I need an AU where Cas is away because of work and they try to phone sex but in the middle of getting it right they get interrumpted and they cant continue so Dean surprises Cas at the airport and as soon as they get to the car Dean is all over Cas whispering “let’s finish what we started”. 

You're Dismissed // Anakin x Reader

Hey sweetheart! Can I request one in which Anakin gets jealous of the reader’s padawan because that guy is some flirty lil shit just to tease his Master (because they are friends and from the same planet and its all playful) so Anakin interrumpts their shared training (anakin and ahsoka and the reader and her padawan) and stars sparring with the reader, beats her and when she’s on the ground laughing her ass off he kisses her so passionately their padawans only can stare at each other 🌟🌟

You waited excitedly for his arrival. Hugh, your friend from childhood from Alderaan, made a decision to become a padawan to take the path of a Jedi and you were going to be his Master.

Then, you feel arms wrap around your waist and place a soft kiss on your neck. You turn around and kiss Anakin on the lips.

“Hello, darling. What are you waiting for?” he asks you, kissing your lips once more before your answer.

“I’m getting a padawan and guess what? He’s a friend from Alderaan!” you says excitedly, jumping around.

He furrows his eyebrows. “He?” he questions.

You let out a sigh. Anakin is always over protective. Especially since your relationship was no longer a secret to the people after the Jedi Council removed the law of love and Jedi. He made sure that everyone knew he was yours and only yours.

“Ani, he is just a friend. Don’t worry,” you walk up to him, kissing his nose. “I’m yours.”

He smiles, “Damn right,” causing you to laugh.

Just then, you hear a ship land behind you. You turn around and gasp, “He’s here!”

Hugh walks off he ship and he smiles. “Hey! (Y/N)!”

“Hugh!” you call, running to him and giving him a big hug. You haven’t seen him in years and seeing him again was incredible.

Of course, the sight made Anakin’s blood boil. Seeing another man touch you made him annoyed and well, jealous. He starts to make his way over to you and when he reaches you, he wraps and arm around your waist.

Looking up at him, you say, “Oh, Hugh, this is my boyfriend, Anakin. Anakin, this is my best friend, Hugh. We’ve known each other for years now and he’s the best friend I’ve ever had.”

Hugh laughs, “Aw, stop it. It’s nice to meet you, man. You are very lucky to have a girl like (Y/N). She’s incredible.” Hugh’s comment makes you blush.

Anakin notices and says, “Oh, I know. She’s especially incredible in the sack.”

You smack his chest. “Anakin…”

Hugh laughs, “Nah, I’m fine with it. And I bet she is.”

The comment makes Anakin’s breath heavier and his temper become shorter if that’s possible.

“C'mon, I’ll show you around.”

Anakin watches you walk away laughing with that prick you called your best friend. This guy was a flirt and he knew he was going to have to keep an eye on him. He had training with his padawan, Ahsoka, but he was determined to keep an eye on the both of you.

Training with Hugh was so much fun, you were cracking jokes, but you both remained very focus. Anakin watched the two of you laughing and training.

“Ahsoka, do you mind if we join (Y/N)?” he asks his padawan. She shakes her head no and the two of them enter.

You turn around and see your boyfriend and his padawan walk in and you knew what he was here for.

“Hi, love. I was wondering if I could show Ahsoka and maybe Hugh how sparring goes?” he asks you with a smile.

You know his game. You narrow your eyes and pop into his thoughts, I know your game, Skywalker. I know you. “Sure!” you say to him.

Ahsoka and Hugh stand on the sidelines as you and Anakin square up.

“Ready?” you ask him.

He shakes his head and before coming at you full on. You push him back with just as much force as he did. The cycle of you kicking and pushing and striking goes on.

At one point, Hugh screams, “C'mon, (Y/N)! He’s got nothing on you!”

That drives Anakin nuts and with one swift move, boom. You’re down and he won. Many people would get angry that he would win because he took his anger out on you. But you thought that the situation was hilarious.

So, on the floor, you start bursting out in laughter because of how ridiculous the situation was. The padawans are looking at you in confusion, probably think you are drugged somehow.

“Ahsoka and Hugh, you’re dismissed,” Anakin releases them. Ahsoka leaves the room as Anakin lifts you from the ground, you still giggling.

