Okay but John’s hopeful little face: SHAW IT’S NOT A NUMBER! IT’S HMX-1!!!

And Shaw’s all: You naive butterfly, don’t they teach you anything in Spec Ops school?

John: *still hopeful* No?

Shaw: It’s the President, you doof.
Why the Marines have failed to adopt a new sniper rifle in the past 14 years
Snipers say they’re hampered because they can’t match the range of their enemies’ weapons.

In this day and age of modern sniper rifles, the .308 projectile is almost archaic.

Modern long rang projectiles with impressive ballistic co-efficients, rifles, and optics make shooting at 1000 yards (a true feat with a .308 rifle) boringly easy.

For me, nothing illustrates this quick like the dramatic difference in wind calls: even a slight breeze on the check requires a calculated adjustment at distances with a .308. With a modern projectile, you can pretty much just ignore it and the long, sleek, aerodynamic projectile glide through the air.

It is unfortunate that the realities of interservice rivalries/politics prevent the USMC from getting the best weapons they need, but it is what it is.