the signs as royalty
  • i tried to make this gender neutral hope i did everything correctly
  • aries:powerful monarch/ruler, fiery and hot tempered, often engages in debates, makes decisions quickly, loved by their subjects, the kind of ruler to throw grand balls and envite the entire kingdom, wears heavy, elaborate jeweled clothing
  • taurus:emotional, empathetic ruler, always working very hard to give back to their poor subjects, never personally interracts with community/leaves castle very rarely, reclusive but benevolent leader, very shy surprisingly submissive
  • gemini:social, just and changeable leader, makes decisions after making sure it's beneficial for all of their subjects, loves foreign affairs with other kingdoms, loves the luxurious life and elaborate possessions that come with royalty
  • cancer:ruled by emotions, always very caught up in any sort of royal family or foreign drama going on, very loving and merciful to all subjects, loves using their power to help people and make life better for all of their subjects
  • leo:loves the attention that comes with royalty, the balls, the adoration, the feeling of being desired (as a young attractive ruler, lots of people are in love with them), loves being rich, usually makes decisions that benefit the public but usually their decisions also benefit themselves, loves improving the community using all sorts of new technology
  • virgo:very political and logical leader, takes days and days to make decisions and only finalizes them after checking with a board of advisors, loves being pampered but also pampering others that are less fortunate and showing them what it's like to have everything, wants every subject to feel like that
  • libra:hopeless romantic ruler/monarch, loves meeting suitors that are interested in them, also loves debates of any kind, donating money to charities of many kinds and is very focused on improving the education of all of their subjects, as well as public functions including holiday celebrations
  • scorpio:boisterous and childish ruler, probably grew up knowing they were heir to the throne and wanted to live their childhood to the fullest and still seems to be living it, loves throwing huge wild balls for the whole community
  • sagittarius:loves the fact that people think they're incredibly special as a ruler, often somewhat lazy but always makes very just and wise decisions that help make the community so much better, and despite the tough and war-loving exterior care very much about their subjects
  • capricorn:loves their lavish lifestyle and being waited on, not a huge fan of setting trends on their own, tends to follow drama and fashion style and trends from other kingdoms and making them popular at home, makes lots of frivolous decisions
  • aquarius:super insanely generous and benevolent ruler, always giving away possessions and money of all kinds to their subjects and tries to interact with and get to know them at all times, wants to form solid bonds with people
  • pisces:somewhat angry, extremely fierce leader, defends people and country at all times and always wants to make sure that all of their subjects are super healthy in both body and mind, takes care of everyone at all times, sort of a mother hen (NOT A GENDER JUST A PHRASE)
Character Development: Illustrating Bond with Missing Character

Anonymous asked:

I’m writing a book about someone very close to the main protagonist going missing. I started writing it with the character already missing, but I’m worried that the relationship between the two characters isn’t established enough to make the character’s disappearance have a huge impact. Is there a way to portray how much the main character loves (in a non-romantic way) the missing character without having them interract?

This is the kind of story that can benefit from carefully used flashbacks, memories, dreams, and expository recounts of memories. You still don’t want to overdo it, but I think you could do with one well-placed flashback, a dream, a few recalled memories, and maybe the recounting of a story or two about the person to another character.

You can actually build up the friendship through these devices. For example, you could start with a flashback to when the two friends met–maybe the protagonist sees a moving van and is reminded of the day the character moved in down the street. Later, perhaps she is viewing photos of her and the missing friend. This is a way to give more substance to the friendship without having to go into a lot of exposition. For example:

“I smiled like an idiot as my eyes wandered over each photo in the collage. Here was me and Kara at my 7th birthday party, our faces smudged with cake. Next to it was a picture from soft ball in fifth grade, looking proud after a difficult win. Below that was a photo from Kara’s parents’ lake house where I got to spend half my summer after ninth grade. There was a photo from prom, another from graduation, and another from our first day at university. So many memories in such a small amount of space.”  

You might also have a scene where she’s deep in thought, then another character asks if she’s okay and she says she’s thinking about the missing friend. From there she can go into a story about some silly thing they did once, or maybe even something she regrets, like an argument or not returning a call. This way the reader hears more about the friendship as she tells this story to the other character. A combination of these devices will allow you to illustrate the friendship even though one of the characters isn’t present in the story.

