interval training


- Periods of high intensity exercise followed by periods of low intensity or recovery periods.
- Can be adapted to suit variable anaerobic needs:
-> Sprinters use shorter work intervals at high intensity and longer recovery periods
-> Endurance runners do longer work intervals at high speeds in order to adapt their natural pace for a marathon
- How to adapt sessions over time:
-> Change duration of work interval
-> Change intensity of work interval
-> Change duration of recovery
-> Change number or work intervals and recovery periods
- Benefits:
-> Muscle fibre recruitment = development of neuromuscular system
-> Cardiovascular benefits = cardiac hypertrophy, lower resting heart rate, increased elasticity of heart walls etc.
-> Improved anaerobic power
-> Increased myoglobin stores in muscles
-> Increased metabolism in the short term
-> And so many more!

- My Session Plan:
- 5 minute warm-up (light jog and stretch)
- 30 sec sprint followed by 30 sec rest
- 30 sec sprint followed by 15 sec rest
- 45 sec sprint followed by 30 sec rest
- 45 sec sprint followed by 15 sec rest
- 60 sec sprint and finish
- 5 minute cool-down (walk/light jog and held stretches)

- During the sprints, your heart should be working at above 80 per cent of your maximum heart rate. (My average for the session was (172/203)x100 = 85%
- It’s okay to slow down a bit, just make sure you’re working as hard as you can. Remember, don’t over-exhert yourself though. If you begin to feel dizzy or unwell, stop immediately, sit down and drink plenty of water.
- Be aware that these sessions are extremely high intensity and you will be tired for at least a day after. This is natural because your body maintains a high metabolic rate for 24 hours after, so more energy will be used to recover from the session.



Kind of an easy workout after a rest day, but with all this rain I’ll take it. It irritates my back. A lot. Extra ice and stretching for this girl for a few more days. 

2 miles of intervals were included in today’s stuff too. I think I’ll be starting to add some more incline variations with these too. Hiking season is coming and I’m not going to be the girl huffing and puffing up the mountain. And since my PT says my back is holding steady I think I can handle it as long as my hip pain stays under control. Guess we’ll see. All in all it was a decent workout. All this week’s circuits are mostly short. Kind of testing at a heavier weight, I guess, so I’m going to be adding in extra work. I don’t have enough weight available to me in my home gym to test the things they have lined up :/ 

My husband has teased me with the thought of getting a gym membership. The boys all love pickleball and basketball and the one he is looking at has all of that and PLENTY of weights for me. We are planning on going to look at it tomorrow sometime. But, even if we do end up joining, I’m still left working out alone. Nobody I know wants to lift. Or knows how. I need a partner… . Oh well. Maybe I can make a new friend??? 

Off to stretch and eat! Happy Thursday, you guys!!

krowzzer  asked:

I'm sorry for asking. I can only guess how many times you've had to answer this but, I get super inspired by you and want to get into shape, I know HICT training is really good to slim down, but I have not the first clue about it. I know I do it in long work, short break times, but how long is long? What would suggest I do, being pretty new to this whole thing. TnT

OKAY I’ll make this super easy so Ill pick an exercise thats its easy to do this with. Treadmill Running

Example with 3 rounds:

Warm-up 5 minutes at a joggin pace of like 5 mph then after the warmup is done you start the rounds

Round 1:

Then pick a running pace of like 6mph- 7mph and do that for 2 minutes
then pick the sprinting pace of like 10mph for 1 minute

Round 2: 
theres no rest in between rounds your recovery is when you
Run 2 minutes at 6mph-7mph
then Sprint 1 minute at 10mph

Round 3: 
Run 2 minutes at 6mph-7mph
Sprint 1 minute at 10mph

Walking slow pace for 4-5 minutes at 4mph

and there you go! You should be sweating hardcore from that And that LITERALLY can be applied to anything, Jump Rope. Cycling, Punching a bag, etc. just pick something warmup, go moderate pace 2 minutes, then balls to the wall hardcore for 1 and then always cooldown at the end for 4-5 minutes

and there you go. Thats how you do HIIT Training. Its much more effective for burning fat than steady state


7 minutes Interval Workout for Fat Burn. Really nice video!

Day 1 Operation: Weight Loss

Height: 5'8

Goal Weight: 135 pounds

BMI: 32.6

My optimal weight loss for this week is 4 pounds.

