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I present to you Crafters Legacy, a Percy Jackson Minecraft server! We have great staff, a wonderful community, and lots of fun!

Choose a godly parent, Greek or Roman, or choose the path of the Egyptians and be a magician! Pick a role play name and play as an OC or just be yourself! Hang out with your siblings or fellow magicians in factions, we have cohorts, cabins, and nomes!

Not too hot on role play? Don’t worry, we have stuff for you too! We have quests, boss fights, legendary weapons, spells, magic, and more! Fight the Minotaur and evil deities, or choose more passive quests and gather materials to create epic weapons and armor!

You don’t have to like Minecraft to love this server! We are unique and diverse and we accept anyone and everyone!

Dozens upon dozens of plugins enhance the experience! We also have a custom texture pack which gives blocks and gear a unique, rugged look to contrast to the beauty of the flowers and the water! You don’t have to like Percy Jackson to check us out! We also have quests for Star Wars, you can get your very own lightsaber!

Sure, scroll past this if ya like. Sorry for interrupting your dash! But I do recommend this server, so check it out if ya like :D even if ya just come on for a minute to try us out, we are very grateful!

Even if you don’t like Minecraft, we’d be grateful for reblogs and likes to help the word get out :)

Version: 1.8.9

Don’t know how to get 1.8.9 again? Just hit edit profile in the launcher and choose your version then save your profile!

Hey you, yes you. Sorry to interrupt the very important thing you’re doing right now, but this is of importance and highest urgency! I came here, to the dash of yours, because I wanted to tell you, how utterly amazing, unique, beautiful, special, strong, admirable and lovable you are. It doesn’t matter what happened in your past or what you’re going through at the moment. The only thing that matters right now is YOU. The fact that no matter how much you’ve suffred and how many hardships have crossed your way - you made it through! You’ve come so far and you’ve conquered every demon (may he’ve been inside your mind or out) that dared to do you any harm and guess what! You’ll overcome everything unfortunate life sometimes has to offer too, because you’re strong and invincible! Okay, now you may keep scrolling ♡ 

anonymous asked:

Following the lead of that overprotective GOM, may I ask for a really funny scenario of Kagami dating Momoi, and everyone in the GOM are out to threaten and kill - just kidding, they give him their "blessings" and a LIL BIT of a warning~ please make it extra chaotic, like the GOM challenging Kagami in a one-on-one and only if he wins can they properly accept him, or something like that, your choice XD Thanks a whole bunch c;

Hi dear! I hope you’re going to enjoy it, because I had a lot of fun writing it! It could be a bit chaotic, I hope it’s still readable. Also, I’ve exaggerated some characters for a more comical effect, so it could be slightly ooc, but it’s voluntary.

Have fun!

KagaMomo and protective!MiraGen




Kagami and Momoi were walking down the street holding hands, trying to reach the park for an ice-cream, when a car screeched to halt on the street beside them. Momoi blinked perplexed at the long, black car and then a horrified expression flashed on her face.

Kagami looked too, noticing his girlfriend had suddenly stopped, and, under his shocked stare, Akashi got off.

“Akashi?” the red-haired muttered, a really bad feeling shivering down his spine.

“I’m so sorry Kagamin!” Momoi whispered, squeezing his hand, and the boy understood.

Oh, fuck.

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Puppy Date: Min Yoongi

Rating: T
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Words: 5938

People say Yoongi can be intimidating. Yes, I agree, he can totally be Daddy material but when I see him smile, I only see an adorable man with the most caring soul. Especially if Holly is involved.

-Admin Taettybear

Although Min Yoongi loved Holly from the bottom of his heart, he hated it when the small dog woke him up in the morning in order to go for his daily morning walk.

And today, strangely, the little dog woke up two hours earlier than usual, scratching the door, begging to be taken out.

The male grumbled and shivered as his bare foot made contact with the cold tiles as he walked to his closet, slipping on warm sweats and a baggy hoodie. His dark eyes shifted to the little brown poodle who was yipping at Yoongi’s feet, growing excited as his owner grabbed the leash, placing it on him.

Yoongi couldn’t help but show his annoyance openly with a grumble, the bitter cold winter breeze biting into his face because it was the only place not covered with a thick layer of clothing.

He released a large breath, watching it condense into the air as a white cloud of smoke, slowly drifting up before disappearing. “It’s fucking cold, Holly. Let’s do your business and go back home for something warm,” he muttered, eyeing the brown pup that trotted in front of him. He couldn’t help a small smile as he looked at the little dog who was wearing the sweater his mother bought for him.

A loud yawn escaped Yoongi’s lips, tears gathering at the corner of his eyes. Although his sleepiness seemed to fly away as he heard a loud, frantic yell.

“Sir!! Please stop! Stop that dog!!!”

