interratial couple

My Boyfriend #3 (Opposites Attract)


  • Extrovert
  • He likes listening to band music
  • He’s more open about his feelings
  • Starts out very out going and likes to take chances 


  • Introvert
  • Likes listening mostly to RnB and Pop music
  • My feelings aren’t expressed as openly as his
  • Starts out very shy but opens up little by little

Even though we are different in some aspects, he brings out the better side of me that I don’t usually show to other people then those who are really close to me.

My Boyfriend #2 (You're My First "True" Relationship While The Others Were Just Practice)

Obviously I’m not the only one in a LDR or a regular relationship that constantly misses my boyfriend and always wants to spend every second, hour, day, and year with him!!

Seriously this distance is driving me nuts cause never in my life have I ever wanted to have someone so bad to be by my side! It’s like screw every relationship that ever went wrong, because this relationship is the one that counts. The “past” relationships were just practice and trial for me to meet up with someone like him.

So my conclusion is that if a guy is willing to put his time and effort into making you happy then you should take that chance and let him, but don’t ever take advantage of that time and effort they put on you… because you can potentially lose someone who gave up a lot for you and later on you’ll realize you’ve made a mistake.