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I pair you with Laito Sakamki

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First off, don’t try to hide things from this crafty vampire. He may not be able to read your heart like Kou, but you can be certain that you are practically transparent to him. Don’t bother hiding because he can see right through you. It’s hard to hide things from him, because he’ll immediately ask- no, more like interragate you, until he gets the truth. In his eyes trust is everything, so please respect that. Sometimes it may feel quite smothering, but just be aware that that’s his way of showing he cares. Laito often urges you to be truthful about yourself, because what you say and feel matters to him.

Laito finds it quite cute that you have this “tsundere” type personality going on. He’s very attentive with how you act around others. Keep that in mind as you move on. Laito loves things that are exciting, so just like you doing things the exact same hey very tiring.

Your Ambivert attitude is quite interesting, but the most humorous thing, in his opinion, is how awkward you are around new people. Laito constantly reminds of how the two of you met, and how funny you looked when you stumbled on your words. All kidding aside he’s glad he’s one of the people you trusted enough to open up to him.

This fedora wearing vampire loves to irritate you. Your small blow ups are adorable and quite funny. He mostly does this when there’s nothing better to do, or he just wants your attention. Laito uses nicknames that you hate to get on your nerves mostly. He motivates you by doing such things too. Also your ‘disobedience’ is just an excuse to ‘punish ’ you, and that tactic, in his book, never getting tiring.

All things aside, Laito loves how understanding you are. As the two of you continued to date you learned new things about Laito that would drive most people away. But then again, Laito’s personality in general requires a lot of patience, so you’re quite the lover.

Laito finds your hobbies interesting as well, especially the photography. He always ask you if he can take photos of you wearing anything that he bought for you. You are more than likely to refuse because anything and everything he buys you is quite…revealing. But sometimes you’re willing and he loves that. As for your other hobbies he loves them and finds them interesting as well. He loves buying you sweets all the time, and you two don’t usually go out in order to have a good time. But sometimes Laito plans wonderful dates for the two of you. Laito especially loves to take you out on a date after the two of you have finished shopping, for reasons I don’t need to explain.

Interested in you…..Kou Mukami.

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Like Laito, Kou tends to see right through you. You are practically an open book to him. So when he sometimes ends up cornering you for you delicious blood at school, he can see right throw and brave front you put may put on. Kou loves your attitude. Although he can’t grasp how you ended up with someone like Laito, it’s clear how he thinks of you. Like Laito, he tends to tease you an awful lot, and this often leads to Laito getting jealous. Other times Laito does joke about sharing you with his brothers, but the thought of actually allowing others to bother you besides him makes him upset. It’s apparent that Kou doesn’t get a long with Laito, and he often pressures you into giving him some of your blood. While Kou can not explain why he finds you interesting, he often uses the “I just want your blood excuse.” But even with that said Laito refuses to even allow you near him. Doing so may call for some sort of punishment.

Random Shakarian Headcanon Dump

Because vodka makes me feel brave sometimes.

Warning: cross-species liasoning included. 

  • Shepard and Garrus have, during down time, watched Guardians of the Galaxy and Alien. Among a few other old human vids. 
  • Garrus particularly liked Starlord and Gamora. 
  • Shepard and Garrus are totally the kind of couple to have full-on conversations/battle planning while having sex. And it doesn’t ruin anything for them, if anything the multi-tasking makes it more fun. 
  • Garrus is one of those Turians where levo food does the best possible thing and won’t affect him at all/give him no nutrition with no allergic reaction (what little he’s accidentally eaten… though it always tastes off). The only exception is peanuts. The one time he ate a peanut-based food, he had a moderate allergic reaction and did need some level of medical care for it. Shepard finds it oddly hilarious that Garrus is allergic to peanuts. 
  • Garrus and Shepard have tried the Alligator Fuckhouse manuver… they liked it. A lot. 
  • Garrus often helps Shepard build those model ships she’s fond of collecting. 
  • Garrus knows Shepard’s first name, but only calls her that on occasion when they’re alone (I figure this is true of any LI in the series). 
  • After the Suicide Mission in ME and once they were cleared of the med bay, they had a slightly rougher version of their “we might die” sex that they had before the Omega 4 relay jump. Basically, before Omega 4 was a Pre-Climax Climax, and after Omega 4 was some Thank God/Spirits We’re Alive sex.  
  • Garrus and Shepard are that couple that has a lot of roleplay scenarios (most of them of Shepard’s creation). That whole “First Date” one is just the tip of the iceberg. There has been a C-Sec Interragation roleplay (if you ask Garrus if it was his idea, he will deny it a little too vehemently). 
  • Post-Synthesis Ending: Garrus ends up getting command of the Normandy. While the Alliance initially tried to contest it, Garrus ends up keeping command of it and uses it to do the same thing Shepard did with it: to be a force for good in the Galaxy. Garrus eventually becomes a Spectre.
  • Post-Synthesis Ending: Whenever Garrus is feeling particularly lonely or sad, he sometimes feels something like Shepard’s presence somewhere in his mind (since Shepard is connected to everyone in a sense) and he’ll remember something comforting about Shepard- the way her hair felt, what she looked like when she smiled, the color of her eyes, what she sounded like when she laughed, what it felt like when they cuddled, etc.
  • Post-Synthesis Ending: Garrus will still be a kick ass, scoping-and-dropping, sniping, bad ass force for good, but when the time comes where he can’t fight anymore… he hopes to find Shepard waiting for him at that bar. (sidenote: I like to think he will. I think since Shepard’s corporeal form died/was absorbed during the synthesis, if there is an afterlife, a part of Shepard went to it).
  • Ok, enough of that branch of headcanons, or Imma start crying.
  • Post-Destroy Ending: Shepard survived destorying the Reapers with several severe injuries leaving her bedridden/comatose in the ICU for several months (I kinda dig the idea that she lost an arm and was fitted with a prostetic afterward). Upon hearing that Shepard was found alive, the Normandy crew made their way to the hospital where she was being kept, to see her. When Shepard finally woke up, she had A LOT of people happy to see her alive and (mostly) in one piece… Garrus especially. 
  • Post-Destroy Ending: Garrus, that brilliant master of timing he is, ended up telling his family about his relationship with Shepard when she was in the ICU after the war with the Reapers… in that “Erm, hey dad, I’m glad you and Solana are alive and safe and I’ll come see you when the relays are rebuilt and my girlfriend is a little less comatose… I have a girlfriend, btw… we kinda got serious during the war… heated emotions and the whole ‘the Reapers might kill us all’ kind of thing, y’know?”
  • Post-Destroy Ending: After she woke up, but while she was still mostly bed-ridden, Garrus took to sneaking her desserts from the cafeteria (mostly pudding or jello), and often joking about how obvious he must look, sneaking off with a levo-based pudding he can’t even eat.
  • Post-Destroy Ending: After waking up, Shepard did have to go through a few months of physical therapy to get used to her lost arm and to rebuild her strength. Garrus often helped her where he could.
  • Post-Destroy Ending: Shepard forever felt guilty about the deaths of the Geth and EDI upon destroying the Reapers, she often wonders what might have happened if she’d chosen to control the Reapers or Syntheisize herself. Garrus is the only who knows all of this. He often reassures her by reminding her that destroying the Reapers had always been the plan and that she can only dwell on what could’ve been because she survived. It still haunts her, though.