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Love How You Hate Me - Sam x Reader

A/N: Part Fifteen! This part is about twice as long as usual to get all of it in. So, bonus for you guys! Super short summary? Reader drops her barriers a bit more, mostly to help Sam out. Hope you all enjoy! :)

Previous: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | TwelveThirteen | Fourteen 

Warnings: Possible childhood abuse triggers, Smut , Bit of fluff

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Word Count: Roughly 4,300

“Sam?” Your eyes opened as you looked up to the man who was sitting beside you, talking to Cas. As he looked at you, you launched yourself into his arms. Clinging to his broad frame. His strong arms held you to him, and his face buried into your neck. When you finally pulled back, he did the same- though unwillingly. As you looked at Cas, you realized how much saving your ass had cost him. “I told you not to make him help me, you ass!” Your fist slugged into Sam’s arm, making him cry out at the attack. “Why didn’t you dorks take me to a hospital?”

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been lovin’ you for quite some time- part 3

“We’ll just act…” her eyes flicker to Clarke’s shining lips and she feels her voice crack slightly, “normal.”

“Right,” Clarke’s words are only a little breathy, “so… no fucking.”

In which Clarke and Lexa end up stuck spending Christmas together with both of their families, desperately trying to hide the fact that they’ve been having sex for five months. It doesn’t help that Lexa is the biggest Grinch in the world and Clarke is determined to make her enjoy the holidays.

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“Here,” the sweater that falls in her lap is soft and heavy, the material crumpling into a comfortable heap over her knees and she darts back, almost spilling the tea cupped between her hands. She turns to stare up at where Clarke is sauntering casually past, as if it means nothing and blinks at her in surprise.

“What is this?” She sets down the mug to finger the sweater uncertainly, brows creasing in confusion when Clarke just rolls her eyes.

“Don’t tell me you’re not cold, I could see you shivering from all the way over here. You don’t have anything thick enough for this sort of weather.” Clarke curls her feet, clad in thickly padded socks, up beside her on the couch until her toes can poke at Lexa’s thigh.

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Best Kept Secret - Chapter One

Originally posted by registeredalien

Fandom : Avengers / Pietro Maximoff

Warnings : Violence, slight cursing

Rating : PG-13

Word Count : 3175+ ( wow , sorry )

I’ve been reading a lot of Avengers stories lately, and I had some inspiration to write my own. This honestly isn’t my best first chapter since I mainly write in first person, and this is written in third person omniscient mostly. Hopefully people will like it!

Part Two Part Three 

“Status update, FRIDAY.” Tony barked at his technological assistant, as he scrolled through massive amounts of data and files. It was 3 am on a Friday night. Pepper had gone to bed for the night, but Tony couldn’t sleep. Too many thoughts spilling through his mind. An important shipment of extremely valuable bio-tech for Tony’s lab was supposed to be coming in that night, and it was late.

“No new updates, Mr. Stark, sir.” FRIDAY spoke in a mechanical voice to a sleep deprived Stark. Tony grunted, rocking back and forth in his overly padded office chair, unsatisfied. The bio-tech was extremely important for his and Bruce’s latest plans on artificial intelligence. Losing that bio-tech to someone who didn’t know how to use it could be, catastrophic to say the least. Paranoid, Tony got to work. He hacked into all the cameras around nearby Manhattan, looking for the shipment. He watched the multiple screens carefully, looking for any sign of his truck. He could tell something strange as going on.

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desperate situations and stuff;;

hello and sorry for interrupting your dash but i am in dire need of help and assistance by anyone who could give it. for the past summer, the lull between the school years, I stayed at my mother’s who agreed to house me if I could pay for a bill throughout the summer. I agreed and i wish i hadn’t. 

I’ve spent the next two months sleeping on the floor (i’ve slept on the floor for years during my childhood so it wasn’t a big deal) and going to food pantries to keep myself fed. despite wanting to get a job, my sister needed one more to support her family. she hired me as a babysitter and i thought i would be getting paid for watching her children for 12+ hours a day but it turns out she continuously lost her job and never got paid and thus, I never got paid. I spent my days desperately going to plasma care services to donate to get paid little every week. i made a total of 400$ through plasma donation over two months - which was suppose to go to my school books and my dorm supplies. but I ended up paying for my mother’s bill, diapers and food. i had to survive with the little money that i had.

on top of that, due to my academic progress (i took a year off school), my financial aid is on hold for the school year (i found this out in late July). I don’t know if i will be receiving it or not until the 22nd of September. But it’s a 50/50 chance either way. if i don’t receive my financial aid, i will not be able to pay for my dorming. If i cannot live on campus, i will be effectively homeless. fortunately or unfortunately, i cannot continue living with my mother through the school year because she’s demanded that i leave or she’ll call to the police to make me leave (she thinks i eat too much food despite me going to the food pantries) and i am. i am pretty much at the end of my rope. i came out of school in June optimistic for summer school and having a job only to be completely isolated by September.

tl;dr : i have three dollars to my name and I am moving into my dorm tomorrow morning. I have my two luggage of clothes and nothing else. I don’t have money for my books and my dorming supplies, hell, i don’t even have a blanket. i could really use any type of donations at the moment. i will be looking for a job in the next two weeks but i need to eat. I’m really scared and I just. could really use whatever u can give. a dollar or two would buy me ramen, a little more will give my sheets and blankets. and any extra would go to my school books. god i feel so pathetic but i am desperate for help. i just. i feel really alone right now.

my paypal is:
..thank you.

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