However, Hugh still remains in the room. Anakin uses this to his advantage as grab your face, kissing you to stop the laughter. Of course, you kiss him back because if you didn’t, he’d probably throw a hissy fit. Soon, the kiss develops into a make out session, Hugh there freaking watching.

Anakin pulls away to turn to Hugh. “Was I not clear? You are dismissed.”

Hugh then leaves the room, Anakin reconnecting your lips, you laughing into the kiss.



        [ requested by anon ]

“And what about…?” - you were interrumpted.

“Not. Sorry sis but that is a bad idea too.” - said Liam.

“Sis?”“Yeah, (y/n) is my sister.”

“Wait a moment. Are you saying that the girl we all know for so many time ago (and who never talked about you) is your sister?!”

“Of course.”

“Why you never said it?”

“You never asked! And being honest, I thought you would imagine it, I mean, he is my brother and we look similar!”


Really, guys, this morning I was like: “Jesus, I can’t believe it. No, no, no…” I was almost crying, really, because Sin was dead.

He really was killed because his body was burnt and he lost his limbs. But then I took a second glance at this page and surely, after taking so much, his body STARTED dying. Then his rukhs started to leaving the dead body, as default.

BUT THEN Sin’s limbs started TO REGENERATE! David HEALED his body than SINCE LOTS OF SIN’S RUKH WENT AWAY IT WAS THE PERFECT TIME FOR HIM TO ASSUME CONTROL! Sin struggled because he felt his body was being possessed. The healing and possession interrumpted the natural course of his death.

Then as we had David locked in Sin’s body and this key being: Sin’ soul getting out of his body (even by the death), NOW we have Sin asleep inside his body that was STOLEN by David.

I can make a paralel of it thinking about… when someone has a brain death and we have a few time to save his organs that still works. And I think it’s something like that happened. In these short moments, David healed Sin properly and as Sin’s rukhs were leaving his “dead” body, he could naturally took him!

That’s what I think and I felt a great relief because… Ok if Sin dies in the end, but this way? Really? Also I thought ridiculous Ugo’s tearing about: “Okay, honey, you did great, but now you’re dead.” Really…

That’s my opinion and I hope to calm every Sin fan that is suffering as I was!



requested by anon

“And what about…?” - you were interrumpted.

“Not. Sorry sis but that is a bad idea too.” - said Liam.


“Yeah, (y/n) is my sister.”

“Wait a moment. Are you saying that the girl we all know for so many time ago (and who never talked about you) is your sister?!”

“Of course.”

“Why you never said it?”

“You never asked! And being honest, I thought you would imagine it, I mean, he is my brother and we look similar!”

Sorry I just need to write this down

After rewatching the videos, Ive found something.

One of the scenes in DHMIS 5 is the one where the teachers say that ‘the body is like an special house with different rooms.’ and the food comes in ‘greetting the different organs of each room.’

Imagine the FOOD being Red, Bird and Yellow guy, who have entered the house and are constantly greetting/learning new teachers. In every DHMIS video they always change the room. THE ORGANS are the TEACHERS.

Nooooow picture this: The Bad/Not Healthy Food are Red Guy and Bird Man, the bad food 'are rude to the organs’ (remember DHMIS 4?, where Redman touches the computer making it all mad and such, Birdman is also rude to the organs (remember when he interrumpted the frigde?? Yea th ats rude)) and not healthy food MUST leave; and as far as we have seen they both DID LEFT THE HOUSE BEcAUSE THEY WERE RUDE TO THE TEACHERS.

Now we go with Yellow Kid, he hasnt done nothing rude to the teachers (In DHMIS 3, he listens to the butterfly and follows him, unlike Red and Bird man.) THATS WHY YELLOW IS INVITED TO THE PARTY…

Im not posting anymore im sorry if this is way too long ahahh


For bittersamgirlclub

I have so many hopes for s11 but I tried to reduce them to 5:

  • Dean apologizes to Sam. It doesn’t have to be an overdramatic moment. I only hope that Dean will say a proper “I’m sorry” to Sam without interruptions.
  • Sam’s antiposesion tatoo (or lack of it) adressed.
  • Sam having a friend. A real and honest Sam friend. He or she doesn’t need to hate or ignore Dean but if Sam asks for help the response won’t be “for Dean” either. Also that said friend doesn’t torture him at any point.
  • Sam killing Crowley. Sam has wanted kill Crowley since S5, at least the writers could give him that!
  • No one blaming only Sam for THE DARKNESS. The world may hate the Winchesters because of the Darkness but that, as the apocalypse, was a group effort so I want to hope that Sam won’t be carrying all the blame by himself this time.

