Magno (bottom right - L) & Dominic (bottom right - R) look stunning on their wedding day in the gardens of #PUMP. Their ceremony was conducted by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules star Lisa Vanderpump in November 2014. Lisa issued the following tweet on their wedding day: “Congratulations to Dominic and Magno who were married today, life is so much finer if you find someone to play with ❤️ the goodnight tweeties!” We all agree with that statement! Congratulations guys…we wish you forever happiness! #intergaycial #interracial #gaycouple #gayinterracial #interracialgay #gaymarriage #marriageequality #rhobh

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“Hi, my name is Lucky (right) and this is my partner Cha'ves. We’ve been together a year. I’m Australian and decided after only a week of knowing each other to move to NYC for him. Best decision I ever made!” We would say that both of you are “lucky” (sorry, couldn’t resist!). #interracial #intergaycial #interracialgay #gayinterracial #gaycouple

Morning Encounter

Met a guy on Grindr last night. Real cute ebony guy, 23 years old. After chatting a while we got around to talking about weed. He mentioned he had been out for a while and was new in town, so I offered to grab him a back from my friend who’s always stocked up. Plus I figured it would be a good excuse to meet up in person. We made plans to meet up at my office this morning. 

He showed up right on time, and walked in as I was checking emails. He was much better looking than his photo, which I already thought was cute. Bonus! I thought to myself. I got up and gave him a hug, which instantly got my cock throbbing. As I pulled him a little closer in our embrace, I could feel his cock was also about half hard as it pressed against my stomach. I suggested we go back into the break room and smoke a bowl.

We sat next to each other on the couch and I handed him his bag of herb. He thanked me and began packing a bowl. We smoked it and began chatting. He said that we was happy to meet me in person and thought I was better looking in person as well. I put my hand on his thigh and told him that I was just thinking the same thing. He asked how he could repay me. I glanced down at the bulge in his pants, then back up to his eyes and said told him I had a few ideas on how we might be able to work something out. He grabbed my hand that was on his thigh and pulled it over to his cock.

I could feel it getting harder through his pants and couldn’t believe how big it already was. I began rubbing it, and he reached over and began doing the same for me. It didn’t take much of that before we were both fully erect and aching to set our dicks free. I was still wearing my pajama bottoms, and unbuttoned my fly to expose my blazing red pubic hair for his inspection. He leaned over and buried his face in my lap. I could feel his hot breath coming in through my unbuttoned fly and could feel my cock getting warmer and harder with each breath. I felt him reach through the opening in my pants and pull my cock out, instantly slipping into his hot mouth.

He wasted no time and within seconds was pumping his head up and down in my lap, sucking my tool with the kind of expertise only another man can. I told him to take his clothes off and he happily obliged. Seeing his huge hard cock spring up when he pulled his pants down really got my mouth watering and I told him to pull the chair over in front of the couch and sit in front of me. As he sat in the chair I leaned over while still sitting on the couch and began servicing him. 

His cock was so big I could only fit about 1/3 of it in my mouth going as deep as I could. I could hear his moans getting louder as I tugged on his nuts and pumped his raging boner in and out of my mouth. I’ve been told many times that my head giving skills are among the best and I asked him if he was enjoying it. He giggled and said FUCK YES, grabbing on to the back of my head and trying to force more of his mammoth dick into my mouth. 

It didn’t take long before he was warning me that his orgasm was approaching. I told him to come back over to the couch and lay down. I positioned myself across from him so our heads were at opposite ends of the couch and our cocks were touching each other. I grabbed both of them with both hands and began rubbing them together, slowly stroking them up and down while they stood straight up, rubbing against one another. Hearing his moans got me more and more turned on, and he yelled “fuck, I’m cumming!”.. seconds later he began erupting. A huge load of hot cum starting oozing out of his uncut dick, covering my cock with his jizz. I could feel myself starting to cum as well, and joined him with my own eruption. We found ourselves quivering on the couch, both covered in each other’s jizz and laughing. After getting cleaned up, we smoked another bowl and he took off.

I will definitely be calling him again!

Ron and Zac are from Louisiana and per Ron, “have been together for what seems like forever but whose counting.” Ron is in the Army and Zac is in the Air Force! We thank you boys for proudly representing the #intergaycial community…but most importantly for serving our country! All the best! #interracial #gaycouple #gayinterracial #interracialgay


My #MCM 💖 @joshdkoehler #boyfriend #ldr #interracialgay

“Hi my name is Dean on the left and my boyfriend is Denver whom is on the right. We are in our first month of dating after being friends for a while. I love him and plan on spending many more months and years together!” You guys look great together and your names, Dean & Denver, sound like a match made for one another! #intergaycial #interracial #gaycouple #gayinterracial #interracialgay