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about ant man and why?

well if it’s not obvious from my positive screeching attitude and posts towards it i will tell you

i love it. i’ve loved scott and hank and hope for a long time and the fact that i will see a movie about them is amazing. the fact that i will see my small son with his daughter and see him in his ant-man suit intERRACTING WITH HAnk fucking pym i’m gonna cry so hard. 

and from the trailers i’ve seen choo choo train hitting yellow jacket and scott riding flying ant into the battle. i mean how cool is that?

it’s gonna be such fun movie and real marvel experience and idk who sold his soul to devil so we can get ant-man movie but i’m beyond thankful 

plus paul rudd is the ant-man. it can’t get better than that.

anonymous asked:

I LOVE how Ciel ignores the boys and is only sweet to girls. Many people might hate that, but I think it's purely amazing. I mean, he's fucking gay, it's a compliment that he only pays attention the the gender he doesn't prefer. God I love this

I know I’m probably the only one who takes this seriously but I really wanted to emphasize how Ciel not only relies on but craves and somewhat prefers the attention/affection he gets from girls. After almost being murdered by a man who was pretty much obsessed with him and coming out of such a traumatic event, Ciel only turned to one person and that was Alois. Despite his outwardly confident attitude the kid is very insecure and highly prone to feeling disgusted or uneasy when thinking of other guys.

As you’ve seen most of his interraction with males (Bard/Finn aside) is pretty negative or apathetic or just plain violent - until he meets Sebastian of course (which started out pretty rough as well). As TBS runs its course you’ll start to see Ciel change for the better and come to terms with who he is. He will inevitably realize that not only is Sebastian the one to help him overcome his issues but the man is incomprehensibly the best thing that has ever happened to him.

casuallyelectronicwizard asked:

How do you hands? ;-;

Ahh I’m really sorry I don’t think I can give you any good advice on how I draw hands. I just kind of do it, and I am not the best at drawing them. QAQ I’ve still got to practice and improve!

What I can do though is give you a few resources that I really hope will help you out! Just check out the links and see if there’s anything that can help you. 

Hands are hella hard to draw, and take a lot of practice to get right. One thing that I started doing was forcing myself to draw characters with their hands out, and not hiding behind the back. >.>
 Have your drawing doing something, interracting with things, make them touch and and gesture with them.

when men tell me I’m so “mature” for my age it makes me scared of what kind of teenage girls they have been interracting w ???? one dude straight up almost molested me based on the fact that I was “way smarter than most girls" my age & shamelessly continued to hit on me even tho knowing I was like 2 times younger than him

Seventeen's Host Club is where the handsomest boys with too much
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beautiful. The club was created with the sole purpose and vow
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Find out more about our hosts here, and be sure to visit them, interract with them, and let out your deepest worries and undying affections in the arms of our men.

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Be strong, be diligent, and be beautiful. 

I haven’t had Margaery for very long, at least not compared to some of my other muses but I have been overwhelmed by the responses to her. This means a lot to me because I know I’m not the only Margaery Tyrell account–because let’s be honest, my girl is HBIC–and that my activity can be sporadic.  I apologize in advance if I forget someone but this is the list of awesome people I came up with off the top of my head (even if we never interracted, you guys are still great.)

Thanks guys!

lovely flowers

thundermaker-stormbringer , offlowersandcrowns , stjamcs , conqueror-of-lemoncakes , highgardenheir , spitefullittlecreature , beautifullydignifiedx , theproudestlion , likexsummerxrain , wildmoored , lionessinthewatergarden , tyrellsgoldenson , highgardenharridan , lady–catelyn-stark

prize roses 

rcbbstcrk – Ayla is the shipping queen. She will rip out your heart with fluff and angst. (but I love her for it.) All of her muses are fab but I do have a soft spot for Robb.

daario-nahotness – Chris is pretty much the only Daario I will write with ( I mean, we’re besties and roommates so I’m a little biased.)

maidenofpinkmaiden – Emileria is one of the most well-rounded OCs I have ever encountered. She and Marg have become besties and I love it. 

northernhawk – One of the best Sansas I’ve come across and an absolute sweetheart (Also the mastermind behind the ‘Song of Rock’ verse.)

stark-as-snow – Absolutely amazing. Really captures Jon as a character and fleshes him out so well. (Jon’s development in the ‘Song of Rock’ verse is soooooo good)

gentlestag – Our muses haven’t really interacted but I love Lana. She’s such an interesting character and is so well-written. 

decortico – Definitely the best Ramsay I’ve run across. The mun really captures his deep level of sadism and accepts that he is a primarily problematic character. A+

( Everyone is awesome but these guys are the most precious cinnamon buns )