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You are disgusting if you ship wincest. It's fucking comical that you people even think this can be argued.

mmmm you know, while it would be fun to pretend I totally get where you’re coming from, it’s a lot more fun to think of sam and dean having really filthy sex in a graveyard. i’m talking sweaty, covered in dirt, dean’s nails digging into the earth while sam pounds him from behind, being as loud as they want because ‘hey sammy, i bet we can wake the dead’

or to think about them sneaking around a library, dean smiling innocently at the librarian, sam red-faced and fixing his zipper as he hurries out, dean still licking the taste of his brother off his own lips, grinning devilishly at sam in the car while sam rambles about how ‘dean, I think that guy in the mystery section saw us’ 

or how about dean picking sam up from school, leaning against the car and smirking, not even hearing how everyone whispers about the hot guy that picks up sam winchester from school, but not a single one of them knows that, after school, dean drives sam to this abandoned car wash on interstate 71, just on the outskirts of town, and dean gives it to sam real good while sam’s still wearing the jockstrap he wore in gym class and dean makes it a goal just to see how many times he can get sam to come in the hour they have before their dad gets home. but sam is never to be outdone and gives it all back just as good and dean may mumble a lot to himself while he has to clean their drying semen from the upholstery, but he can’t help but shudder as sam licks a spot clean, keeping eye contact with his big brother, reminding dean just why this is always so worth it

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here’s a really great fanart wincest gif

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ooh another gif

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mmm yes yes yes

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