Well that was one of the most fun RPs in a while! Hee!

For the record:

I was Cess

catpella was Karreja

tehjai was Perkele

jeweledleah was Metta

and I dunno who the rest were.

Segan told me he actually didn’t have a tumblr when I asked him. I was shocked, I tell you! He was quite fun to bounce off of, RP-wise. WOW, that was fun. And hopefully, we’ll all see more of each other.


 interspacing replied to your post5K MB required, 1K MB available…

omg yes!! Is it crazy that I’m like REALLY PUMPED about you playing Fallout??

I don’t even know anything ABOUT this game except post-apocalyptic cowboys and I’M really pumped about me playing Fallout.  So I think of the two of us, you’re not the one who needs to be worried.

boodora17 replied to your post: 5K MB required, 1K MB available…

whenever you can do this, you have got to live stream this or something I have no idea.

I CAN TRY!  Livestream hates me, but I’ve only ever tried it with iTunes.  Maybe with something else it’ll be normal.

I think I livestreamed SWTOR at one point for a little bit but I can’t remember if it worked well or not…

and page 6, errybody.

Stop and Go chugs on at the alarmingly average rate of 1 page a week, thanks to high production values and sexy, sexy artistes who will talk for hours about what characters do on their downtime. Man, it’s really cool when people are that invested in your head.

oh yeah and also god check that foxy anatomy.