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Neo-Nazism, White Nationalism, and the Tumblr likes of them. (Long post)

So far, we’ve been predominantly tackling the far left of the sj spectrum with people who are insanely problematic with their use of the word problematic. We’ve continued to tackle issues such as racism and sexism against white people and males. We will continue to do so, however this must be done in an effort to educate those who in dire need of knowing that just like their sj counterparts, the anti-sj folk can be rather idiotic.

Before we begin, the point of this post is to call out the opinions that are being made by certain bloggers. These bloggers are ruining the idea of anti-sj being involved in real social justice. They promote and advocate for white supremacy, racial discrimination, and actual problematic behavior, which only separates us further from achieving anything productive and positive. 

For starters, I’m going to attack the idea of several bloggers voicing their rather childish opinion of other races being inferior to their own. No names shall be named, but we shall keep on discussing their ideas further. Since we are speaking of the anti-sj spectrum, we have white folk calling other races inferior to them; whether it is physically or mentally, they are discriminating based on no proof of their statement other than their political leanings.

The idea of other races being inferior mentally only shows extreme lack of knowledge about the child prodigies that are noted all over the news. Wajih and Zohaib Ahmed are brown children who excelled with top results in A-Level Mathematics at ages 9 and 11, while the Imafidon are a Nigerian family who are seen as the smartest folk in the UK.  Lord only knows how many other children are smart and clever, but to underestimate the ability of these people based on their race is beyond ignorant. This is where we find ourselves valuing politics beyond science with these particular folk.

 Moving on, we have the same people and some others disagreeing with interracial dating and marriages that produce children - as it can cause white cultures to be “destroyed”. How this came to be is also based on political ideas or maybe some unreliable blog source. Yet we see the exact opposite in researched examples of topics of raising children in a multicultural, multiethnic, or multiracial community.

An article called “All Colors and Hues” by Kimberley D. Kennedy and Harriett D. Romo shows how if both parents in an interracial or interethnic relationship actively try to place their children in a multicultural background and teach them about their respective cultures, the children will be more than adjusted to the idea of participating in both cultures and preserving them.

So, it is highly dependent on the parents to teach their children of their cultures, as with any other mono-racial relationship with offspring. We see there that these efforts are a contribution in not destroying white culture, but an effort of creating a tolerance and acceptance of cultures, ethnicities, and races.  Moreover, you have a research study named “Cultural Intersections: A Qualitative Inquiry into the Experience of Asian Indian–White Interracial Couples” by several Ph.D.  awarded researchers who examine how it is up to the individual in such marriages on whether or not they are willing to put the time and effort in the marriage to keep the cultures alive and well.

These cultures do not diminish by the idea of races and ethnicities intermarrying, but the unwillingness and oversimplification of the marriage itself and not paying attention in raising the culture(s) within the marriage. Just like any marriage consisting a mono-racial couple, an interracial one cannot work out without the mutual understanding and willingness to spend time learning about each other.

There is a clear difference between attempting to preserve a culture and by preserving a preconceived idea based on politics and skin tones. The level of ignorance based on political affiliations and narrow-mindedness are not going to do any of us any type of justice and progression. The propaganda filled past should not disillusion you by ideas that can only do you harm either politically, economically, and personally. So, by all means, think what you want think yet do not expect others to accept your ideas as facts because there is enough evidence against you to prove you wrong.



Endless List of Favorite Ships : Lucy & Tom

My girlfriend Lucy is the sexiest woman in town: she’s Cuban, she’s got tattoos, and she’s into me, which as far as I’m concerned, is the sexiest quality of woman can have.

You ARE THE MOTHER! ..Well Duh!

I was watching Maury not too long ago (on mute of course), it was the usual you are/ are not the father. So this dude was denying his daughter because the baby was as white as paper and he is black, the mom for the record is white. Well it was clear as day aside from the skin color that HE WAS THE FATHER, it was rather anticlimactic, however a recent situation brought this episode to mind.

As MANY a stranger has pointed out, Mills looks almost nothing like me, she is her father’s child, maybe in the eyes she looks like me, but as a cashier at TjMaxx  said  yesterday and as I am sure many people have wanted to say: “she is so white, she does not look like you!” Rude, I know, but unintentional I am sure. 

Truth be told Mills is significantly lighter than me, and it make sense she is 75% all parts of Europe including 50% Hungarian from Hubbs, 25% a mix of Russian and German from my mom’s side and 25% of a Bejan and Panamanian mix from my pops, so the lovely color that I got from my father did not really pass onto her as of yet, and it may never, and so what??

Did my mom wish her dark babies turn lighter as she grew older??/ NOPE! She loved the four of us and taught us to embrace our uniqueness (we are her designer line!) and I am gonna do the same with Mills, she will learn both Hungarian and Spanish, will love her Paprikás and arroz con pollo. Hell she will probably love Falafel, Shawarma and Tabouli the way Hubbs and I eat.

Anyways it got me annoyed that in Brooklyn with a mixed race man as our President, Mills and I may not be able be able to avoid questions like “are you babysitting?” “That’s your mother/child?” Comments I clearly remember as a kid. Even now people are a bit surprised when they see my mom with all her kids, but I would like to think it’s because she looks too young to have 2 adult kids and 2 teens… mamma's got some good genes.

That incident in TjMaxx, is a reminder of yet another lesson I will have to teach Mill’s. Growing up as a interracial Girl is gonna be hard, I see it with my little sister now as she enters high school. We can be on so tough on ourselves and the world can be harder. As my mom did with us, I’ll have to provide Mill’s with the tools to deal with peoples ignorance, because even in such a diverse city/ world it does not look like ignorance will be going away…

O0o0 Mills do me a favor, don’t grow up. Please stay this small forever so Mummy can protect you..


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