interspecies mingling

Worlds like Zootopia still leaves a co-living question that isn’t about meat eating vs veganism but about interspecies mingling. Is it like ‘real life’ where cross species cannot produce offspring or has their world of coexistence evolved around that barrier into one where any animal can produce any offspring, creating an even more diverse and intricate society?

anonymous asked:

Hey, do you know if it's safe to let guinea pigs play alongside a rabbit? The pigs are both male, but neither of them are especially aggressive.

I would advise against it. Rabbits carry numerous bacteria which can cause dangerous respiratory infection in cavies, rabbits are also significantly stronger than cavies and can cause serious injury without intending to. 

Some sources consider cavies and rabbits good companions, but most advise against it and that’s the stance I agree with. Sure, it might work out… but it’s not worth the risk, in my opinion.