interspecies mingling

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Companions finding out that Strong has a crush on Sole without even knowing it himself. (´ε` ) please we need to give the mutant more love

I wrote this one as a bit of an experiment, to read like small blurbs of a story! Tell me what you guys think!

Dogmeat: He just watches Strong interact with Sole, cocking his head and wagging his tail. Sole was working at a bench. Strong walked away, seemingly flustered. Dogmeat whined in concern.

Codsworth: “I think the big green one might be…infatuated with you!” He said to Sole. They just laughed it off. “How would Master Shaun feel if he had to called a Super Mutant ‘father!’”

Preston: “This isn’t something to laugh about!” Preston was irritated when Sole laughed at the news. Sole just went about their business, working on their gun. “Yeah well what if I like him back?” Sole smiled. They could almost see the words run from Preston.

Piper: “Strong are you serious!?” Piper was gob smacked. She didn’t want to embarrass Strong but was so taken aback. When she formulated words it was along the lines of “Maybe I’ll run a story about it.”

Nick: “We have synth swapping out and being married to flesh all the time. Shouldn’t be any different,” Nick said, lighting a cigarette. Sole puffed their chest out.

Hancock: “Go get ‘em big guy!” Hancock gave Strong a swift pat on the back. Strong grumbled at Hancock, blushing green. “Human is so pretty. Strong is Super Mutant.” Strong replied, hanging his head in defeat.

Macready: “I’m with Preston on this one, Sole.” Macready said crossly. “That’s not natural. And it’s a fucking-sorry. Freaking Super Mutant!”

Cait: “Yeah it’s unnatural Macready, but there are weirder things in the Commonwealth.” Cait butt in. “Besides, give the green guy somethin’ to look forward to. There must not be much when yer smellin’ like that.” She laughed.

Curie: “Monsiuer Strong,” Cait said softly. “I think if you are having zees feelings, you must tell Sole! Holding in zees emotions is not good for your health.” Strong grunted at her.

Danse: “This is the kind of interspecies mingling that is going on? Just when I thought the Commonwealth couldn’t get anymore wretched.” Danse scoffed. Sole looked at their companions. All of these people, they trusted. But right now they were all being asses.

X6-88: “As if you needed my input,” X6 chimed in. “But here you go anyway,” Sole said dryly. X6 raised an eyebrow before continuing. “The Super Mutant named Strong is not a suitable replacement for a spouse.” Sole huffed, and turned to exit the room.

Deacon: “Listen here bud,” Deacon said, placing a hand on the other side of Strong’s back. He took a deep breath, paused for effect and said “Follow your dreams,” with a slow hand swipe in the air. He pulled a bouquet seemingly out of no where and handed it to Strong. “Go get em tiger mutant.” He and Hancock pushed him towards Sole’s workbench.

Strong: He took Deacon’s flowers and stumbled towards Sole, who conveniently was exiting their workspace. Sole looked at Strong’s flowers and smiled. Strong cleared his throat and said. “Flowers pretty. Sole pretty.” And shoved them in Sole’s direction. Sole wrapped their tiny hands around Strong’s big ones. They could have sworn Strong turned a different shade of green.

The Other Neanderthal

We don’t know what the Denisovan looked like. We don’t know how it lived, what tools it used, how tall it was, what it ate, or if it buried its dead.

But from only two teeth and a piece of finger bone smaller than a penny, we’ve been able to extract the rich history of a species that split off from Homo sapiens approximately 600,000 years ago. We know they’re more closely related to Neanderthals than humans—though still distantly. We know they made their way to Southeast Asian islands, interbreeding with indigenous modern human groups in New Guinea and Australia. We know their interspecies mingling with modern humans in mainland Asia was brief, but enough to impart a few genes. And we know Denisovan genes reveal evidence of interbreeding with Neanderthals and an even more archaic hominid species.

It’s the first human cousin species identified with more than fossil records. Instead, scientists used the DNA it left behind. There’s now a mystery on our hands: Who were the Denisovans, and where did they go? Read more.