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It’s not Sunday yet but selfie time :3 

I’d like to interrupt my queue and use this opportunity to say a proper HUGE thanks for all your sweet messages that I received (and keep receiving) during my hiatus. I might be repetetive, but I just want to say sorry for making you worry and dissapearing for so long. As you can see I’m pretty alive ^_^” I realized one thing: this blog isn’t only a place where I post silly Sims pictures but.. this blog is my online family. And no matter how tricky my real life could be, I just don’t have a right to neglect it and you (my lovely folowers) by leaving without a note. Your wonderful comments, messages and notes encourage me to continue playing my game and make me feel very special. Make me feel as if my hobby isn’t a waste of time on pixels but something important. Something that can inspire people. Something that can make you smile, make you happy and just something that spreads the positive vibes. I received sooo many love letters through these three years of “simblring” that now it’s time for me to send a love letter for you. Sims community is awesome. It’s a place where I’ll always be happy to come back to. I’m very proud of this helpful and warm atmosphere that we are creating here. You can’t even imagine HOW important all these messages for me. I put all my soul in.. everything I post (no matter what: sims, houses, screenarts, funny legacy posts captions) and this is so amazing to get the positive attitude from you. It’s just that moment when you realize that it’s not only a game, but also people who surround you, with whom you share this game posts, who inspire you and give strength and desire to keep on. So, thank you for following me,making me happy, being so awesome and kind to me.

Your happy Lesya, xo xo.

Hi love.^.^

There’s no reason for this post, I just love my baby and this was in my edited stuff. I might do the not another berry thing with her and her wife but it may be a long ways off, I have enough projects at present. I think I’d have to bend a couple of rules to do it though since they don’t have a mint themed name. Her hairs close enough though right? RIGHT? lol. 

I mean we all know I’ll just pretend it is passable anyway to get my way. 


Excuse this interruption in your daily program for an overview of The Crowe Household.

Dorito Mom - Loren Crowe
Knucklehead - Sofia Bjergsen
Cinnamon Roll - Olivander Crowe
Help Me - Regina Crowe
y the longface - Harper Bjergsen

Loren is the biological mother of Olivander and Regina, but she took in Sofia and Harper when their mother died and their father and sister disappeared. Regina and Harper are half sisters.

Okay quick psa for @msmidnightblonde​ and @the-shimmering-silwermoon​ and anyone who may have been interested in my university play file. I checked the TOU’s and I don’t think I should upload the save file. Luckily though I didn’t put a lot of lots in it and I’ll put together a lot list for you guys when I load it up later tonight. Again all of them can be found on the gallery so it’s pretty easy to pull together in game. I think it took me about a hour or so and obviously I had to search for some of the lots myself so hopefully it won’t be too much trouble for you all. 

Jealous (Jefferson x reader)

You’d just gotten into the elevator when you heard someone shout out;

‘Hold the door!’

Before you could press the appropriate button, a hand stuck itself between the two doors.  The hand was attached to a man in a green suit, which was oddly tasteful–you’d never known someone could pull off an entirely green suit.

‘Hi,’ said the man.  ‘My name’s Alexander Hamilton, nice to meet you.’

You opened your mouth to respond but you were cut off–‘Are you new here?’

‘Hi, I’m Y/N, yes I’m new here.  Do you have any more questions?’ you asked jokingly.

‘Yes, actually!’ Alexander exclaimed.  You groaned but he continued anyway, relentlessly asking questions.  Still, you thought, it could be worse.

Eventually, you reached your new office.  You waited for Alexander to stop talking but he didn’t catch the queue.  Eventually, you had to interrupt him.

‘I need to work now, Alexander,’ you said, amused.

‘Okay, see you!’  Alexander walked off briskly.  Did he do everything at full speed?  As soon as he was gone a new face appeared in the doorway.  The first thing you noticed was the shockingly purple suit the man was wearing.  Did everyone here wear bright suits?

‘Hamilton?  Not really my first choice of company…’

Pompous much?  ‘Nice to meet you too.  I’m Y/N.’

‘Thomas Jefferson,’ he said, and held out his hand for you to shake.  You stared at him with your eyebrow raised, and left him hanging.  What kind of grown man doesn’t even introduce himself before he starts throwing shade?

Eventually Jefferson withdrew his hand.  ‘I see how it is,’ he said coldly, and stalked out of the office.

