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Not All Wounds Heal (Part 3/?) (Stark/SHIELD x reader)

Part 2

As you followed Maria to the line of black vehicles that had been parked behind the hospital, your mind raced with the worry that Tony would run back to the team and tell them that he had found you alive and living this alternate life.  It was bad enough that you had to face him, but the idea of having the rest of them searching for you with him just left you feeling exhausted at the prospect of running.  With every few steps further away, you turned back to glance over your shoulder, looking for your teammate to be following, but he was never there.  A part of you was relieved to see that he wasn’t giving chase, so that you could focus on moving into the next life chosen for you, but a larger part of yourself was feeling an overwhelming sense of disappointment.  Tony had come all this way to find you, and now it felt as if he had given up all too quickly.  At least it felt that way until he stopped you from taking your first step into the vehicle with a gauntlet-covered hand pushed out in front of you.

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You guys, Jennifer Hale is awesome.

I went to GaymerX this year mostly to attend the panel she was on and it was absolutely worth it. The panel was so funny, it was Jennifer Hale, Sarah Elmaleh, Brian Sommer and Adam Harrington. Really entertaining, great questions from the audience. For the signing after, I brought a pair of the Interrupt Gauntlets to give her and her enthusiasm was very touching. I’m a total mess when it comes to talking to strangers but she makes it easier, she’s so nice. -Lyssa


Process pictures. For thems who like watching the sausage made.

This pattern went through a lot of changes.Initially they started out with a K2, P2 rib stitch. I was basically copying the shape of the Foxgloves I’d knit for a friend of mine, but I changed the lace pattern and added the emblems. I tried to do the color stranding while preserving the ribbing but that was a complete disaster, and knitting a panel of stockinette around the emblem was also terrible looking. (Top left) In the end I had to scrap the whole thing and redesign. I let the three-year-old frog it. He had a great time.

I tried at one point to knit the Hadne Kedar logo in lace. There are no pics. We shall speak of it no more!

I ended up doing a P1, K1 rib stitch which I quite liked. (Top right) I decided to preserve the ribbing as far as I could and just do a small stockinette border around each emblem. I quite liked the new, fine grained ribbing pattern. It looked more industrial to me. More importantly however is that purl rows are almost invisible between the knit rows, and so when it came time to knit the emblems the stockinette border is nearly invisible, it’s not jarring at all.

As it turns out, doing stranded colorwork in the round is tricky when you’re not doing a pattern all the way around the entirety of the work. I tried my best to introduce enough slack into the floats for stretch without leaving big holes, but the straight up and down bits (particularly a problem for the Paragon symbol) ended up kinda bunched up, almost like cables. I was able to flatten them out a bit, lengthening the floats by pulling the ends in and threading them through all the stitches again but holy crap was that hard and annoying and I didn’t have the patience to really fuss as much as I wanted to.

I couldn’t stop fussing with the Paragon symbol. At the last minute I did one more rendition of it in my spreadsheet program. It was worth it though coz I think the final version turned out really great.

Also I knit the Renegade mitt English style and the Paragon mitt Continental and wow, is there a tension difference.

My goal for each project, beyond ending up with a finished item, is always to learn something new. So even though there are plenty of screw ups, I’m pretty happy with these mitts. I did have to adjust the Paragon pattern after I made it, the symbol is a little off relative to the thumb. Hopefully someone else will try the pattern and let me know if the tweak makes it work. ;)


shin-koki  asked:

hello! I love your projects. Unfortunately, I'm horrible at knitting and crocheting (I'm more of an idea person when it comes to that sort of thing). Luckily, my little sister is a crafty one and I've been not so subtly leaving hints around the house that I would like her to make me those Interrupt Gauntlets. She was wondering if you could suggest a good video or source to teach her the Channel Island Cast On since she's never used it before.

You absolutely do not have to use the Channel Island cast on. ;) I just used it to give the gauntlets a bit of a decorative edge. So she should feel free to go with her normal cast on method, so long as it produces a stretchy edge (like, long-tail or knitted is fine, just not as pretty). Same goes for the Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off I suggested, though I have tried the traditional bind off with this pattern and the thumb ended up way too tight, so I strongly suggest the stretchy bind off for the thumb at least. ;)

As to sources… Both cast on and bind off methods are described in this fantastic book I recently got called Cast On Bind Off by Leslie Ann Bestor. I’ve been going through that book and trying all the different methods, best $10 I ever spent.

Online sources though:

I generally search YouTube for knitting videos these days, there are hundreds of them. YouTube has been a goldmine for knitters.

Channel Island (video)

Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off (video)

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the projects! If you haven’t seen the entries, Elinskan is making the Gauntlets as a double-knitted project, if your sister is so inclined.