interupting cow


hello everyone! this one is based off of the song ‘Still Into You’ by Paramore. send in requests! hope you enjoy!

Harry and you have been together through everything. Three years together can do that to you. We met when you were 19, him just turning 20. You weren’t always a ‘stable’ person. You are an independent woman, keeping to yourself, but when you were a teenager, things weren’t always easy. Nothing seemed easy in your adolescence, but when your parents are going through a divorce taking the life out of you, things are worse. It seemed that they were always unhappy, always yelling, always arguing, never around. Growing up, you never had that person to talk to when you needed to talk about anything. With the parents preoccupied with their own drama, you had no time to express your feelings, a trait that carried into your adulthood. 

Harry knew how difficult of a time you had when you were young; it was one of the first things you two talked about together. He knew when you would get antsy, he knew when you got anxiety, he knew when you got into your head. He also knew how to get you out of your head, relax, and express yourself. He usually did this by just squeezing your hand letting you know that he was with you and listening intently. Small gestures go a long way for you both, which is something that you hope never dies.

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I hope Roadhog’s secret jokes are all really really basic level, old as butts formula jokes. Like the knock knock or “why’d the chicken cross the road” types. Hardly funny at best. But Junkrat thinks they’re fucking amazing. Roadhog told the interupting cow one to him once. People could hear Junkrat’s scream of delight and following unending woops of laughter from 3 buildings over.

Knock-Knock Joke, Alice Isn't Dead (Part 2, Chapter 3: Abandoned Places)


Who’s there?

Interrupting cow.

Interupting… cow… who? …Hello?

Pastures cut through by water and windbreaks, but otherwise its unbroken grass for a long time now, but who said different was important, or good? Who said we needed things to be untedious, who are we to expect better from a world that isn’t, who are we? Does anyone know? Has anyone checked on that? *exhale* Okay.

Are you still the-?