In the next few weeks, you settled down at work.  Alexander quickly became a close, if still occasionally obnoxious, friend, whereas Jefferson became a rival.  And yet, you couldn’t help notice the way Jefferson was when he wasn’t around you.  Yes, he was obnoxious, but so was Alexander, and you came to recognize Jefferson had his own way of caring.  And that his suit wasn’t that garish, and actually looked quite good on him.  And that he looked quite good in general–woah, let’s stop that train of thought right there.  We’re still rivals, you reminded yourself.  No matter how handsome Jefferson may be.

Of course, Alexander had noticed your petty crush and, after the initial disgust, had taken to teasing you relentlessly.

‘Had that feelings talk with Jefferson yet?’ he’d say.  ‘Shut up, Alexander,’ you’d reply.
Today was a 4th of July party; the whole office had been invited, and there you were, sitting in the corner alone.  Alexander was on the dance floor, grinding on Laurens in the most obscene way, Herc hadn’t even shown up and Laf had completely blacked out.

Eventually Laurens had to shove Alexander off.  Laughing, Alexander walked over to you.

‘How are you doing, lonely?’  He was clearly tipsy, if not more.

‘I’m doing fine, Alexander,’ you said, amused.

‘Come on,’ he whined.  ‘Don’t you want to go talk to Thomas over there?’  Alexander threw in a wink at the last part.

‘Alexander,’ you hissed.  ‘Not now!  Go back to humping Laurens.’

He chuckled; ‘Nah, we’re saving that for later.’

You playfully shoved him, trying to act scandalized.  ‘You are shameless, Alexander!  Shameless!’

‘Hey!’ Alexander exclaimed, and his eyes widened like they always did when he got an idea.  Oh god, you thought, mentally preparing for the worst.

‘Do you think Thomas will come over here if I do this?’  And then Alexander practically climbed into your lap.

Okay.  You clearly hadn’t prepared enough.  ‘Alexander!  This is not how I want this talk with Jefferson to go!  I’ll have it when I want to.’

‘But you’ll never get around to it!’ he whined, refusing to budge.

Suddenly, someone shoved Alexander off your lap.  You looked up and, just as Alexander predicted, it was Thomas.

‘Get off Y/N,’ he growled.

‘Why?’ Alexander asked.  ‘Do you have some claim to Y/N I didn’t know about?’

Alexander turned to you, feigning shock.  ‘Y/N!  Why didn’t you tell me?’

It took everything you had not to laugh.  Jefferson grabbed your hand.

‘Let’s go.’

He dragged you away from the corner, away from the party; he didn’t let go of your hand until the two of you were outside.  It was nighttime and there weren’t any lights outside–you strained to make out Jefferson’s face.

‘What was that?’ he asked you angrily.

‘What was what?’ you responded.

‘That show with Hamilton.’  Jefferson looked disgusted at the mere mention of what had occurred.  Had Alexander been… right?  No, you doubted it.  But…

‘Are you jealous, Jefferson?’

He looked taken aback.  If you could have seen in the darkness, you would have noticed a light blush dusted across Jefferson’s cheeks.

‘No!’ he exclaimed violently.

‘Oh!  So are you just disgusted by any display of Hamilton’s sexual side?’  You could tell Jefferson had cringed when you said ‘sexual side’.  You’d have cringed too, if you didn’t find this whole situation so amusing.

‘Yes,’ Jefferson sighed, frustrated.  His answer made you grin smugly–he’d waltzed right into your trap.

‘So then why weren’t you this upset when Hamilton had been gyrating against Laurens on the dance floor?’

‘What?’  Jefferson’s shocked face made your smile grow even wider.

‘You heard me right,’ you said, walking closer to Jefferson.  ‘If you’re so upset at any display of Hamilton’s sexual side, why didn’t you drag Laurens off the dance floor?’

By the time you were done talking, you were so close to Jefferson you were almost stepping on his toes.

‘Well,’ Jefferson stammered.  ‘Well… it’s different!’

‘How so?’ you asked coquettishly.

Suddenly Jefferson’s hand grabbed your wrist and yanked you even closer.  You felt a pair of lips descend onto yours hungrily and you smiled into the kiss.  It was rough and demanding and you gave everything you had, running your fingers through his hair and when he tasted with his tongue, surprisingly gentle, you opened your mouth with a low moan.

Eventually you had to pull apart.

‘You know,’ you murmured, ‘I’m almost glad Alexander decided to give me an impromptu lap dance.’

‘I never thought I’d say this,’ Jefferson began, ‘but me too.’

As you gave Jefferson a kiss on the cheek, you decided not to tell him about Alexander’s antics.

‘See you later?’ you asked.

‘Definitely,’ Jefferson said, holding out his hand.  You intertwined your fingers with his and let him lead you back into the party, hopeful for what the future held for the two of you.