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A year ago, you were just getting off the plane, hanging out with your family. But, it bothered me. It wasn’t until your family left you to be on your own, that I was completely unsure, and terrified about when I was going to see you again. 

Only one month into it, I thought I would break, i thought I couldn’t handle it. You kept me strong. So strong, that I made a promise to you that a year from that moment, I was going to be there. But, not to visit, to make my home there (here).

There are few dates I’ll remember: the day my brother was born, the day I realized what I wanted to do in life, and this day – Sunday, August 30, 2015 – the day I officially moved to California to start my new life. 


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Farhia & Jason

We met at his 23rd Birthday party. I was invited by a mutual friend and we exchanged numbers at the end. He messaged me before I even walked out of the door lol.  We continued texting back and forth the entire time and he called me when I arrived home. We ended up talking till the wee hours of the morning and met up for a lunch date the following day… 


I want a love as strong my mum and dad’s.
35 years ago, my mum and dad were dating up in Alotau, Papua New Guinea. Mum was a teacher, dad a manager of the local hardware company up there. After 4 years of dating, it was time for dad to move back to Australia as his contract at work was over. So in turn her proposed to my mum and asked that she come to live in Australia.
She said no.
“No, I cannot marry you. I have my whole life here, my family, my students. Unlike you I can’t just pack up and leave. You will go back to Australia, and if you love me, and wish to marry me in one years time. Come back, and I will say yes. ”
Dad obliged, and went back to Australia. One year had past, and dad returned to PNG and was very much still in love with my mum, and vice versa.
He proposed, they were married that year.
35 years later, I came home mum and dad sitting on the back verandah and my mum was reading to my dad, who has now lost 70% of his vision.
To see that love, and patience with on another even today. Honestly warms my heart, and it makes me realise how much I want what they have.
One day. Someday.

Taking Pictures of Interracial Couples in Public

Theres a photo circulating on Facebook of an AMBW couple on the train cuddling and minding their own business, and people are in the comments saying things like “wow, I see AMBW couples all the time, I need to start taking pictures of them” with other people encouraging them to do so. 

This is disgusting. We have actually had people take pictures of us out and about without our permission, only to later discover it posted up on someones Facebook page. We felt violated. We are not some zoo attraction to be gawked at. We were minding our own business and enjoying each others company just like any other couple. Why do people feel like doing things like this are okay?