interstellar imaginations

I figured I would do something for myself this morning before going to work>


Doesn’t help when I add my chubby dadster Gaster and then think about all the things that could ensue. FWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Gaster likes to daydream that Asgore-senpai has noticed him.


Alright! After much deliberation, here we are. An ask blog for my Pre Void Gaster, along with the baby bones.(tho they are hardly babies haha). This Gaster is nice and friendly, he is a joker and is very dad like and isn’t gonna tie you up in a lab. He is your Dunkle. Your Dunkle Gaster…your DUNKLE DADSTER!

Anyway Ask Box is Open!

Feel Free to leave an ask. This Ask blog is Undertum and belly fetish acceptable by the way.  FLOOD MY INBOX!

Stop for a second and just imagine telling Combeferre that, at this moment, humans have 11 man-made objects in (or on their way to) interstellar space. Imagine telling Combeferre that the Pioneer plaques try to communicate through science and math, because the laws of science and math are universal. Imagine telling Combeferre that Voyager I is now 7.7 billion kilometers away from the Earth, broadcasting the message “We come in peace. We want to learn”. Imagine a world were Combeferre got to hear that.

Itching to do some animation, been a long time since I have done so.  first thing I thought of was  @spacegate and their baby blaster AU that I LOVE and have been keeping up with.

 sooo I animated  Pap blaster doggie thing, being a bit..strutty I guess. 

Seriosuly check out the AU. its so awesome~