The 51st State

The relief traffic map above indicates approximate average density of traffic on the interstate highway system - a dense linear territory between city, state, and countryside. 

“Fed by the prosperity of the last decade, the 46,567-mile network of limited-access roads that make up the Interstate System is a linear economy-on-wheels, a distinct and self-sustaining 51st state, in a sense, that generates life and commerce …”

Peter T. Kilborn
The New York Times
July 14, 2001

The system is the destination.


Its a beautiful night for feeling lonely
A beautiful night for being afraid
So raise your hands, you one and only’s
You one-of-a-kinds who feel this wayI don’t want to talk, don’t want to explain it
I don’t want to fuck and I don’t want to fight
Its only a feeling, it’s fleet and fading
Its all over the world, and it’s only tonight'Cause it’s a beautiful night, beautiful night, yeah
Beautiful night, beautiful night to be here


Interstate 94 in other parts of the country is already my least favorite road ever. This video of snow blowing across another part of it in North Dakota…did not help.