Today I started operation: weight loss. Much to my surprise, I actually got up at 5:30 am to go to the gym. Once there, I did 45 minutes of cardio on an elliptical. I have learned that the most effective way to burn calories is to do intervals of continual cardio. So I would go real fast for about three minutes, then for two minutes I jogged. My body on it’s own burn somewhere between 2100-2500 calories a day, and with the workout this morning I burned a total of around 3000 calories. I forgot to stretch after my workout, which was really stupid because if you don’t stretch properly you don’t get to work your muscles to their full potential. Tomorrow I plan to do some weight training exercises focusing on my arms, legs, and back.

Today’s caloric intake


1 yogurt - 90 calories

10 almonds - 70 calories

1 cup skim milk - 90 calories

1 cup java - 8 calories


1 can Campbell’s chicken noodle soup - 140 calories

1 cup java - 8 calories


1 granola bar - 140 calories


2 slices ciabatta bread - 200 calories

1 can Campbell’s onion soup - 90 calories


1 cup java - 8 calories

1 cup herbal tea - 0 calories

2 cups veggie puffed chips - 148 calories

Total Consumed Calories: 992 Calories
3000 calories - 992 calories= 2008 calories

Today I have burned 57.37% of the calories in one pound. 3.43 pounds left to BURN!!

Total amount of water consumed: 4L

Hopefully this blog can be inspiration for people like me to attain their goal weight. I’m going to try out a few different diets as well, to see which ones are most effective, including the Sacred Heart Diet, and Veganism. Of course the way to maintain the weight after you’ve reached it is a complete lifestyle change, but for right now I’m just interested in shedding the weight.

Let the games begin.

HIIT it.

Seems that HIIT (high intensity interval training) for cardio is being butchered and interpreted very loosely these days. True HIIT involves all-out, shit-your-pants, work periods followed by light to moderate rest (generally on a 2:1 ratio) It must not last more than 20 minutes. If your “HIIT” session lasts longer than 20 minutes, then you’re not being efficient with your time (or you’re not human and should be fighting crime by night in a mask and cape). If your so-called HIIT session has you sprint-jogging/walking for an hour, then you’re not sprinting hard enough or giving it all you’ve got. HIIT is not cranking the resistance up and down a few notches every few minutes while you’re on a bike for 50 minutes. Know that there is a difference between plain old interval training and high intensity interval training.

Use the method effectively.

Knowledge is power!
… and so is the rate at which work is performed over time.

HIIT it with more POWER!


Two of my most requested workouts put into one - Burn FAT & Sculpt ABS


Done this and it’s a killer! Feels so good after the workout though! 

Interval Training May 14

Bodyweight HIIT- 12 minutes, 50s work/10s rest per exercise
1)Tricep pushups
2)Squat Jumps
4)Dragon Lunge side leg lifts
5)Wide stance pushups
6)Squat Jumps
7)Right side plank dips
8)Dragon Lunge side leg lifts
9)Diamond Pushups
10)Squat Jumps
11)Left side plank dips
12)Dragon Lunge leg lifts

FRIDAY 04/01/13

Active rest day today, no weights.


10 rounds.

  • 200m sprint
  • 100m recovery jog

Didn’t time these. Just tried to go as hard and fast as possible during the 200 metre sprints, then slowed right down for the jog.

Wasn’t actually gonna do anything today - finished a long day at work, came home and had a glass of wine.. Then Sam said he was gonna go for a run at the park. So I tagged along. Felt the wine during the run! I wonder now if I was running in a straight line…lol.      

Sam and Spy :)

Busy Thursday Tabata Training
Tabata training is an interval training protocol that only lasts 4 minutes, but can help increase stamina as well as amp up fat burning.

A tabata training protocol consists of 8 rounds of 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest (i.e. a total of 4 minutes per exercise). 

Here are two free tabata timer apps for your iPhone/iPad:
Tabata timer: a simple Tabata timer
Gym boss 2: an exercise timer (Tabata protocol is already built in)

Find an exercise pace that you are able to maintain throughout all 8 rounds, but only with great difficulty. Ideally, there shouldn’t be any 20-second work period with a significant drop-off in reps performed (I know, it’s easier said than done when you’re doing burpees!!).

If you want a great workout, select just 3 different exercises that work the same muscle group, and do 3 tabatas with a couple of minutes of rest in between exercises. For example:

External image

Lateral burpees
for 8 rounds of 20 seconds work / 10 seconds rest.

External image

Wide leg jump squats
for 8 rounds of 20 seconds work / 10 seconds rest.

External image

Jump lunges
for 8 rounds of 20 seconds work / 10 seconds rest. 

That’s only around 12 minutes total workout time and you’re done! (ps: but don’t forget to warm up before and stretch after your workout.)