No sé, quiero que alguien se interse por mi, quiero que me pregunten como estoy, quiero un abrazo sincero y reconfortante, quiero que alguien me diga que le importo, que tiene miedo de perderme, quiero importarle a alguien

Text : Monster from Imagine Dragon (

Characters and univer : Hiro Mashima

Well, I love Zelef. Because for the ones who want to die, he cannot. He is so cute and his true personnality is really kind but he cannot be like he is really. Sad. Really, really sad. 

I remember one theory -and I love theories- who said : if Zelef love himself like he love the life of the others, he would be able to kill himself. It is intersing I think. Well.. I talk a lot for nothing.. 

Thanks for watching my work ! 

ok so i havent like shared anything in a while so i figured i would…. umm ok so i met Sir about a month ago and we just like hit it off right away…. were into alot of the same kinks and Sir is a hypnotist too which like ive been intersed in for a while…. so like since i 💖 power excsnge and the whole bimbo thing Sir started by like giving me like a schedule to follow and some rules….. and like when i say schedule i mean like having my entire days planed from lile when tonget up, goto the gym (even like if i should do cardio butt or whatevs), run errands and all tat… its great cause like first off i was fetting supr lazy since im on vacay and like also its just soooooo hot… also its realy nice not to like have to think about what i nee to do… i just check the calendar and its right there!… ok so now for some of the rules

* no cumming 
* lots of edging (part of the sched)
* always dresssexy
* heels (at least 4") or tipy toes
* no bra (i have to ask permission)
* full makeup (only approved looks)
* sound ditzy
* no autocorrect or fixing tyops
* no news/reading
* no serious tv 
* no big words
* tumblr tumblr tumblr

so like basically i have to like ask if i want to break any of the rules ans like Sir is totally resonabl and will like let me do it as long as im not jst being lazy… i did like wear a bra out once on accident and my punoshment for that was to eat mcdonalds then like goto the gym extra to wrok it off….ive had like all kinds of punishments over the years and i think tha was def thw grossest lol…. anyways so i like want to start sharing more etc so like feel feee to send any asks 


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positivist shit to said about avengeriiism and 13xwishes

Keep them coming loves giving out love to those that deserve it

for @avengeriiism

This person is amazing like they got some unique writing skills that put my writing at shame through I did enjoy rping with them as I like the bond our muses have for one another sasuke really looks up to his older twin as an big brother anyways I love everything they post and I happy I had an chance befriend an cool being as them plus it was super interseing seeing an funny side of sasuke as many sasuke rpers only does his serious side like in the show

For @13xwishes

I don’t watch monster high as much but how they play gigi character is truly outstanding plus I love the family bond sasuke has with the genie as he adore gigi to bits and I enjoy reading their threads with other awesome writers such as themselves anyways their posts are really amazing and they seem like nice people I love to befriends with someday