animators existed precisely in the realm of movement and should not be recorded in one picture - a way of thinking that is unbelievable considering the boom of animators illustrating nowadays. I haven’t collaborated with animators after “Dirty Pair” which followed Crusher Joe. I find Yoshitaka Amano’s work very appealing, but I don’t think his work matches what I am writing now so I haven’t thought of asking him to draw for me. Matching is the priority. The mood nowadays is that anything will sell if you add an animator’s drawings to it, regardless of whether the drawings match the novel or not.

Takeshi Narumi

Interveiew title: I asked for beautiful characters for Hijirikon sha yu.


For this novel’s illustrations, I wanted drawings that were sexy and mysterious. I’ve known that Ms. Takada is good. I saw her drawing of an angel in the July issue of New Type and it was sexy, mysterious and had a clean feel to it so I asked her to draw for me.

*Also on this page are Sci-Fi writers Keisuke Fujikawa and Motoko Arai*


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