These are my main hopes for S11. Sounds easy rigth?



“Okay, initiates.” - you started observing all of them.

That weren’t their first day of training, but after a few undesired interrumptions, you were a bit upset that it could happen again. As Four, your brother, you trained the initiates, and as usually he was with you in that process…but Eric was too, and it was awkward. You don’t like him, neither how he was with your brother…and less the comments that he did about you, in public, around Four. You  didn’t know why he did that, maybe for upset your brother or maybe because he was an asshole and he wanted demostrate how much it was. The question is that he teased you sexually. All the time.

“(Y/N) Are you okay? You look tired, like if we had passed all the night fucking…”- Four interrumped him before he could continue talking.

“Eric, can you stop talking and stop being an ass…”

“but I don’t remember doing that.”- this time was Eric who interrumped your brother.- But I wouldn’t matter if you remember me it, what do you say, (Y/NCKN)? You and me in a hot make up session?“ - that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

You said to Four to give the indications to the initiates (who have looked at you three and listen all the time) and when they start doing it, Eric said again to you, checking that Four was listening to him.

"Think about what I said to you, baby; you’ll know what a really man is.” - Eric said in your ear with a hoarse voice.

*(Y/NCKN-your nickname)*

(god girls, you want me having a heart attack)

Although she hated that summer program with a burning passion, she decided to follow the rules for once by turning in her reports. After walking aimlessly for about an hour, she found a half-open door. She knocked softly, until someone opened.

“I hope I’m not interrumpting” she said putting a lock of hair behind her ear, “I am having some troubles finding Professor Valentine”



“How are you?” - you asked Derek while you sat next to him in the sofa of one of the living room’s of Stark Tower, one’s where nobody less Derek and you went.

“Do you mean after have gone to Beacon Hills?” - he asked looking at you, holding your waist while you supported your head on his shoulder.

Nobody knew but since a few weeks Derek and you have been dating, something incredulous knowing that you couldn’t see him when you first met him.

“Yeah, after that.”

“It has been great to see Scott, Stiles and the others and know that they can protect themself; I mean, I knew Scott and the others could but….”

You interrumpted him.

“You wanted to know that they were safe.” - You sat straight on the sofa and looked at his blue eyes. - “ I know. You needed to know that.”

“Yeah…” - he said a little sadly. You could felt that Derek missed them, after all him had pass over so many things with his old pack.

“I know you miss them, rude boy…”-you said without dither; you smiled and you straddle at the top of him; you took some hair from his nape and you started to play with it while you looked directly at his eyes. “Maybe you can lie the rest of the Avengers, but you can’t lie me, The Alpha.” - you smiled sadly. It hurt you so much know that Derek missed them and you couldn’t do anything. - It was your pack…if you want you should go to Beacon Hills and…”

“Hey” - Derek raised your chin. - “Don’t say that, okay? Yeah, it was my pack. And yeah, I missed them. But I have a reason to be here. When I joined the Avengers I didn’t know what could happen, I never thought in love, but see me. I’m here with you and I happy, know you why? because I love you, sweetheart.” - he caressed your cheeks, in love with you. He held your waist and get cose to you, in way that his lips were on your in a gently, full of love kiss.

You had never been in love before but with Derek, God…now you knew what was having butterflies in your stomach.

“Uh-hmm…Am I interrumping something?” - you heard a very familiar voice and littly by little you separated from Derek, giving him a little kiss before.

You looked at your father, Tony Stark, who tried to look at another direction in that moment. You didn’t know, but probably you were blushing, Nobody knew about you and Derek, but know….

“I’m sorry! I was looking for you, (Y/N), but I didn’t know you were busy” - he said with some funny, you don’t have to forgot that he was Tont Stark. -”I think I will go…”

“Thank you” - that was you.

“But I’m so happy for you two, really. And I know everybody will be, I mean they ship you both, you know right? Specially Natasha…wait, I ‘m remembering that I owe her twenty dollars.” - he left the room saying that, making you laught and a confused Derek.

(Thank you for requested, I enjoyed so much! )